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The Divine Octave

Spirit Gateways® Publishing

Dedicated to bringing forth the Original Way Teachings® for these times of planetary change and rebirth, Spirit Gateways® Publishing opens the door to finding your True Self and living in ONEness in every aspect of your life

We publish books, podcasts, videos, and courses to ignite your Whole Self into action. Our purpose is to give you the 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ for living your life from a higher Divine Octave™.

Our topics include whole Self-awakening and healing, relationship, sexuality, meditation, God, illumination, empowerment, men’s and women’s work, business, life purpose, family, education, spiritual history, soul realization, and self-initiation.

The writings of Iana Lahi, Global Evolutionary Empowerment Teacher, and Founder and Creative Director of the Spirit Gateways® Institute are published by Spirit Gateways® Publishing Company and are available on Amazon.




A Podcast With Iana Lahi

BE ONE. BE YOU.® is a navigational compass for your life to be lived from the power, love, and Oneness of your unified heart, mind, soul, and body. A new positive and solution-based perspective on Whole Self Living, you will experience in each podcast episode how to walk through portals of awareness that will initiate, and shed light upon the topics that matter the most to you.

BE ONE. BE YOU.® topics range from relationship, communication, sexual intimacy, understanding fear, anger, True power and false power, men’s work, women’s work, finding your way through challenging times, how to work with grief and anxiety, healing your core wounds, how to open to your energy system, and finding a new terrain of love to live your life fuller with greater meaning and impact.

be one. be you.®

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