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Make The Impact You Were Born To Make

As you dive into our Quick Start guide for the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™, know that wherever you begin you will BE supported and guided to break through into realizing and embodying your True Self.  

FREE Spirit Gateways® Courses

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Living From Your Wild Heart 

Join Iana in a FREE raucous 52-week video adventure of BEing Human in three parts—Original Way Teachings, BELIGHT MEDITATION®, and LoveToBE the Movement®—delivered FREE to your inbox each Saturday morning.


Each 20-minute episode explores a unique aspect of living an empowered and impassioned life.

Become a subscriber and get Living From Your Wild Heart delivered automatically to your inbox. 

The BE Forum 

A FREE weekly YouTube LIVE and Facebook LIVE experience that explores what it means to BE Human in these radically changing times. Each month a different transformational theme is presented to the international circle of men and women in the Spirit Gateways® BE Community.


The BE Forum is presented FREE every Tuesday evening (USA Pacific time) for 60 minutes as a YouTube Live event including a live Q&A with participants.


When you subscribe to our email list you are automatically registered for The BE Forum and will be notified of the monthly theme, weekly topic, and access information.


Videos of each BE Forum LIVE session are available for FREE on the Spirit Gateways® YouTube channel and the Spirit Gateways® Facebook page.

The Cosmic Reporter

[Coming in 2023]

The Cosmic Reporter is a weekly YouTube briefing that explores the questions and topics relevant to these times of global conflict, collective awakening, and soul evolution from a cosmic perspective.


Each week dives into a different topic that reaches through the veils of duality to BE a whole human-divine BEing in the 21st Century.


Come fill your cosmic goblet and get quenched and refreshed.

Tune in weekly to receive your light-filled invitation to living on planet earth as the cosmic you.

The world is going through intense growing pains as it sheds its layers to re-acclimate and rebirth a new humanity.

Subscribe to our email list to be notified when new Cosmic Reporter episodes are posted on YouTube.

BE ONE. BE YOU.® Podcast 

Released weekly, BE ONE. BE YOU.® podcasts provide a super simple way to ease into Iana’s teachings wherever you are.


You can listen to the podcasts as they are published each Sunday morning on this website or on your favorite podcast platform including Amazon Music, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Facebook (mobile only), iHeart Radio, PandoraSpotify, and Stitcher.


You can also listen to any BE ONE. BE YOU.® podcast out of sequence as well as download them to your mobile device or desktop.

Your Soul is Unlimited.

Find The Bliss, Wisdom, And Power Of BEing The Essence Of Who You Are.

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