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Spirit Gateways® Collections

$44.44 per Collection

A powerful series of original meditations that increase your connection to the Source of light, power, and infinite intelligence within you.


BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collections are composed of distinct transformational themes delivered in MP3 audio format and priced at $44.44 per Collection so that you can enjoy this unique experience and dive deep into ONEness at an affordable investment.

In addition to the BELIGHT MEDITATION® Collection, we are producing a Spirit Gateways® BELIGHT MEDITATION® Signature Course and a BELIGHT MEDITATION® Professional Facilitator Training.


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LoveToBE the Movement®
$44.44 per Collection

[Coming in 2023]

Each LoveToBE the Movement® Collection consists of four movement sequences that initiate you into a profound inner reunion with the Infinite Source of life and creation.


You are taught how to connect into the deep bliss, and succulence of your heart and soul and discover the inner expansion that takes you beyond the oppositions, dualities, and struggles of your mind and body.


A profound experience of ONEness is initiated as you explore the physicality, physics, and pure power of energy, emotion, spirit,  stillness, and light until time stands still, and you feel free to BE.

In addition to the LoveToBE the Movement® Collection, we are producing a Spirit Gateways® Signature Coursea LoveToBE the Movement Module in the Spirit Gateways® Passport, and DanceLahi Facilitator Training.


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Universal Messages From Divine Mother
$44.44 per Collection

[Coming in 2023]

Universal Messages From Divine Mother deliver the heart and soul teachings that are needed for these times of cosmic, universal, collective, and personal change. Within your body dwells a new frequency that waits to be discovered, realized, and implemented into your life.


Learn ancient and new cutting-edge higher octave tools to reconnect you to your original Source connection and rediscover the pure power, vision, love, and purpose that is yours to unleash.


Drinking From The Holy Gail is the first Universal Message From Divine Mother that has been released.

Light Mastery Academy 

[Coming in 2023]

The Light Mastery Academy offers 20-30 minute bite-size videos that provide practical kitchen-table wisdom on fundamental aspects of BEing human that support you on your life journey of awakening, enlightening, and breakthrough.

  • Parenting & Family

  • Sexuality & Relationship

  • Health & Wellness

  • Spiritual Realization

  • Money & Business

  • Women’s Work

  • Men’s Work


The Light Mastery Academy gives you the practices, wisdom teachings, tools, and insights to transform your life daily with lightness, clarity in heart and soul, simplicity, and integration.

Recalibrate Your Life.

Move Beyond Fear Into Freedom.

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