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Business & Executive Leadership Self-Mastery

Mission Driven Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Visionaries
& Organizations Succeed From An Integration Of Higher Purpose, Intention, 
Connection To Self, Talent, Skills & Passion

Working with Iana facilitates the shifts that bring you into the core connection with what really matters to you in your business and personal life.


Whether you are dreaming of starting a new business endeavor, presently taking the steps to build your company or vision to the next level, up-leveling an existing organization or company, working as a consultant, business leader, advisor, board member, or visionary entrepreneur the ability to be integrated in your True Self initiates a powerful new way of BEing.


Iana sees who you are and what you are here for and guides your awakening and healing journey towards living your highest life path work, soul fulfillment, business, and financial successes.


Most entrepreneurs, business, and organizational leaders at some point in their life hit a roadblock or a pinnacle of their success that no longer brings them happiness. Mentoring work with Iana creates a bridge of new fulfillment and success to your true power, love, and purpose.


Your financial goals and aspirations are reached through a beautiful interchange of inner and outer exploration and development of your greatest skills, and the essence of your soul—who you really are.


You will experience rapid results as new financial and life opportunities open.


You will be guided and supported to develop and expand upon your vision and purpose while developing new projects, programs, ideas, and solutions that express who you are from BEing aligned to your Whole Self.

  • Evolve your impact in the world through BEing free of ego constrictions and limiting patterns.


  • Identify and heal old patterns that are blocking the next levels of your happiness and success.


  • Learn to create new boundaries and experience less stress and anxiety.


  • Step into your True Self and experience the joy of creating your business and financial structures that support your mission, message, and magnificence.

End Living From The Past.

Create Abundance From

The Power Of Your True Self

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