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Honoring Grief

Find The Power Of Love Within Heartache,
Suffering, Loss & Fear To Come Closer To Your True Self

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When your heart is breaking through grief,

your mind is filled with questions

about the meaning & purpose of

your life & your soul

Grief has the power

& the ability to crack you open

to the deeper truths within you that wait

to be revealed in ways that only grief can give to you.

Grief is revealed in layers

& through opening to the depth of grief,

you can begin to heal your life.

In Honoring Grief, you are given tools, insights,

practices, & a roadmap of the heart to give you the

opportunity to fully glean the gifts of grief.

An Opportunity For Personal & Collective Healing

We live in a time filled with diverse challenges and unexpected change. Through loss of familiar social events, isolation, educational demands, health fears, financial concerns, social unrest, and environmental challenges, our human family i suffers grief on many levels, sometimes visible but more often invisible to outside observation 

In Honoring Grief you will be immersed in a 10+ hour online video masterclass experience in a series of online video modules that guide you through the journey of realizing, healing, and transforming the various aspects of grief that permeate your life.

You will discover both a personal and universal acknowledgment of grief, and how it can stifle and sometimes drown your life expression, yet can also offer a profound potential and deepening into life—and into your heart and soul.

Honoring Grief offers the opportunity for you to grow and evolve through your feelings of suffering, sorrow, sadness, and grief by getting in touch and understanding your own very personal and unique needs in a positive, self-loving, and unifying experience distinct for these times.

Practical, heart-felt, and liberating, Honoring Grief is a soothing balm and sacred journey home into the very heart of what makes you unique, authentic, and powerfully you.

Honoring Grief integrates the purest and most dynamic aspects of who you are, while giving you the tools to transform what hurts from within through exercises and teachings that awaken a higher Divine Octave of awareness and personal integrity for these times.

Honoring Grief is an integral element in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ and is included in your subscription to the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village membership.

Honoring Grief Is A Journey & A Destination
With Very Specific & Very Tangible Results

Some Personal Benefits Of Healing Grief

All participants are given tools to:


  • Move through fearing grief by understanding its potential for growth for you.

  • Open your body, heart, and soul through learning how to connect to your True Self.

  • Embrace and understand with courage and clarity the purpose of Honoring Grief.

  • Learn to listen to your Self in new ways that promote healing and transformation.

  • Learn to interact and respond to life’s challenges in a positive way to help your Self and others.

  • Find your core values and recreate your relationship to your life in a new way that uplifts your heart and sou


In The Darkest Night Through Honoring Grief
We Find The Diamonds Of Our Soul Waiting
To BE Found & Cherished

Five Modules - 7+ Hours Of

Extraordinary Wisdom Teachings

In Honoring Grief, you will experience becoming closer to the Source of life and love that exists within you. The inner veils that cover the light of your soul dissolve as you are held in encompassing peace and Oneness.

Honoring Grief has 5 core online video modules of 7+ hours, including healing and meditation practices.

Module 1: Grief As Teacher

1.0 - Introduction

1.1 - Grief As Resistance Buster

1.2 - Grief As Heart Opener

1.3 - Grief As Bridge Between Two Worlds

Module 2: Grief As Body Awakener

2.0 - Introduction

2.1 - Where Spirit Meets The Body

2.2 - Surrender Into Higher Will

2.3  - Love Versus Fear

Module 3: From Darkness To Light

3.0 -Introduction

3.1 - Mending the Gaps

3.2 - Finding Your Truth

3.3 - Joy Versus Suffering

3.4 - Inner Balance

3.5 - Integrating The Parts

Module 4:  Healing Practices

4.0 -Introduction

4.1 - Writing - Finding Your Truth

4.2 - Healing - Connection Practices

4.3 - Writing - Honoring Your Truth

4.4 - Sound Therapy - For Your Wellbeing

4.5 - Body - Supporting Your Physiology

Module 5: BELIGHT MEDITATION® Practices

5.0 - Introduction

5.1 - The Seven Sounds

5.2 - The Bowl

5.3 - Touching The Earth


Plus Facets of Grief
3 Hours - 10 Special Bonus Videos  

Facets of Grief explores some of the many ways that grief reveals itself in virtually all aspects of our life.

The following brief explorations are intended as a gateway, a portal for you to open more easily to your inner Self as you navigate your life while honoring these or any other topic in your grieving process.

1 - Loss of Joy

2 - When You Are Not Wanted (Abandoning, Betraying or Rejecting Yourself)

3 - Divorce

4 - Health Challenges

5 - Grieving Collective Loss

6 - Loss of Relationship

7 - Loss of Financial Stability

8 - Life Transitions

9 - Addiction

10 - Loss of One's Self


Is there a relationship between anger and grief?

Yes, hidden and denied grief manifests as anger. Undealt with grief can create sexual, financial, health, self-esteem, and self-worth issues. When grief turns upon itself through subconscious self-judgment, the unhealed pain of grief turns into anger. Honoring Grief helps you to return to your True Self and safely, lovingly, and masterfully helps you to walk through the gateways of old and new grief.

Is there a relationship between depression and grief?

Yes, unrecognized and avoidance of grief manifests as depression. Deep loss of self, love, stability, security, and acceptance cycle through the Bodymind triggering grief, but is felt as depression. The inner gap between recognizing and working with grief and your spirit creates depression. Honoring Grief gives you the insights, tools, and practices to create a healed and healthy relationship with any level of loss that you may be experiencing.

Is it possible to hold onto grief my entire lifetime and not realize it?

Yes, grief can be multi-layered, and unless you emotionally work to peel back the layers of its beginnings and causes, you can project unhealed grief into important life choices and situations, and onto your most significant relationships, personal, business, or social. Instead of walking through the gifts of grief, you find your Self inwardly unhappy, longing, and disconnected to the source of your joy. In Honoring Grief you are given practical, uplifting, and down-to-earth guidance to work with grief in an entirely new way.

How do I know if I am holding onto grief?

If you find your Self holding on to the past, have a difficult time financially succeeding or stabilizing a love relationship, you are most likely caught in the gaps between forgiving your Self, letting go, and denied anger. If you allow grief to open your heart you will know that you are giving to your Self the opportunity to grow and evolve. Honoring Grief provides multi-faceted insights and tools to help you heal your heart, and to help you to realize a deeper reality that you may have overlooked.

How can I discover the lessons grief has to teach me?

You want to take the time to get to know your grief. The Honoring Grief course is a powerful tool to support you to transform known and unknown grief and to help you to walk forward in your life with greater understanding, compassion, and clarity.

What can I expect to realize or change in my life by purchasing Honoring Grief?

You can expect to experience a greater connection to what really matters to you, a deeper and more significant connection to the source of life, an enveloping calm, peace, greater acceptance, and resolution to held-back feelings such as sorrow, fear of loving, finding deep gratitude, resolving anger, loss, and discovering a new relationship with the Oneness that exists within you and in all of life..


Frequently Asked Questions 

Who can benefit from Honoring Grief?

Honoring Grief is created for men and women of all ages, nationalities, religious backgrounds, and cultures who want to learn more about grief for their own life, for someone else who is suffering, or has a desire to help others. Whether you are presently grieving the loss of someone that you love, the loss of a home, a significant relationship, a secure income, a cherished animal companion, your health, or witnessing a sudden unexpected tragedy, illness, or life challenge to someone else, Honoring Grief will provide a roadmap of love to help you or someone else through the portals of grief.

What People Are Saying

“Iana’s insights into grief, spirituality and the core of life were affirming and extremely helpful in making the transition from life with my best friend and partner to one without him.”

Roberta A., CEO, Chevy Chase, Maryland

“Iana helped me to find a new connection within myself as I was healing from my 2nd miscarriage. Her wisdom is deep and rich as the earth herself.”

Amber G., Writer, Bristol, England

"Iana was an incredible guide and mentor for me as I went through the grief process of losing my mother several years ago. Her heart was able to hold my heart during a very difficult time.”

David R., Business Owner, Asheville, N.C.

“I have had the privilege of working with Iana during pivotal times in my life across many years, and working with her always supported me to heal and embody deep levels of grief I had to move through in this life.”

Emily N., Dance Therapist, Philadelphia, PA

“Iana helped me to break through the patterns that I had been living in that were behind my difficulties in making money and healing the grief that caused the loss of my company and marriage. Her work as a way-shower is without a doubt life inspiring and groundbreaking.”

Deven C., Entrepreneur, San Rafael, CA


Life Is Pain & Joy

That Expose The Gaps

Between Aloneness & Emptiness

& Exuberance & Upliftment

Revealing Its Mysteries.

Honor Grief As A Guide To Knowing

The Bitter & The Sweet.

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