Getting Started With Spirit Gateways®

All Roads Lead To Liberation Of Your True Self

As you dive into our quick start guide, know that wherever you begin with Spirit Gateways® you will BE supported and guided to breakthrough into realizing and embodying your True Self.  

Enjoy our quick start guide so that you can determine the best entry point for you.


Change Yourself. Change The World.

The ACCELERATOR provides an easy and inexpensive way to get to know Iana, her approach to self-realization and ONEness, and her teaching style.


Any one of these courses provides a great entry point that is offered FREE or at a modest cost.


Living From Your Wild Heart 

Join Iana in a FREE raucous 52-week video adventure of BEing Human in three parts—Original Way Teachings, BELIGHT MEDITATION®, and LoveToBE the Movement®—delivered FREE to your inbox each Saturday morning.


Each 20-minute episode explores a unique aspect of living an empowered and impassioned life. Become a subscriber and get Living From Your Wild Heart delivered automatically to your inbox. 


A FREE teleclass experience that explores what it means to BE Human in these radically changing times. Each month a different transformational theme is presented to the international circle of men and women in the Spirit Gateways® BE Community.


The BE FORUM is presented FREE on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month for 60 minutes and posted online for easy access.


When you subscribe to our email list you are automatically registered for The BE FORUM and will be notified of the monthly theme and access information. Audio MP3 files of past BE Forum sessions are available for FREE through our membership site (registration required).

BE With Iana Lahi

[Coming in 2022]

BE With Iana Lahi is a FREE LIVE weekly online global gathering and teaching for all women and men of the Spirit Gateways® BE Community.


Join Iana for a 21st-century awakening experience to the life that you are here to live and the tools to make it happen. Experience activations, ignitions, and initiations that begin to expand, evolve, and enlighten your Whole Self into action during our 60-minute call that includes a Q & A for all participants.

Subscribe to our email list to be notified of the live online location.

BE ONE. BE YOU.® Podcast 

Released weekly, BE ONE. BE YOU.® ~20-minute FREE podcasts provide a super simple way to ease into Iana’s teachings wherever you are.


You can listen to the podcasts as they are published each Sunday morning on this website or on your favorite podcast platform including Amazon Music, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Facebook (mobile only), iHeart Radio, PandoraSpotify, and Stitcher.


Of course, you can also listen to them out of sequence as well as download them to your mobile device or desktop.

Your Soul is Unlimited.

Find the Bliss, Wisdom, and Power of BEing the Essence of Who You Are.

Modestly Priced ACCELERATOR Courses

$44.44 per Collection

A powerful series of original meditations that increase your connection to the Source of light, power, and infinite intelligence within you.


BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collections are composed of distinct transformational themes delivered in MP3 format and priced at $44.44 so that you can enjoy this unique experience and dive deep into ONEness at an affordable investment.

Deepenings Mini-Courses
$44.44 per Mini-Course

These easy-to-access online video courses provide a profound and focused entry into many of the core themes underlying awakening to the True Self, Self-Realization, and ONEness.


The mini-courses are a great entry point to Iana’s teaching, her style, and the more in-depth Deepenings courses.


Priced at $44.44 for each 60 to 75-minute online video, the mini-courses are a powerful entry to all Spirit Gateways® offerings.

LoveToBE the Movement® Collections
$44.44 per Collection

[Coming in 2022]

Each LoveToBE the Movement® Collection consists of four movement sequences that initiate you into profound inner reunion with the Infinite Source of life and creation.


You are taught how to connect into the deep bliss, and succulence of your heart and soul and discover the inner expansion that takes you beyond the oppositions, dualities, and struggles of your mind and body.


A profound experience of ONEness is initiated as you explore the physicality, physics, and pure power of energy, emotion, spirit,  stillness, and light until time stands still, and you feel free to BE.

Recalibrate Your Life.

Move Beyond Fear Into Freedom.

Life’s Greatest Teachings Come Through Our Greatest Challenges

Deepenings are a range of potent and powerful in-depth online video courses focused on what some people may consider difficult-to-discuss topics for personal and spiritual development from Iana’s unique perspective of ONEness and living from your True Self.

Deepenings courses can be taken by themselves based on your specific interest, can be an adjunct to the Spirit Gateway® Signature programs or can be taken as elective courses as part of several tracks in the Spirit Gateway® Professional Training.

Deepenings courses range from 10-15 hours of online video plus bonuses and are priced at $297, a discount off the retail value of $597.

BE Filled From Your Inner Well-Spring
Of Courage, Clarity & Connection.

Initiating the New Humanity Wave of Love into Action

Signature Programs dive deep into the cornerstones of the Spirit Gateways® BE System Experience through a divine masculine-divine feminine integrated approach into freedom and physical-spiritual ONEness.


The Signature Programs initiate your life by guiding you into the eternal light, truth, and expression of your True Self to fulfill your divine purpose through in-the-body enlightenment.

All Signature Programs are a pre-requisite for Spirit Gateways® Professional Training.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass teaches the foundational platform of Iana’s work in more than 35-hours of online video, that heals and clears the old threads of suffering, pain, and illusion that reveal for every individual a new matrix of BEing.


Based upon Iana’s book One In Soul: BE The Humanity Blueprint, Volume I and her forthcoming next volumes, II, III, and IV, BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass provides the spiritual-emotional-blueprint for discovering and realizing One’s True Self.

Spirit Gateways® Passport is a destination experience that takes you on a spiritual adventure of realizing and BEing your True Self.


Your Spirit Gateway® Passport adventure moves you through the realms and dimensions of separation and fear, disconnection and illusion, and guides you into a new paradigm where you come to know your Self on a level of pure consciousness and awareness.


You will explore a new relationship with love, money, God, and sex, heal the deep fragmentations within your masculine and feminine psyche, and open into the light of the One through meditation and movement. You will discover BEing whole in your body-mind-soul and spirit as the portal into manifesting your life and soul purpose possibly for the first time, or to the next level of restructuring and recreating your destiny work for this lifetime.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® is a full-spectrum online video course that teaches beginner, intermediate, and advanced practices to awaken, reconnect, heal, and enlighten all of your human aspects: energetic, spiritual, causal, psychological, and emotional.


BELIGHT MEDITATION® is an original system of awakening the True Self through discovering the light within created by Iana and her divine partnership with God-level BEings.

LoveToBE the Movement® is a free-spirited yet highly disciplined, online video course in dance and movement, based upon discovering the core secrets of how the sacred geometry of the universe and movement can BE experienced as ONE.


A feeling-centered, individualized, and integrative exhale and inhale into the Source of Life within you, in LoveToBE the Movement®, the simplest and most complex gesture becomes a divine language unique to you.   


Iana’s formal training in ballet and modern dance at the Boston Conservatory of Music and California Institute of the Arts working with Mia Slavenska and Bella Lewitzky as well as her professional dance training with Alvin Ailey’s American Dance Theatre, Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Merce Cunningham, and other modern dance pioneers and innovators created the foundation and inspiration for her movement work.

Discover An Unbreakable Connection
With Infinite Source.

Take the Call. Initiate Change.

Spirit Gateways® Professional Training is for those individuals who want to expand their current professional expertise or want to transition from their current work (or education) to one of service within the context of integrated spiritual consciousness and deep inner soul work.

Specific tracks in business and leadership mastery, sexuality and relationship mastery, healing, meditation and movement mastery, and mastery through service,  are offered to “major in” during a two-year program that includes professional certification and extensive group and personal mentoring.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® Facilitator Training is for those people who want to add the BELIGHT MEDITATION® practices to their portfolio of healing and transformational modalities they use with clients, students, groups, or organizations in professional settings.

DanceLAHI: Awakened Movement Facilitator Training is for movement artists and teachers, professional dancers, lovers of movement whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, yoga and Pilates instructors, therapists of all kinds, stage and film directors, actors, and singers.


DanceLAHI: Awakened Movement Facilitator Training builds on the dance and movement techniques learned in LoveToBE the Movement® online video course but is designed specifically to enhance in-the-body enlightenment experiences that can be used as healing modalities in professional therapeutic, creative, organizational, and teaching environments.

Become the Leader That Leads
From BEing ONE Beyond Ego. Awaken.

Breakthrough the Unknown.
BE ONE With Infinite Source. Liberate Your Life.

One-on-One Mentoring is offered in several forms including dedicated readings as Divine Messenger Sessions, 7-week intensives in Ignite Your Inner heart, and deep theme-based soul work that can last a year or more.

Divine Messenger Sessions provide deep insight into your life from the perspective of your soul. Think of it as a 60-minute akashic record reading directly from Source.

Ignite Your Inner Heart is a 7-week one-on-one intensive focused on 7 core themes to help you jumpstart your life into deeper levels of self-realization and personal transformation.

Deep Inner One-on-One Soul Work is for those individuals who really want to dive deep and explore all the facets of their own liberation. Iana offers 6-month and 12-month intensives based on four core themes: (1) Self-Realization, (2) Couples Sexual Intimacy & Transformation, (3) Business and Executive Leadership Self Mastery, and (4) Teens and Young Adults.

Deep One-on-One Soul Work is not for the faint of heart and requires an open heart, an inquisitive mind, and the willingness to put aside all preconceptions of what you think consciousness and liberation is and jump into the deep end of your soul pool, perhaps not even knowing how to swim yet knowing that you will emerge as more of your True Self.


Be prepared for an in-depth application process. I am looking for men and women who are courageous enough to walk through their own deep sanskaric gateways and emerge into their own ferocious, loving, powerful, and brilliant Self. 

Lift Up Into A Profound Relationship
With Your True Self & Elevate Your Life.

Experience Life Changing Transformation in Community

Group Mentoring is provided in a private and confidential tele-session environment and are designed as elective adjuncts to existing Signature programs and Deepenings courses.

The ONE Principle is for women in positions of leadership in any professional field who want to dive into the depth of the Divine Masculine and Feminine and explore what it means to be truly human in the 21st century and how to apply it to their own and humanity’s growth and transformation, however radical it may become.


Only apply for this training and mentoring experience if you are committed and ready to make a substantive difference in the world from your unique perspective and experience and professional discipline.

Life Mastery Training compliments the Signature program, BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass.

The Togetherness Circle compliments, the Deepenings course, Honoring Grief: A Passage To Self-Love.

BEing group mentoring compliments the Spirit Gateways® Signature Passport program.

Make the Shift Into
A New Octave of Awakened Presence