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Your 'Ah-Ha' Moments

Your Pathway To Self-Realization & Liberation

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BE Conscious of Your Successes As Milestones On Your Journey

Your breakthroughs can come as internal ah-ha moments of realization.


They can be emotional.


They can be physical.


They can be mental or intellectual.


They can be subtle.


They can be like hitting a brick wall.


They can be profound.


They can be as simple as simple can be.


How do you know when you have had an ah-ha moment?


What do you use as an indicator or marker of your internal progress?


How does your internal progress show up in your life in tangible and practical ways?


Your inner breakthroughs can be recognized.

Your breakthroughs become your internal personal compass that guide you to recognize your ah-ha moments as true practical experiences that help you succeed in your life adventure of coming home to YOU.

The Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership provides you with the external milestone road posts you can use to implement your internal ah-ha moments into your life in present time.

You are given connection points to help you chart your internal and external journey and how to maintain the connections that you are making that lead to long-term successes in your life.

Your success can be defined financially, in professional and/or personal relationships, spiritually, with your health, in your career, and by changes in your relationships with members of your family of origin and/or extended family.

You will receive a compilation of universal milestone markers and be guided how to use them as you adventure through the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™.

These milestones can be useful as inspirations to help you to go deeper in your journey and feel more anchored and whole.

BEing connected to your milestone markers helps you to see the universality of the human experience that has existed since time immemorial in all cultures and peoples worldwide.

You will experience the bridge between your human and universal journey and feel a new connection and alignment to the global movement of awakening that we are all on together.

You can feel how you are part of this universal pathless path to go beyond fear into love.

BE ONE With The True Power Within You.

Find Your Truth. Go Beyond Dogma, Fear, And Ego.

Experience True Freedom.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™  Workbook

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ addresses the core individual and universal breakthrough themes needed to evolve into your next level of awakening into who you truly are BEing fully embodied, present, and reconnected in your True Self.

Your most pressing questions about your life journey, your milestone markers, and experiencing your individual ONEness empowerment are answered through progressing through The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ provides a distinctive soul-driven pathway that is a very powerful personal journey and encompasses the enlightening wisdom and super consciousness of the ages that is experienced in all the courses, programs, and trainings taught in The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ adventure.

Your evolutionary progress and transformation is unique to you, yet synchronistic with all men and women who are moving through their old paradigm into the new and participating in the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership.

Your breakthroughs and ah-ha moments are directed into life action steps with care and love to support you in expressing your soul purpose, mission, and the profound one-of-a kind adventure of your soul.

When you join the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership you are given The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ Workbook to support you through your milestone markers.

Writing and other forms of self-expression can be significant tools to open you to the brilliance of your inner Self, the guide, truth teller, and teacher within you that stabilizes a new foundation of self-love into action.

Though your evolution is unique to you and there is no set timeline on when you experience specific results, there are very distinctive and unique markers that can guide your progress.

These markers can happen sequentially or non-linearly.

They can happen once or multiple times

They can happen by themselves or simultaneously or sequentially.

They can happen in any situation or circumstance, for example in waking state, while meditating or doing a movement practice or in dream or vision state.

Indeed, they can happen when you are doing something as mundane as washing the dishes or driving your car, or in a business meeting or personal conversation, or as a sublime awakening while deep in meditation, or while doing some form of artistic endeavor or engaged in an athletic activity.

It is important for you to acknowledge your experiences as well as the realizations and ah-ha moments that you will have so that you can remember them and integrate them into your life to help direct your awakening pathway forward.

Some experiences are so amazingly awesome and insightful that by themselves they can be the impetus to dramatically change your life or directly alter your present life path and your destiny.

Most importantly, when you put these ah-ha moments on a timeline of your adventure via a journal entry—as simple as a bullet point or more poignantly in prose, poetry, drawing, painting, music, or any other creative form of personal expression—it gives you the opportunity to look back on the past week, month, six months, or year and really see your own personal progress and transformation.

The milestone markers are there to validate your ah-ha moments and show you how all of your work and dedication have brought you the outcomes that you seek.

Recognizing your milestone markers in some form gives you the opportunity to see and experience for yourself that all of your time and energy devoted to your inner work is an investment in yourself that has given you back great internal and external reward.

How detailed you are and how frequently you use the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ Workbook is up to you. You may find that once weekly is sufficient or perhaps once a month suits your routine. You may find that a simple bullet point that acknowledges an ah-ha moment is right for you or you might want to do more extensive writing or poetry or drawing. The point is that the workbook and how you use it to chart your progress is entirely your decision. 

We do recommend two best practices for you to optimize your use of the workbook for your evolution and transformation. First, set a schedule that you think will work for you. Then, see how that works and adjust as necessary until find your natural cycle. Then, once you find your rhythm be consistent in your practice. Greater consistency will bring greater results.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ Workbook will assist you in charting your adventure as you emotionally and mentally integrate your experiences and progress into a self-guided format that supports your life.

Inside Of Your Heart Resides The Flame That Once Ignited Transforms Your Life.

How You Can Use The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ Workbook

You have the choice to print out the PDF version and put pen or pencil to paper, or you can write your journal entry electronically in your online journal or the Spirit Gateways® Institute mobile app.

We provide emoticons, so when words fail you, you can visually express what you are feeling. 

The milestone markers that you are guided through will support recognizing your personal ah-ha’s, give them form and expression into your everyday life and help you to BEcome more of the stellar human being that you have always known is inside of you.

THE Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ Workbook is included in all Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership tiers.

In Membership Tier 1, it becomes your self-guided workbook.

In Membership Tiers 2 and Tier 3, the milestone markers are expanded upon in the group mentoring sessions.

The Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village is crafted to embrace, guide, and support your journey into remembering, embodying and BEing all that you can BE.

Change the future of humanity and our planet through exponentially accelerating your divine and human Self into ONEness, into action and liberate your Self from the patterns and illusions of fear, suffering, pain, and denial into the union of love and power.

Experience The Exhilaration, Connection,
And Freedom Of BEing ONE.

Master A Higher Octave.

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