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ONEness Mentoring With Iana

Accelerate & Amplify Your Return To Your True Self

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Beyond What You Think Is Possible.

Inside The Dream A Key,

Ignite The Light Within You.

That Sets You Free To BE.

I am here to guide your adventure of awakening, realizing, and implementing the infinite light and divine intelligence of your true Self into every aspect of your life.

I mentor men and women who have a yearning to fulfill their soul destiny and to BE a torch of light and truth in this world. I assist you to put into action your authentic Self and to fulfill your divine blueprint with mastery and grace. 

My mission is to help you to know and love yourself, experience the fulfillment and completion of your Higher Divine Octave in this lifetime, leave behind the patterns and beliefs that you use to block BEing your True Self, and to trust the unique and divine expression of the creative and spiritual power that is your birthright. 

Discover A Permanent Connection To Infinite Source

I walk by your side and assist you in the rediscovery and remembrance of the love within your heart as the foundational essence of transforming your Self, others, and the world to initiate the next wave of spiritual evolution for these times.


Your ego, pain, hurt, shame, fear, insecurities, and resistance are transformed into new levels of clarity, vitality, power, love, and ONEness to support you in creating an amazing life.

Experience Divine Love & Ultimate Freedom

You are given the tools to move you through your challenges that have created stagnation, hurt, pain, the need to be perfect, the need to stay in control, self-criticize, and self-judge.


You will transform the “unknown mystery” within you into empowerment, love in action, and heart-inspired mastery in the world.


New strength and pure power will arise within you as you walk through the fire of love, and birth the magnificence of your light into your life.

ONEness Mentoring with Iana lovingly supports you to become an awakened contributor to the world as you step through your veils of duality and illusion into your True Self.

Old paradigms of karmic, ancestral, cultural, and genetic programming that have blocked the realization of your soul's mastery and expression are cleared and restructured, freeing you to experience BEing your True Self. 

Step Into The Ultimate Remembrance Of Who You Are

Men and women who are highly motivated and inspired creative and business innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs, transformational teachers and visionaries, artists and performers, and humanitarian, global, and social change agents who have the desire to make a significant shift and greater contribution to the world find working One-on-One with Iana to be the answer to up-leveling the more difficult and challenging aspects of their life.

BE The Light Of Who You Are: 
Fully Impassioned, Ignited & Expressed

How ONEness Mentoring™ Is Unique & Different

From the beginning of ONEness Mentoring™ you are brought into your whole Self which gives you a new perspective and experience of who you truly are.

You are not talking about your Self. You are going directly into the spiritual-physical power within you by tapping the YOU that has been dormant, forgotten, or bypassed.

In ONEness Mentoring™ you make the significant connections needed to reconnect with your True Self.

Unlike other self-development methods, protocols, or processes ONEness Mentoring simultaneously recalibrates, heals, and transforms all of You.

Before you know it, you have experienced moving through the patterns, behaviors, familial, ancestral, and karmic “grid” that have perpetually held you back and held you down in lower thoughts, emotions, and behaviors that have kept you off center, on a “side-track” and have habitually created “separation thinking” instead of ONEness thinking which becomes your new natural state because you are now ONE with your whole True Self.  

Unlike traditional life coaching, business coaching, new age, and psychological models, you are consciously guided from a whole bodymind presence to step through your “energetic and consciousness matrix” of inner pain, fear, ego, separation, and suffering into the awakened light, love, and true power of who you truly are. You experience profound joy and pure empowerment from the inter-connectedness of every level of your BEing.

ONEness Mentoring™ gives you profound results that can be quickly integrated because you are working with the Source of your BEing to BEcome your True Self.

The Life That You Want Is Within Reach.
Go Big.
BE Fearless.

Some Transformational Themes
You May Experience in ONEness Mentoring

Some of the “soul ignition” themes that you may experience include:

  • Mend your core sexual energies

  • Open your core life force-Kundalini energy

  • Step through duality and pain into authentic ONEness

  • Activate your energetic alignments with infinite Source

  • Know who you are on a core level by moving through fear

  • Reunite your core divine masculine and feminine energies

  • Find your core past life patterns/sanskaras to free your Self now

  • Retrieve your Abandoned, Betrayed, or Rejected core self "parts"

  • Break Through your core emotional and psychological belief systems about your existence and life

  • Release your attachments to your core family ancestral patterns that keep you stuck and disempowered

Some Results
You May Experience in ONEness Mentoring

  • ONEness

  • Awakening to your True Self

  • Increased joy, fulfillment, and love

  • Spiritual-sexual-life force recalibration

  • Resolution with old repetitive patterns

  • Increased vitality, health, and well-being

  • Anchored calm, inner strength, and clarity

  • Creative, visionary, and whole Self-integration

  • Fearlessness, greater focus, and inner discipline

  • Inner Trust, self-love, courage, and empowerment

  • Permanent reconnection with the Infinite Source within you

  • Completion of emotional, psychological, and spiritual “pain” cycles

  • Increased passion, success, and powerful results in money, career, and relationships

  • Breakthrough understandings about why you choose and have chosen certain situations in your life.

ONEness Mentoring For Adults

The Spirit Gateways® ONEness Mentoring™ program for adults with Iana is a holistic comprehensive interactive and 360-degree immersive experience that encompasses:



Adults 18 years and older from all socio-cultural, religious, and professional backgrounds are invited to participate by scheduling a free discovery call with Iana.

ONEness Mentoring For Tweens & Teens

Being a tween or teenager - and BEing true to yourself - has never been easy, no matter your culture, ethnicity, religion, or geographic context.

In today's world, the pressures - from your parents, peers, influencers, social media, brands, media, and societal and religious context - is off the charts and often too much to bear.

It's difficult enough growing into adulthood under "normal" circumstances. Now, the only "normal" is that there is no "normal".

The key question that every tween and teen must ask themselves is:


Who am I?


Who is that true Self that I am without parental and societal pressures
telling me to be or act a certain way that is acceptable?

The Spirit Gateways® One-on-One Tween and Teen Mentoring and Enlightening Program with Iana is a holistic comprehensive interactive and 360-degree immersive experience that focuses on the unique and often what appear as insurmountable issues confronting all tweens and teens worldwide.

What can I expect working with Iana for Tweens/Teen ONEness Mentoring?

Some results that you may experience include:

  • Greater understanding and acceptance of who you truly are.

  • Feeling empowered and free from the demands of your ego Self.

  • Freedom from self-judgment, anxiety, and worry.

  • Fearlessness to BE you.

  • Less inner battle.

  • Increased determination to fulfill your dreams.

  • Clear boundaries with family, peers, and your own values.

  • Heightened creative expression.

Iana is uniquely qualified to work with tweens and teens both as a single parent who home-schooled her two daughters, each of whom attended Ivy League universities and have highly successful careers and relationships as well as the hundreds of tweens and teens that Iana has mentored over more than four decades of practice.

Tween and teens age 11 to 18 are invited to work with Iana in concert with the support and engagement of their parent(s) or guardian.

Whether you are an adult seeking greater fulfillment in your life or a tween or teen just embarking on life's journey, the truth, clarity & freedom of your soul path is awakened and initiated through
one-on-one mentoring with Iana, thus making it possible
for you to experience living in ONEness as your True Self.

Are You Ready To Fulfill Your Heart & Soul's 
Vision, Desires, & Dreams?

Spirit Gateways® ONEness Mentoring™ sessions are available as:


  • 1-3 day laser-focused in-person Intensive

  • 3-month immersion

  • 6-month immersion

  • One-year deep dive immersion


Three, 6, and 12-month ONEness Mentoring™ sessions are conducted by phone.


One to 3 -day intensives are conducted in person.

How You Can Engage In ONEness MentoringWith Iana

Fulfilling Your Destiny Path Is Priceless

The Truth, Clarity & Freedom Of Your Soul Path
Is Awakened & Initiated Making It Possible For You
To Experience Living In Oneness As Your True Self

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ONEness Mentoring?

ONEness is a state of consciousness created through reuniting the light of your soul, your mind, heart, and spirit so that you can BE the powerful and loving presence of your whole Self in every aspect of your life. ONEness Mentoring works on a physical, energetic, psychological, emotional, and spiritual level simultaneously that expedites your awakening, healing, self-realization, and manifestation process.

Why should I work with Iana for Tween/Teen ONEness Mentoring?

If you sometimes feel different than others, feel when others do not, find yourself blocking your feelings, have fears but do not understand them, have dreams but do not know how to reach them, get anxious, feel worries, feel anger but do not know what to do with it, need real guidance about sex, love, intimacy, your creativity, your identity, and more, feel pulled by other people’s expectations, feel overwhelmed and need tools to amplify your personal power, trust in the universe, and how to navigate BEing you, contact me for a free discovery call.

What Adults Are Saying

I wholeheartedly recommend Iana Lahi’s work. You need to suspend disbelief for a bit to appreciate it. Once you do so, you will be convinced.”

Scott S., Bank Chairman, New York City

Iana offers exceptional insight into the energetics that comprise you, along with the ability to work with them at the highest level. She does so with grace, compassion, serenity, and awareness; the result is a unified and lightened sense of being. It’s the feeling of finally taking a big, beautiful breath.”

Dr. Stephanie Marango, Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

Iana has the ability to guide miraculous changes in the most subtle and powerful way, unlike anything I have ever experienced before. In each session we make phenomenal breakthroughs that are giving me back my whole and complete self. Iana brings you home to your Self with mastery, love, and dedication.”

Rita Gendelman, Occupational Therapist, New York City

"Iana can see, feel and access the light force of healing and do other mind-boggling things that most of us can only dream of. Her spirit is pure and her heart is completely open, balanced, present, and connected."

Jeff Kent, Music Producer & Composer, New York City

Iana understands life and the human journey of awakening with illuminating brilliance and love. If you are ready to trust someone to take you from poverty consciousness in your spirit, heart, soul, and bank account into over flowing abundance — work with Iana. If you are ready to let go of your willfulness and your pain and yearn for a connection to the joy and Oneness within you work with Iana. Her gifts are profound and her dedication to your successes in every area of your life is exquisite. Iana helps you to find God and become your whole self without you even knowing what is happening. If you want to experience real change, this is the place to come.”

Elena Rabinowitz, Organizational Change Consultant, Huntington Beach, CA

“This work is nothing less than a miracle. If you want rapid and permanent change in your life and in your Self, this is it.”

C.T., Corporate Lawyer, New York City

What Tweens & Teens Are Saying

Iana is an invaluable healer, mentor, and coach. She is able to see into each feeling, relationship, and challenge in a person’s life and, with the utmost respect, give them powerful and sage advice. Iana’s skill and intuition would be a great benefit to anyone at any age, but I think it can be especially poignant in someone’s teen years. At that time energies are maturing and shifting, and cause turmoil in teens. Having someone to help guide this process, and to provide an effective process to healing past emotional turmoil is hugely important, and often missed.


Personally, Iana has lit the path on a journey back to who I am. This sounds esoteric, but the work we have done has made tectonic and tangible shifts in the way I interact with my world. Before working with Iana, I was generally unhappy and downcast, I questioned why I was even on this earth. Iana guided me in turning these energies around and healing the wounds of my past. Truly, I am so thankful for all the work I have been able to do with her.”

Jacob Molloy, High School Student and Global Inspirer, Issaquah, WA

My work with Iana healed my physical body as well as my soul. In a month’s time, I escaped the threatening darkness of suicide and welcomed my eternal light to shine once more. Iana’s work granted me the greatest gift of all, the gift of empowerment. I am eternally grateful to her and will sing her praises to all of the troubled, depressed, and sick.”

P.L., Pittsburgh, PA

After three weeks of working with Iana by phone, our son experienced a remarkable turnaround.  His eyes once again shone with the joy of living and he returned to school with a renewed spirit. Iana later visited us for an intensive weekend of energy healing, a magical and sacred time for our family. I will be eternally grateful to Iana for her healing wisdom.”

A.L., Denver, CO

Iana stepped into our lives during a very difficult time in our family. Our son, who was a senior in high school at the time, had written us a suicide and goodbye letter. A star athlete and top student, we were shocked to realize the depth of his pain and heartache. We found Iana and flew her out to work with our son. After three-days he was a new person, and they continued working one-on-one together once a week for the next two years as a way to help him step into full confidence, healing, and health. Now, ten years later, our son has become a successful financial consultant and is a beacon of love, compassion, and service to the community. Our prayers were answered. We can’t thank you enough Iana.”

Confidentiality honored upon request.

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