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Fly High. Soar Free.

The Healing Journey of Understanding Death

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Fly High. Soar Free. is a sweet journey into the grief, beauty, love, and power of death. You are taken through the facets of life and death from an awakening perspective of ONEness.

In Fly High. Soar Free. you will learn how to prepare for death, receive insights into the journey of the soul in life and death, and how to transform the jolts, rough spots, turbulent and calm waves of experiencing the death of someone close to your soul and discover how to realize a profound new connection to who you truly are.

In Fly High. Soar Free. you will:

  • Experience how to access your knowing Self to remove obstacles in your life.

  • Learn how to trust the voice of your soul and spirit’s push to help you live in the abundance of your whole Self.

  • Discover the power to see, feel, and hear clearly so you can BE in tune with the life force currents of God awakening and guiding your life.

Fly High. Soar Free. Course Contents

Module 1 - You Are Always You 

   A. Taking Responsibility For BEing Alive

   B. Seeing Your Self

   C. Through Your Wounds Is The True You

Module 2 - The Open Lotus That You Are

   A. Born As Light 

   B. Staying True To The You That Is You

   C. Honoring You

Module 3 - Living Consciously To Die Awakened

   A. Reclaiming The Parts Of Your Soul

   B. Living Through Your Self And Not Another

   C. Living Without Regrets


Module 4 - Dying Daily

   A. Each Day Is New

   B. Learning From Your Mistakes

   C. Surrendering Pride, Arrogance, and Judgement

Walk The Healing & Awakening Journey Of Death
From The Perspective Of The Heart.

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