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The Foundation Course

Enter The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap

7 Modules @ 7+ Hours @ $77.00 = Priceless

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The Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course™ is the entry point to the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ for personal and planetary transformation and enlightenment. 


The Foundation Course™ is also the first step in the Spirit Gateways®  Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership program, composed of three membership levels.


The Spirit Gateways®  Evolutionary Empowerment™ course, which is the third Spirit Gateways® Core Course is composed of two parts: Part I - Whole Self Workout™ and Part II - ONEness Workout™.


The Evolutionary Empowerment™ course is in development and will be available in late 2023.

From Duality & Separation To ONEness

The Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course™ bring you on a journey into your most cherished Self, the source of your life, and the YOU who is magnetic, electric, creative, visionary, spiritually authentic, and soulfully in tune with the light of the universe and your heart. 

Focus your mind, mend your emotions, release your True Self, discover your soul, and integrate the source and spirit of your life purpose on the highest level. 

Discover the wisdom and love that is already imprinted within you to fulfill your greatest goals, dreams, and aspirations.

The Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course provides entry to the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ courses, programs, and professional training. 

These simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand, and quick-to-assimilate foundation courses set your baseline for integrated experiential understanding.

The Foundation Course Curriculum

Module 1: AWAKENING - What Is Separation and ONEness?

Separation is a state of mind created by leaving the Source within our Self.

We find ourselves separating our mind and our heart from our body and soul experiencing internal conflict, living out stories we have created in our mind, and spiritually seek connection to the Source with bandaids and belief systems. 

When we become ONE we no longer feel, see, or create from separation.

Here is an introduction to how-to walk your life path in ONEness.

Class 1 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - Energetic Knowledge

Experience how to ignite and tap into your energy bodies that are the source of your physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional life.

Class 2 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - BodyMind Knowledge

Experience how to reunite your body and mind and unlock the door to universal and personal knowledge.

Class 3 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - Emotional Knowledge

Experience how to clear your emotional body and activate your pure emotional and divine source within you to create the life that you want.

Class 4 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - BEing ONE Knowledge

Experience how to reconnect the aspects of YOU into an integrated whole and BE ONE within you.

Living In ONEness