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BEcoming A Channel For The Divine

From Ordinary To Extraordinary Reality

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Within you exists a flexible, sturdy, quantum container that resonates at a very high frequency. When you build the foundation to awaken your channel, you are able to listen and communicate its message, truths, insights, and guidance.


Whether through music, writing, painting, acting, singing, dancing, speaking, healing, or being an inspirational teacher, mentor, or leader, the Divine will not only awaken you, but will also ignite those that you are touching in your unique way.


In Becoming A Channel For the Divine you will learn the steps needed to become a clear channel, free of your own agendas, “stuff” and how to evolve into your whole Self through the process.

You will:

  • Discover the steps to opening your divine channel.

  • Apply BEing an instrument for the divine in every aspect of your life.

  • Make the inner connections needed to trust how the divine works through you.

BEcoming A Channel For The Divine Course Contents

Module 1 - Clearing Your Emotional Attachments 

   A. Your Role in Your Family

   B. Where Does Your Power Reside

   C. Recreating Your Core Relationship With Source

Module 2 - Clearing Your Beliefs About Your Self

   A. How Do You Judge Your Self

   B. Opening the Door To You

   C. Allowing Your Truth Self To Emerge

Module 3 - The Energetic Connections Needed To BE Aligned

   A. BE with the Earth

   B. BE with the Cosmic Source

   C. BE in your Body


Module 4 - Ending the Battles

   A. Know How The Dark Works

   B. End Turning Against Your Self

   C. Reuniting Your Heart, Soul, Mind and God