Group Mentoring With Iana Lahi

Are you ready to experience love beyond what
you have ever known and find the bliss of your soul?

Are you ready to step through your ancestral DNA,
karmic, emotional, sanskaric, and spiritual challenges that
hold you back and block you from knowing and BEing your True Self?

Suspend disbelief
about the possibilities for your life

Life Mastery Training is for women and men who want to move into a new level of integrated power to experience FEARLESS LOVE.

Receive the hidden secrets to your next levels of self-mastery in how you touch, influence, nurture, create, trailblaze, empower, intuit, collaborate, enlighten, stand in your Self, and achieve your dreams.

Life Mastery Training gives you the opportunity to work with Iana Lahi via live teleconferencing in a dynamic, focused, and interactive five-month group mentoring program twice a month for 90 minutes each session that will catapult you through your personal patterns that are ready to BE transformed.


"I have created this mentoring-teaching-breakthrough class for the men and women from around the world who are new to the Spirit Gateways® work and desire high-level transformational guidance and support, as well as for the people that I have worked with over the last four decades to gather together and share, learn, uplift, and inspire one another."


You Will Be Supported and Guided To Manifest Who You Are Into Your Life To Fulfill Your Next Evolutionary Steps


We will work with the underlying themes of fear, grief, anger, anxiety, self-love, liberation, responsibility, fulfillment, surrender, and letting go as gateways into Oneness.


Together, we will embark upon climbing the mountain of your life evolutionary path to increase and expand your capacity to discover, see, hear, and BE your greater truth and your True Self.

Life Mastery Training is focused upon giving you the discoveries, realization experiences, and time to be “held in love” as you are guided by Iana into greater embodiment, awakening, clarity, and purpose.

Some Experiences You May Encounter On Your Journey

In Life Mastery Training you can expect to:

  • Heal your heart.

  • Set your Self free to BE you.

  • Redefine and re-structure your life work.

  • Awaken your spiritual-physical calling for these times.

  • Come through old paradigms that keep you stuck.

  • Understand what may feel or seem difficult in your life through a new lens.

  • Discover and implement a new up-leveling of your life purpose and mission.

  • Integrate new, finer, and more subtle realities and states of consciousness.

  • BE in the energy of other men and women who are working on a range of personal issues such as life path, career, money, service, making an impact integrating divine and human energies, personal creativity, and old family, relationship, and sexual patterns with refined attunement.

  • Receive the unique gifts of the Spirit Gateways® teachings.

  • Receive direct guidance, mentoring, and support from Iana.

Make The Financial, Relationship, Spiritual, Health, Or Career Transformations You Have Longed For

Life Mastery Training is designed for you to participate from a receptive mode or interactive mode. How you choose to engage from week to week. is up to you. Whether you share, ask questions, or are silent, you are given the opportunity to move with your own needs and flow.


BEing with other men and women who are discovering their life in alignment with their universal and True Self will give you a deepened level of support to integrate and enlighten realizations gained from Life Mastery Training into your life.

Discover Your Alignment With Your Universal and True Self

As part of the group mentoring in Life Mastery Training, you can receive one-on-one mentoring with Iana, when you choose, that helps you uplevel your aliveness and brilliance, awaken and integrate your heart and soul, and walk through the gateways within your heart to Expand. Evolve. Enlighten.™ your life.


Whether you are ready to make financial, relationship, spiritual, health, or career shifts, you will be able to fulfill the goals that you create from our very first group mentoring session.

Register Now - Special Pricing for 2022

Life Mastery Training is offered twice a year in two, five-month group mentoring sessions with a limited number of participants in each group.


Spirit Gateways® Life Mastery Training usually costs $1,200 per person per month ($6,000 for 5 months).


At this time, as we acclimate to new work and social environments with new challenges, we have reduced the price to $2,500 per person for the entire 5-month program.

Limited Number of Seats Available

Program Details

  • One Payment - $2,500 if paid in full.

  • 5 Monthly Payments - $530 per month for 5 months ($2,650 total)..

  • Scholarships - A limited number of partial scholarships are available. Please email Iana to inquire and apply.

  • Non-Refundable Deposit - A deposit of $250 reserves your place and demonstrates your commitment. The deposit is applied to your payment in full or your 5-monthly payments. If the Life Mastery Training group mentoring is canceled for any reason your deposit will be refunded in full.

  • Estimated Start Date - Late January 2022 to late June 2022.

  • Schedule - Two sessions per month for 90 minutes per session for five consecutive months.

  • Time Commitment -  A 5-month commitment to optimize group synergy.

  • Day - Second and fourth Thursday of each month.

  • Time - 3:30pm Pacific Time, 6:30pm Eastern Time, 11:30pm GMT.

  • Group Size - Minimum 10, maximum 25 participants.

  • Privacy - All group participants are bound to privacy and confidentiality and must sign a mutual confidentiality agreement prior to the first session.

  • Tools -  Bring your favorite writing book and pen or pencil.

  • Audio Recording - Available within 48 hours of each session.

Some Benefits You Will Receive From Life Mastery Training

Life Mastery Training participants will:

  • Align the energetic, spiritual, psychological, and emotional components of your whole Self and experience a new centerpoint of power.

  • Activate your life purpose through receiving and reconnecting your truth.

  • Integrate greater clarity, courage, and confidence.

  • Open to your Higher Self who will bridge the parts of you that have been caught in suffering, separation, fear, and pain.

  • Learn Life Mastery™ tools and practices each week that help you awaken into greater happiness, fulfillment, and joy.

  • Ignite love as the healer, soul medicine, and light of your life.

  • Master the crucial connections needed to uplevel your relationship with life, your work, your health, and your spiritual attunement.

  • Access the deeper alignment, consciousness, and soul blueprint for awakening that is within you

  • Have the opportunity to break through core wounds that include family of origin, sex and relationship, money and work, health and well-being, self-realization, and spiritual awakening.

How do I know that I will be receiving what I need it the training?

How do I know that I will be receiving what I need it the training?

Upon registration, you will receive a personal invitation to share with Iana via writing what areas in your life you are needing support and mentoring in. She will be reading your heart felt requests with care, insight, and love, and holding them in high confidentiality.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ask for or request support during the 5-month group intensive?

You will receive an email in advance of the upcoming mentoring session to click on a link to request one-on-one time with Iana to do inner work during the individual mentoring scheduled time.

Will I get bored listening to other people's questions and Iana's individual mentoring with them?

No, you will not get bored if you come to each moment with curiosity and suspend your beliefs and judgments. We all connected and you will experience for your Self how we are all going through the same trials and pain but through different stories.

What perspective is Iana coming from when teaching and mentoring?

Iana is a pure channel of divine intelligence and wisdom, your higher Self and the voice of your soul. She shows up with you and for you to make the most important realizations and shifts that are possible for you to have in the time that you and her have together. Her 45 years plus of working on all planes of consciousness as a teacher and mentor give her the grounding to identify and help shift the cause of your life challenges, sufferings, and karmic attachments and lessons.

Upon registration, you will receive a personal invitation to share with Iana via writing what areas in your life you are needing support and mentoring in. She will be reading your heart felt requests with care, insight, and love, and holding them in high confidentiality.

Are these pre-recorded classes?

No, the group trainings are all live. The beginning of the class session is recorded for your use in case you couldn’t make the class or to listen to again if you were in the session. The personal sharing’s at the end of the group session are not recorded.

Am I required to share or to speak in the group mentoring sessions?

You are given complete freedom whether or not to share or speak in all of our mentoring sessions. You can feel comfortable to take in and listen, write a comment in the chat box, and request to share or bring up your specific life dilemma that you would like to be mentored through during our mentoring section of the training.

Are there any special prerequisites for the group mentoring program?

The only pre-requisite is to come to the training with the desire to put aside your beliefs that you may get stuck in your own stuff, and BE willing to suspend your beliefs regarding what is possible.

What makes this work different or unique than other "inner work" experiences?

You will be experiencing internal awakenings that originate in the source of your Self and from there work their way into your whole self (your emotional, physical, and psychological selves). You will be experiencing moving through the layers of your Self quickly in order to touch into the love and power of your True Self.

Will there be "homework" in between sessions?

Yes, you will have writing assignments that require a notebook or a bound writing book. There will be one assignment in between mentoring sessions that will assist you on your journey to mastery level breakthroughs.

Optimize Your Group Mentoring Journey

Participants are recommended to read BE: The Humanity Blueprint Introduction before the class begins (approximately 80 pages) and One in Soul, BE: The Humanity Blueprint Volume I, during your participation in the class.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint Introduction is available as a free PDF download by submitting your name and email address at the top or bottom of this page


Print versions of BE: The Humanity Blueprint Introduction and One in Soul, BE: The Humanity Blueprint Volume I can be purchased directly through Amazon.


What People Are Saying

Each day, I continue to fall more and more in love with myself ... and for that I would like to thank you for helping me find my way back to myself.”

Shiloh M., Bethesda, MD


My work with Iana has given me an incredible sense of inner stability. I feel clear, open and in a whole new space. I feel an incredible sense of peace.”

Barbara R., McLean, VA


Iana is the real deal. Do not underestimate the power of her work to guide you on your healing journey to your True Self.”

Marc S., Seattle, WA


I believe that miracles can happen overnight, because of you, I am a living testimony.”

Alisa, P., NYC


Iana shows up in the most profound and real way to help people to become One with their Whole Self, and experience living every facet of their life from being tuned in, connected up and in with what makes them to be the best version of themselves.”

Lewis M., Amsterdam, Netherlands


“The difference between Iana and other healing therapies I’ve pursued is that Iana successfully clears the core energies of the issues that were creating the difficulties in my life and then teaches how to maintain the new body-mind-soul connections given. I feel so light and free! I am actually glowing in each moment of life now!”

Laura A., Washington, DC

“Iana Lahi is a real deal messenger of light who is ushering in the new matrix for the planet. She is in a league of her own and beyond what most spiritual teachers are bringing forth. She carries within herself and is fully present to how to shift through the blocks that are holding humanity captive in its own web. Her humanness and compassion are a vital part of her commitment to help uplift each person into who they are, why they are here, and what they have to face and transform to be all that they already decided to accomplish on a soul level before coming into this lifetime. You will find her energies amazing, experience profound and rapid growth just by being with her by phone or in her presence. She is holding the vision and the blueprint to move humanity forward for these times.”

Debra Krupa, Organizational Development Coach & Practitioner, San Jose, CA.

“Iana unlocks the doors to your whole self with grace and love, giving you the freedom that will initiate into action your life dreams and soul vision. If you feel tired of waiting to start your life, work with Iana. If you feel ready to bust through your own inner prison walls and step on to a new fast track to accomplish what you came here for, work with Iana. If you want to know true healing, work with Iana. Experience her as a teacher, a friend, a mentor, and as a divine messenger.”

Melinda Evans, Workshop Leader, and Therapist, Amherst, MA

“My whole life has been shifting on all levels since the first training. I made use of the tools taught in the training and I have had an amazing transformation. I found my shadow side. Through the dialogue with her [shadow side], I could invite her into my solar plexus and released the energetic band she had in my body. I discovered my true power, have become more grounded, and becoming more integrated. I continue to find resolution within myself, finding peace and empowerment by healing the inner conflicting parts in myself through this work.”

Deborah K., Physician’s Assistant, New Haven, CT