A Woman's Power

Move Through The Gateways To Find Your Treasured True Self.

A WOMAN'S POWER will help you navigate through your deepest self to support you in moving past all of the obstacles that block you from BEing free in your body, mind, and soul and end the ways that you deny who you are, repress, compromise, shut down, ignore, abandon, reject or betray your power. 

A WOMAN'S POWER will take you through the gateways into your treasured Self.

What People Are Saying

Iana’s healing work is extraordinarily deep and powerful. She is one of the most beautiful medicine women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Iana, where you go, I shall follow.”

Susan Catherine Collyer, Actress & Writer, Rhode Island

My work with Iana has given me an incredible sense of inner stability. I feel clear, open, and in a whole new space. I feel an incredible sense of peace. I can feel deep emotions and not be swept away by them. I am able to find perfection in imperfection. I am experiencing myself in a new way.  In the past, deep emotions would imbalance me to react in a negative way. From this work, I have a deep foundational peace.”

Barbara Rinaldi, Organizational Development Consultant, McLean, VA

“Iana has the expertise and mastery to guide anyone through their most challenging life experiences and issues to illuminated and enlightened thinking, feeling, and being. Her commitment to world peace, your peace, your heart, and your purpose of being here in this lifetime is immeasurable. Learn from her, just be with her. She is a rare treasure.”

Darmina B., Administrator Director, San Jose, CA