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The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap

Live Your Life In ONEness & Realize Your True Self

We have all noticed how time and change have greatly accelerated. Old tools and methods for personal evolution are no longer sufficient to get you where you want to go. These times demand new tools to navigate the psychological, emotional, physical, economic, health, relationship, and divinely human spiritual challenges that we all face daily.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ is a comprehensive and holistically integrated curriculum of trainings, courses, programs, and group mentoring that enable anyone at any stage of their spiritual and personal progress to optimize their own unique evolution.

All programs, courses, and trainings offer wisdom, direct experience and insight into what it means to BE human in the 21st century and on a path of human-divine transformation. 

Whether you are an individual seeking to accelerate your personal evolution or a professional looking to develop new skills and add new tools and methods to your existing professional practice, the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ gives you unique insights, many 'ah-ha' moments, and tried and tested tools and techniques to help you grow and reach a new level of awareness and consciousness.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ is based on The Original Way Teachings™, the art and science of connecting your Self.

ONEness & Your True Self

No matter what you call the Infinite Source you feel its call.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ offers a profound opportunity to experience Reality beyond duality and illusion into ONEness. Your body, mind, heart, and soul ride the waves of higher love, power, and light in every facet of your life.

In the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap you experience BEing ONE through consciously accessing and aligning with your True Self.

Every 'ah-ha' moment on your awakening spiritual journey is your portal to a new state of awareness and realization that initiates you into greater happiness, divine-human inner strength and sacred love for yourself and humanity.

The term 'ONEness' has often been used interchangeably with Flow State, Unity Consciousness, God Consciousness, Christ Consciousness5th Dimension, and other terms from many of the world's great spiritual traditions.

ONEness is the state of meeting in the center where all of you meet. This CenterPoint is the consciousness where the universe, God, your Higher Self, soul, mind, body, shadow self, and sanskaras (past life and present life impressions and imprints) meet in union.

ONEness is the original impulse that is the essence of all life that lives within you directing and guiding evey physical, soul, and mind action.

When you are in ONEness you experience a direct state of knowing and a more refined level of intuition, clarity, discernment, love, unity, divine empowerment, and multi-dimensional awareness.

For a deeper understanding of ONEness, and a great place to start the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ watch Living in ONEness and The Dynamics Of ONEness in the AWAKENING section of the 7 Foundation Courses.

Your True Self

Your True Self is the pure and undiluted expression, authentic spark, and unified power of the unique and individualized essence of God—Infinite Source that you are.

Through lifetimes of leaving your Self, giving away your power, having your power taken from you, abusing your power, turning away from Infinite Source, identifying your Self through the separation of your ego (yes, your ego does come with you into another lifetime), living in fear, denial, dogma, and judgment, you create a Self who pulls you out of BEing your True Self.

When you live in your True Self you feel infinite love, trust in the universe, choose to empower your Self and others in a clear and honest way, go for your dreams, turn to the light of God—Infinite Source as your compass, want the best for others, choose courage instead of fear, feel lit up from the inside, see everything as possible, and see the world as an opportunity and potential for spiritual-human creative growth on all levels.

What You Will Experience

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ is not a linear sequential process.

Rather, it is a “pathless path” unique for each individual and your own highly distinctive and personal process of growth and evolution.

Everything in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ is interconnected. Your inner transformational work can result in tangible changes in your daily life experience, including improved finances, more enriched personal and professional relationships, deeper satisfaction in your career and work, physical, emotional, and psychological health, creative mastery, and a more profound realization of Self in your spiritual development.

With diligent practice, you can experience a series of 'awakenings' that together move you forward to living your life from your True Self. 

You are invited to experience Awakened:

  • Energetic Human Configuration - Your energy body restores into light.

  • Emotional Body Realignment - Your emotions transform into love.

  • Higher Mind Focus - Your thinking processes recalibrate into ONEness.

  • Spiritual-Physical Empowerment - Your actions connect into Infinite Source.

  • Whole BEing Realization - Your essence expresses who you are and what you dedicate your Self to selflessly.

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The 4 Spirit Gateways®

There are  4 life-transforming gateways in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™:

  • GATEWAY 1 : Soul Illumination - I Return To the Light

  • GATEWAY 2: Emotional Body Connection - I Embrace the Love That I AM

  • GATEWAY 3: Mental Body Recalibration - I AM the Infinite Light

  • GATEWAY 4: God Connection - The Light That I Am Is God That I AM

All of the Gateways lead you through the portal of ONEness giving you access to infinite love, integrated awareness, whole-body aliveness, and embodied divine intelligence.

GATEWAY 1: SOUL Illumination - I Return To the Light

Your 'Ah-ha' moments:

  • Finding Your Lost Self.

  • Choosing Love Over Fear.

  • Honoring and Loving Your Self.

  • Feeling Free, Whole, and Ignited.

  • Reuniting Your Body, Heart, and Soul.


Your 'Ah-ha' moments:

  • Trusting Your Self.

  • Life Force Aliveness™.

  • Opening Your Heart.

  • BEing Connected In Your Body.

  • Giving Your Self Permission To Exist.

  • Divine Masculine-Feminine ReUnion.


Your 'Ah-ha' moments:

  • Ending the Battles Within You.

  • Realizing Your True Self vs. False Self.

  • Realizing and Knowing Who You Are.

  • Releasing Your Beliefs About Your Self.

  • Giving Your Self Permission To BE Who You Are.

GATEWAY 4: GOD CONNECTION - The Light That I Am Is God That I AM

Your 'Ah-ha' moments:

  • Experiencing ONEness.

  • In the Body Enlightenment.

  • Feeling Infinite Love and Inspiration.

  • BEing ONE Through Your Human-Divine Energy System.

  • Expanding Your Self Into Cosmic Union Through Your Body.

Some 'Ah-ha' Markers To Help You Know You Are On Track

Every adventure needs a map so you know the lay of the land. You need some landmarks so you can determine where you are. A master guide is needed to help you see and overcome the obstacles and keep you on track.

As you progress on your unique hero or heroine's journey, the Spirit Gateways© 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ provides the courses, trainings, programs, and mentoring for you to recalibrate your psyche, soul, emotional body, and physical body into ONEness from the light of Infinite Source until you awaken as your True Self.

Iana is your guide through this entire process, helping you to discover, navigate and transform what is in your past but not yet seen in your present. As you awaken to who you truly are, your perspective and relationship to your life is aligned to your highest truth. You can then break through the obstacles to your own liberation and stay on your path even when the going gets a little rocky.

Here are some markers that you may experience on your journey. These markers happen in their own timing. Some are permanent breakthroughs and some require moving through multi-layers to achieve your goal. This list is not linear or sequential

Remember, Everything Is Possible.

Release Fear

End Confusion

Live In Freedom

Awaken To Love

Return To Your Heart

Authentic Self Rebirth

Unify Head and Heart

Initiate Your Light Body

Release Your Inner Genius

Find, Know, and Live Your Truth

Know Who and What You Serve

Transform Anger Into True Power

Heal Your Whole Self On All Levels

Awaken To Your True Spiritual Power

Discover and Embody Your True Self

Mend Grief, Sorrow, Trauma, and Loss

Awaken and Master Your Energetic Matrix

Heal Childhood Karmic and Familial Cycles

Reunite Your Divine Masculine-Feminine Energies

Transform Past Life Patterns Into Treasured Wisdom

Experience A Direct Connection With Infinite Source

Discover and Live in Joy, Happiness, and Abundance

Realize and Release Control, Manipulation, and Dogma

Make The Difference You Came Here To Make By BEing You

Release False Perceptions and Attachments To A False Self

Enjoy Life Because You Are Living From the Source of Creation

Mend and Transform Ancestral, Genetic, and Karmic Patterns

Release Belief Systems That No Longer Serve Your Enlightening

Dissipate The Myths of Separation, Guilt, Self-Sabotage, and Hatred

Feel Secure and Stabilized Walking Your Alignment With the Universe

Awaken Your Soul’s Initiative To Create Change On A Foundational Level

Create Your Ultimate Lifestyle, Relationship, Service In the World, and Fulfillment

BE In This World With Integrity, Power, and Love While BEing Awakened and ONE

Your journey with the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ is as individual and unique as you are. Use these markers as guideposts so that you can assess your own personal intimate growth and transformation. Trust that you will feel inwardly guided to your next steps.

Don’t Push It.
Expect Cosmic Timing.
Get The
re On Spirit Timing.
See From The Eyes Of Your Heart.
Let Go Of Attachment To The Outcome,

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