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Tween & Teen Enlightenings

If You Can Dream It, You Can Conceive It.

If You Can Conceive It, You Can BE IT.

Tween and Teens Enlightenings guide and empower youth and young adults between the ages of 11 to 18 to individuate, reconnect, transform, and discover the spiritual power that they were born with, yearn to know, and to succeed from.


Often, old souls who have come into this lifetime to become self-realized and assist the planet’s progression into a new paradigm of light and awareness have difficulties acclimating to the expectations and structures of their life. These brilliant and sensitive beings are invited to work one-on-one with Iana.


A perfect match for the tween or teen who feels a different attunement to energy, consciousness, and higher frequencies even though they may not be fully aware of these qualities, or know what to do with them—Tween and Teen Enlightenings serve to awaken and ignite your True Self.


Mentoring with Iana provides tweens and teens the opportunity to reset the bodymind and soul to discover one’s truth, values, and individuality to BE all you can BE, and realize their true potential and gifts.


Tween and Teen Enlightenings initiate into action how to:


  • Know and trust your True Self.


  • Clear doubts, suffering, disconnections, misperceptions, pain, and fear.


  • Align to your authentic truth, light, and power.


  • Integrate the guidance and support of your Higher Self, mind, heart, and soul.


  • Discover your life purpose and authentic Self.

Know Who You Are.   

Love Who You Are.   

BE Who You Are.

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