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Spirit Gateways® Professional Training

Master A New Level of BEing That Completes the Circle of Your Life

Impact the World

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The Spirit Gateways® Professional Training is for men and women of all backgrounds and interests who have a desire to make a difference in the lives of others, and in the world as a global influencer and leader of light for 21st century evolutionary change.


The Spirit Gateways® Professional Training consists of two levels.


In Level 1, you will choose from one of four tracks to specialize in, and upon completion of Level 1, be certified as a Leader of Light.

(A) Enlightenment through Mastery in Service

(B) Leadership & Business Mastery

(C) Movement, Healing & Meditation Mastery

(D) Relationship & Sexuality Mastery

Take the Call.

Initiate True Transformation and Change.

In Level 2, you receive high-level spiritual training and mentorship in a focused and committed group of men and women with Iana to Expand. Evolve. Enlighten™ your unique gifts, and learned skills. Serve your community, clients, and the world to make the difference that you came here to make.


Trainees learn to facilitate work that has the power to successfully shift others to realize their True Self, and support individuals, organizations and change makers to experience the divine brilliance that exists within themselves, and within all human beings for the purpose of uplifting the world in their unique way.


Level 2 participants learn how to activate, align, and implement their ideas, and projects into action, and how-to facilitate their clients into BEing their Whole Self, and into Oneness mastery, authenticity, and presence.  


Trainees graduate with a certification as a Next Wave Enlightener—certified to guide, create, coach, inspire, heal and implement visionary action for these times.

Become a Leader of Light.

Beyond Ego into ONEness.

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For Women & Men Who Hear The Call to Birth  

A New Wave Of Living & BEing In The World

 From the Heart of Oneness