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Super Sex Unveiled

Illuminated Lovemaking Revealed

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Your sexual energies are connected to the Source of life which includes Divine Love, the sacred geometry of your soul, and the matrix of universal energy.


In Super Sex Unveiled you are taught some of the core connections to help you raise your frequency up from the mundane aspects of sex into life-enhancing rejuvenation, bliss, and joyous reunion waiting to be experienced between you and your partner or solo.

You will:

  • Awaken your super potent and liberating sexual energies.

  • Initiate your natural sexual vitality and essence.

  • Activate, embody, and sustain your divine sexual power and light.

Super Sex Unveiled Course Contents

Module 1 - Women's Super Sex Wisdom

   A. Know Your Cosmic Emotional Womb

   B. Know The Source of Your True Power

   C. Know How To Move Your Super Sex Currents

Module 2 - Men's Super Sex Wisdom

   A. Know and Receive Your Own Divine Feminine Power 

   B. Know That You Can Initiate Your Male Self Into Wholeness 

   C. Know How To Open to Your Own Heart and Live Through Your
       Own Love and Power 

Module 3 - Your Sexual Energies Unveiled

   A. Know The Power Of Your Navel

   B. Know the Color Of Your Power

   C. Know How To Open To Let Go Into God


Module 4 - Super Sex Practices

   A. Diamonds In the Spine

   B. Earth Meets Heaven

   C. Long Engagement Of Your Light