BE One With The Infinite Source Within You

The BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collection was created as a series of standalone meditation practices to give you a deeper dive into the BELIGHT MEDITATION® transformation system so you can experience the process and results for yourself.


All BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collections are composed of several related meditation practices grouped together in themes.

In response to the dramatically transformational times we live in right now, we are releasing Collection # I - Creating Harmony & Stability as our first BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collection.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collection # II - Turning On The Light is designed specifically for teens. Collection # II is in development and will be released in 2022.


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All BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collections are priced at $44.44 for approximately 2+ hours of instruction and meditation practices.


Creating Emotional Stability & Harmony

BELIGHT MEDITATION® COLLECTION # I - Creating Emotional Stability & Harmony is a powerful series of original meditations that give you the tools and practices to increase your connection to the Source of light and power within you.


Each meditation is a grounded and anchored practice revealing the secret passage through the opposing, and contrasting energies living within your consciousness that once unlocked increase your ability to realize the infinite and powerful bliss, joy, love, magnetism, and life force abundance that is naturally yours to feel, know​ and embody. 

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Collection # I Contents

BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collection # I - Creating Emotional Harmony & Stability is composed of the following 4 meditation bundles.

  • Bundle 1 - Healing Anxiety, Fear, and Anger. 

    • Introduction​

    • Meditation Practice - Healing Anxiety

    • Meditation Practice - Healing Fear

    • Meditation Practice - Healing Anger

  • Bundle 2 - Awakening Joy, Bliss, and Acceptance. 

    • Awakening Joy Introduction - Joy Revealed​

    • Meditation Practice  - Igniting Joy

    • Awakening Bliss Introduction - Remembering Bliss

    • Meditation Practice  - Awakening Bliss

    • Awakening Acceptance Introduction - Navigating Acceptance

    • Meditation Practice  - Awakening Acceptance

  • Bundle 3 - Connect Into Your Higher Self. 

    • Introduction - Overview of The Higher Self​

    • Meditation Practice - Contacting Your Higher Self

  • Bundle 4 - Heal The Pain Of Separation & Fragmentation. 

    • Introduction - How We Separate From Ourselves​

    • Meditation Practice - Building A New Home To Live In

BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collection # II For Teens

Turning On The Light

BELIGHT MEDITATION® COLLECTION # II - Turning On The Light, for teens is a powerful series of original meditations that give you the tools and practices to help you enhance your inner generator and activator of all that you are.

You will:


  • Experience having your mind become clear and calm. 

  • Be able to more readily trust what you feel and intuit. 

  • Feel more comfortable in your body and have more energy.  

  • Begin to discover who you really are.

  • Recognize your unique gifts and capabilities as you access your inner wisdom.


Collection II - Turning On The Light for teens will be available in 2022.

Other Ways To Experience BELIGHT MEDITATION®

All of the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings CoursesDeepenings Mini-Courses, and Living From Your Wild Heart 52-week free video series contain the BELIGHT MEDITATION® practices within each course.


You can also experience BELIGHT MEDITATION® in Iana's podcast, BE ONE. BE YOU.®.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® is a module in Spirit Gateways® Passport, a Signature Program, and will also be offered as a  Certified Facilitator Training in the near future as part of Spirit Gateways® Professional Training.

® Guidebook will be released in 2023.


If you want to take a deeper dive and understand the background and mechanics of BELIGHT MEDITATION®, as well more specific themed meditations, you will want to take the Spirit Gateways® BELIGHT MEDITATION® Signature online video training that will be released in late 2022.

What People Are Saying About BELIGHT MEDITATION®

Iana’s life-changing meditations quickly led me to consistently having more energy throughout the day, and being more awake and present in my life. This wakefulness is glorious and wonderful and has brought more power and more focus into every aspect of my life. Iana’s work is truly holistic. It has helped me personally and professionally in so many practical ways. I bring more of myself—heart, mind, and soul to every client I am with, and every corporate/business situation that I am in. I highly recommend Iana as a teacher.”

Mark Riesenberg, Spiritual Business Coach, Springfield, New Jersey


The inner work that I am doing with you is having long lasting results because of the BELIGHT MEDITATION series that you have given me to do in between sessions. I am able to retain the shifts that we make in our sessions because I am no longer integrating from my head, but from a whole body, mind and soul level that is anchored in the light that I AM. I feel greater joy, and clarity and am thrilled. Thank you, Iana.”

Rebecca Cohan, PR and Marketing Consultant, San Mateo, CA