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A Man's Freedom

The Path Of Awakening For Men

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Your Ego Is No Longer Your Go-To Place.
The World Needs You To Be Integrated & Whole.

Awakening To The Core Of Your Existence

The path of awakening takes a man through the core of his existence to find his True Self.

For thousands of years the evolution of man has brought him into direct relationship with his drive for freedom, power, love, conquering fear, overcoming desires, controls, and living or dying through his inner and outer battles.

We are living in a time where the biggest battle for a man to win is the battle between his True Self and False Self.

To become fully realized as the man you are born to BE in this lifetime takes a new kind of courage.

BEing Guided On Your Journey

A Man’s Freedom guides the biological, spiritual, emotional, causal, and psychological journey of every man to crack open, regain, and live fully connected to his authentic Self through realizing and embodying his original and pure heart.

The inner battles between your ego warrior, king, savior, rescuer, victim, fixer, creator, lover, son, mother, father, who and what he serves, the light and dark within him are awakened, evolved, and supported into Wholeness.

A new freedom is waiting for you to embody.

The freedom to live in deep connection with your True Self, nature, a partner, your purpose, power, and connection to Source as your authentic guide is a new freedom that looks like presence, body-mind-soul union, fearlessness, humbleness, strength, clarity, creativity, sexual wholeness, and ONEness with your Self, life, God, love, and the new universal codes of awakening into light.

Step Through The Doorway Into Your True Self

A Man’s Freedom has been created for men who know there is something more than the social, familial, and cultural image and definitions of success that men strive for.


A longing to BE ONE with the mystical, magical, powerful, creative, sensual, spiritual ripeness that is within your heart, soul, and mind at times fills you with a silent yearning to BE in touch with the source of life’s juices and passion to change not only your own life, but to make a difference in the world, while BEing true to who you really are.

You are invited to step through the door into your True Self and to discover the YOU that is waiting for you to show up in a new way.

Follow The Light Leader Within You Who Wants
To Guide You To Fulfill What You Came
Into This Lifetime To Be

Set Your Self Free

Welcome to A Man’s Freedom. It’s time to set your Self free.


Break through the ways that you block your true masculine potential, and:

  • Free your Self from fear.

  • Find greater peace BEing You.

  • Experience a new level of confidence.

  • Learn to honor and receive your True Self.

  • Find the key to opening the door to your truth.

  • End your greatest battles and find true freedom.

  • Learn why you are in battle with the light that you are.

  • Learn why you rely upon your ego and not your heart.

  • Move through your own self-created blocks and obstacles.

  • Crack open your beliefs about how you are supposed to BE.

  • Discover your true male essence and extraordinary ability to BE whole.

  • Find the Source of your authenticity, clarity, creativity, and masculine stability.

  • Discover how you judge and compete with your Self and hold back from following your True Self.

Live Your Life In Relationship To The
Source Of Wisdom, Love, Power & Soul Strength
That Waits To Be Fully Realized.

A Man's Freedom - The Path Of Awakening For Men

The following curriculum outline provides an overview of what will be covered in A Man's Freedom.  Each module contains three specific lessons for a total of 57 online video lessons.

Part I - What You Were Taught To Fulfill To BE A Man

  • Module I:  Who Are You

  • Module II:   Stronger Than God

  • Module III: Your Protectors

  • Module IV:  Your Feelings

  • Module V:  Freeing Your Self

  • Module VI:  Opening Your Heart

  • Module VII:  Giving Your True Self A Chance To Emerge

Part II - Relationships and You

  • Module I: When Your Love Partner Ends Your Relationship and Why

  • Module II: Healing Your Broken Heart

  • Module III: Wanting To BE Loved For Who You Are But You Have Forgotten You

  • Module IV:  Healing What Hurts

Part III - Money Awakening

  • Module I: Reclaiming Your Power

  • Module II: Hidden Messages Revealed

  • Module III: New Masculine Leadership

  • Module IV: Feminine Mysteries of Money

Part IV - Your Purpose, Power, and Mission

  • Module I: Listening To Your Inner Voice

  • Module II: End Your Battles

  • Module III: Through the Looking Glass

  • Module IV: Love Your Self

You Are Meant For Greater Things Than Trying
To Keep Everything Together Within You
& Avoiding Dying Into Your True Self

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes A Man’s Freedom different than other men’s work?

A Man’s Freedom is a roadmap through the emotional, psychological, and soul level spiritual challenges that a man must mend to find his truth, power, purpose, and freedom. You are guided through a combination of biological, familial, ancestral, karmic, and sanskaric insights to awaken you to your True Self with honor, clarity, and respect for your Self. A Man’s Freedom is a fearless journey into ONEness.

Who is A Man’s Freedom for?

A Man’s Freedom is for any man of any religious, spiritual, or cultural background who wants to break through the ways that he senses and feels his own blocks and difficulties in BEing able to succeed how he wants to in his life in relationship, love, career, financial endeavors, health, and spiritual development.

Why should I consider taking A Man’s Freedom course now?

We are facing a collective and global crisis connected to the separation of what is real, and our True Self. We have become entrapped in thought systems and ways of denying, rationalizing, and abusing the gift that exists inside of our selves—the true power of Infinite Source—waiting for us to come back to our original Self. By realigning to our whole Self without the fall back to the ego Self we can begin to reconnect to our higher purpose and experience the awakening of who we each truly are. The planet needs awakened men. You are invited to take the call of this offering.

Heal The Ache, The Heartache & Misalignments
That You Choose To Live In To Make Others
Happy & To Gain Approval

What Men & Women Are Saying

“I feel I have shed the toxicity caused by the pain and disappointment of things from my past and so I am liberated in a very experiential and "new birth" way. I feel integrated with the real me that was originally born into this world, the me that got lost in my ambitions, my fears, and disappointments, in my aloneness, and my victimhood. All that is shed, and I am here now in the present radiating a vibrant light that I am conscious of again.”

D.M., Toronto, Canada

Iana helped me to break through my old issues and inner wounds that were suffocating the next levels of my company’s success. I had been stuck, I knew it, and even though I brought along a dozen levels of resistance, Iana guided me through them all into a new level of being myself with greater confidence—while my new financial goals became a reality. Work with Iana, she will change your life.”

G.A, Cincinnati, Ohio

“I have been afraid of really being who I am, yet did not know it until working with Iana. I have held myself back from living my life fully and completely, yet I thought I was, only to realize I have been held captive by my ego Self instead of my True Self. My eyes can see clearer now, and I have become sturdier BEing real, and empowered from the ‘me’ that I have accepted as being the real visionary, seer, empower, lover, and leader in my life.

M.T., New York, New York

“I have been living up to the expectations and projections from my family of origin for most of my life. I always felt an ache inside of me but I thought that it was normal to feel. I realized through my work with Iana the extent of leaving myself and taking on a persona to fill the gap I had created within myself. I am no longer fighting myself, and finding that my relationship to myself, my partner, and to my purpose in life are more deeply rooted to what I cherish and value.

A.G., Hamburg, Germany

“My partner and I have been having frequent arguments and misunderstandings in our relationship. When my partner was mid-way through Iana’s course something shifted between us. It was like a light bulb turned on inside of him, and he began showing up in a new way that made possible deeper conversations, meaningful intimate time together, and he began sharing more from his heart. Needless to say, I am thrilled. Thank you Iana!”

S.B., Newport, Rhode Island

Discover Your True Masculine Energies
& Resurrect Your Life

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