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BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass

Ignite the Torch of Love As An Impeccable Power For Our World

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BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass is a transformational training in BEing human. 

The Masterclass is a 35+ hour online video course that teaches the progression of steps to discover your Whole Self.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass is a multi-dimensional experience that initiates you into the truth, power, and light that exists within you.


In BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass, you will be given the secrets to awakening and recalibrating your divine intelligence and love as a roadmap for bridging your heart, soul, and purpose into action at a whole new level of BEing

BE: The Humanity Blueprint is a fast track evolutionary process for men and women
that transforms the body, mind, and spirit to handle the demands of this age.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass offers a proven roadmap that simultaneously transforms your personal issues while giving you the keys to living your spiritual power, purpose, and enlightenment.


You will come through the program Masterclass with a profound understanding of why you are here, and how to BE connected, One, and inspired consistently in your everyday life.


You will experience extraordinary breakthroughs on all levels of your consciousness while understanding and embracing your life walk and spiritual legacy from an experiential heart perspective.

The ways that you have been side-tracked from being able to hear, feel, sense, BE, and see your True Self are a product of our cultural upbringing. As you move through each module you gain a direct connection with your most precious and powerful Self and learn how to access the infinite nature of your BEing.


As the light bulb of awareness is ignited to be able to bring forth the wisdom, innate knowledge, love, and bliss through your body and into your life, you begin to experience a tangible sequence of humbling, heart-opening, and empowering awakenings that reposition your relationship to your Self and to life from a place of anchored freedom, grounded clarity, and impassioned action.

By aligning your energy, emotions, psychology, and soul directly to the all-knowing, all-seeing, and all-creative Infinite Source of life, a new paradigm of living fully connected to your divine intelligence becomes possible. As you move from the rational and external stimuli response of Doing, into the intuitive and inwardly guided wisdom and power of light from within you into BEing, you become self-initiated into a new definition of what it means to BE human.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass is a transformational process that heals and clears the old threads of suffering and illusion to reveal a new matrix of BEing.

Initiate the codes of your soul.

Ignite the power of your passion, purpose, and potential.

Integrate your divine masculine and feminine energies.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass offers a way through universal imprints of pain and suffering created through ego attachments, addictions, loss of Self, belief systems, and disconnection to Source. 


Dive deep, and find clarity, freedom, and greater joy while you are renewing your commitment to your Self. Experience core level healing and transformation by stepping through the veils of your inner battles, and self-doubts, and discover your unshakable presence and power to BE.

Build your consciousness on a strong foundation and you will
be able to illuminate your Self into every area of your life.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass will guide you step-by-step to experience full awakening so you can embody freedom and truth as the foundation for your life.


Dissolve the fear, pain, and resistance that you have been trapped by that have blocked you from knowing, trusting and BEing your True Self.


Each transformational Masterclass will illuminate your life and support you to shift pain and suffering into joy and liberation.

Discover your higher purpose, power, and calling.

Receive the 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ that helps you to initiate your True Self into enlightened action and BE whole, free and unlimited.

Receive the keys to unlocking the gateways to your True Self.

It is time to awaken and transform your old matrix of thinking, perceiving, and feeling into a 21st century experience of Oneness with your True Self.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass empowers you to:


  • Go beyond how you have been stuck, fragmented and afraid and learn how to love your Self and release the ways that you by-pass BEing You.


  • Discover and crack the code to living your soul blueprint and lift up into a profound relationship with the Source of your True Self.


  • Liberate and integrate your divine and human super-consciousness and transform your life.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass illuminates your life by giving you the tools, practices, and insights to BE ONE with your True Self and create your life from your True Self. BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass has the ability to uplift, redirect, and reconnect you to all that you are and can BE.

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that

makes the existing model obsolete.

Buckminster Fuller


Experience the Intersection of Ancient & Modern Practices for Self-Realization & Enlightenment