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In All Ways BE True To You

We are at a choice point on our planet.

A billion thoughts in the mind field of humanity are colliding every moment as we move further away from the power of the light that dwells within the heart of every human BEing.

We fluctuate between living in our world of thoughts, “ologies” and “ism’s” that require us to take on beliefs that take us further away from BEing connected and living from who we truly are.

We are connected to one another through technology but have separated from the core essence of ourselves.

We have separated our mind and body, heart and soul, feelings and thoughts from God within, our True Self.

You are a significant co-creator with the Infinite and Divine Intelligence of the One Source.

What does this mean?

When you are connected without hesitation, without resistance, without fear, without an attitude of being better than anyone else, yet you know who you are and why you are here, you can make a difference in your life and in the world by BEing You.

BE ONE. BE YOU®. is experienced within the finely woven tapestry of wisdom teachings, initiations, and empowerments presented in all programs, trainings, and events offered through the Spirit Gateways® Institute.

® is a way of life, a state of BEing, guided and discovered through your Spirit Gateways® journey into ONEness.

ONEness cannot be taught, it must be realized.

In your everyday life you are taught to grasp concepts and systems of thinking.

In the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ programs, events, and trainings you are shown how to connect into experiencing and BEing ONE in your Whole Self.

BE ONE. BE YOU® is the outcome of everything that you receive in Spirit Gateways®.

In all of the Spirit Gateways® offerings you are given the keys to unlock and find the real you, the YOU who became hidden under the layers of beliefs and emotions that you have stored up inside of you based upon fitting in or not fitting in, loving your Self or abandoning-betraying-rejecting (ABRing) your Self, unconditionally loving or conditionally loving your Self and others, denying your deepest truth or accepting your deepest truth, choosing anger and rage or choosing your authentic power that comes from BEing ONE, or choosing to shut down to stay in control of your Self, others and life or opening to and through the pain within you to mend and heal the tears, rips and splits within you that separate you from your heart, and knowing and loving BEing who you are.

BE ONE. BE YOU® is the experience of letting go of your defenses, rigidities, fears, and projections because you have stepped through the veils of your own personal illusions and have found indestructible pure power and infinite love that become the foundation of your life to live and BE all that you yearn and know you can BE— from within the center point of creation—the place within you where the universe and you meet in grace, at-one-ment, clarity, and spiritual abundance.

First Video Of The Spirit Gateways
® Core Courses

BE ONE. BE YOU® is the introductory video training of the three Spirit Gateways® Core Courses and provides an entry point to the Spirit Gateways® 21 Century Liberation Roadmap™.

The BE ONE. BE YOU® video training lays out the framework for the Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course™ which provides the foundational principles of Spirit Gateways® and sets you on the path of the Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment™ course which takes you deeper into discovering your True Self, your True YOU.. 

These three video trainings comprise the Spirit Gateways® Core Courses and establish a solid foundation upon which you can more fully embark into the profundity and depth of the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ provided through Spirit Gateways® Signature Courses, Deepenings Courses, and Deepenings Mini-Courses.

You can purchase each of the three Spirit Gateways® Core Courses by themselves or get them included when you become a subscriber to the Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership that includes access to the entire Spirit Gateways® video library and two group mentoring offerings.

In every cell of your BEing resides

An evolutionary code of ONEness

A point of arrival

That welcomes You.


When the battles

Within you end and who You truly are

Is realized You allow the gift

Of who You truly are— to BE set free.


As the peace that is You is ignited

The commitment to the light

Of ONEness pulls you closer

To the Infinite Source within You.


The emptiness and hollow space

That has been within your heart

Mends and returns to You

Your original true state of BEing.


 Always BE


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