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GOD Energy Your Energy

Trust Your Divine Intelligence

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The key to longevity and living in joy is a by-product of knowing how to tap into your super well-being state of wholeness.


Connecting you into the One Infinite Source within the generator of your unique divine and human energies in your BodyMind, a subtle but powerful shift into the awakened you occurs as your energy reunites with divine intelligence.


Experience this concise and direct teaching to help you to awaken into feeling unified with God Energy Your Energy.

You will:

  • Experience God — The One Infinite Source within you.

  • Learn how to tap into your energetic reservoir for greater strength & clarity.

  • Discover the source of love within you and follow its guidance to achieve your dreams.

God Energy Your Energy Course Contents

Module 1 - Experiencing Abundance in the Body

   A. Generating Passion

   B. Finding Your Heart Amidst Chaos

   C. Stepping Into the Unknown

Module 2 - Longevity Comes From Within

   A. How To Tap In

   B. Listening To What Your Body Needs

   C. Through Fear Into Trust

Module 3 - The Source of Love

   A. Connecting into One Infinite Source

   B. Awakening Your Heart and Lower Belly

   C. Surrender


Module 4 - Contentment Revealed

   A. Following Ease and Grace

   B. Releasing Pain and Resistance

   C. Finding Your Inner Galaxy Within