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The Foundation Course

Enter The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap

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7 Modules @ 9+ Hours @ $77.00 = Priceless


The Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course™ is the 2nd Core Course in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ for personal and planetary transformation and enlightenment. 

The Foundation Course builds upon the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ presented in the first Core Course - BE ONE. BE YOU.®


The third Spirit Gateways® Core Course, Evolutionary Empowerment™ provides a deep integrated journey through the multi-layered facets that comprise your True Self and how you can move through duality into ONEness so that your life becomes a vibrant expression and fulfillment of your greatest dreams and goals.


Evolutionary Empowerment™ is composed of two parts, each with 9 learning modules: Part I - Whole Self Workout™ and Part II - ONEness Workout™.


Evolutionary Empowerment™ provides 45+ hours of wisdom teachings, Spirit Gateways® BELIGHT MEDITATION® and LoveToBE the Movement® practices, and a dedicated workbook journaling of your Ah-Ha moments so you can track your progress on your evolutionary journey.

All 3 Core Courses are an integral step in the Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership program, composed of three membership levels.

You can purchase The Foundation Course by itself, purchase all 3 Core Courses as a bundle, or get all 3 Core Courses when you subscribe to the Evolutionary Empowerment Global Village Membership.

Discover the wisdom and love that is already imprinted within you to fulfill your greatest goals, dreams, and aspirations.

These simple-to-follow, easy-to-understand, and quick-to-assimilate foundation courses set your baseline for integrated experiential understanding.

From Duality & Separation To ONEness

The Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course™ bring you on a journey into your most cherished Self, the source of your life, and the YOU who is magnetic, electric, creative, visionary, spiritually authentic, and soulfully in tune with the light of the universe and your heart. 

Focus your mind, mend your emotions, release your True Self, discover your soul, and integrate the source and spirit of your life purpose on the highest level. 

The Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course provides entry to the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ courses, programs, and professional training. 

How You Benefit

The Spirit Gateways® Foundation Course™ is designed for all people at any level of personal growth and transformation from any path, religious background, or wisdom tradition.

No matter your background or orientation, a sincere and open heart is all that is required to gain extraordinary benefits, including:

  • Discovering the roadmap to BEing ONE with your whole Self..

  • Experiencing the 7 entry gateways into spiritual wisdom, love, power, knowledge, and bliss.

  • Walking your life path with greater ease, fearlessness, and inner stability during challenging times.

  • Creating a new relationship with your Self to accomplish your most cherished dreams and goals.

  • Receiving life-changing insights to awaken and strengthen your connection to the Source of your true power.

  • Breaking through into a deeper interchange with the life force energies within you to mend old wounds, traumas, and fears that are holding you back from living your life purpose.

  • Understanding how energy, your body, mind, heart, and soul can BE reunited into ONEness to give you greater clarity, focus, emotional stability, spiritual-physical union, freedom, and love.

  • BE given the secret ingredients to the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ so you can immediately begin walking the next steps of your divine-human human journey.

You Are Brought Through The Matrix Of Separation Into The Profound State of ONEness Enabling You
To Successfully Fulfill The Purpose Of Your Life.

The Foundation Course Curriculum

Module 1: AWAKENING - What Is Separation and ONEness?

Separation is a state of mind created by leaving the Source within our Self.

We find ourselves separating our mind and our heart from our body and soul experiencing internal conflict, living out stories we have created in our mind, and spiritually seek connection to the Source with bandaids and belief systems. 

When we become ONE we no longer feel, see, or create from separation.

Here is an introduction to how-to walk your life path in ONEness.

Class 1 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - Energetic Knowledge

Experience how to ignite and tap into your energy bodies that are the source of your physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional life.

Class 2 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - BodyMind Knowledge

Experience how to reunite your body and mind and unlock the door to universal and personal knowledge.

Class 3 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - Emotional Knowledge

Experience how to clear your emotional body and activate your pure emotional and divine source within you to create the life that you want.

Class 4 - Spirit Gateways® Awakening - BEing ONE Knowledge

Experience how to reconnect the aspects of YOU into an integrated whole and BE ONE within you.

Living In ONEness