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ONEness Recalibration

Resetting Your Connection To Infinite Source

Are You Ready To Re-Ignite Your True Self?

In your 45-minute ONEness Recalibration session, you will receive a light infusion of healing, energetic rebalancing and clearing, intuitive and clairvoyant insights, whole Self-alignment, and soul blueprint information to help you step through your karmic barriers into the zone where your higher aspirations and goals can BE realized and manifested.

ONEness Recalibration™ empowers and enlightens you to activate, realize, and set into motion a new focus, alignment or goal, initiate a needed spiritual-physical re-integration, open a doorway to your next steps or help you step into your whole Self.

Whether you are ready to:

  • Let go of control,

  • Expand creatively,

  • BE true to your Self,

  • Hear God within you,

  • Come back to your Self,

  • Shift out of old patterns,

  • Sing or speak your truth,

  • Discover your life purpose,

  • Come deeper into your body,

  • Mend the cause of an addictive behavior,

  • Succeed with an important business step,

  • Dissolve false perceptions and opinions about your Self,

  • Implement into your life work your core agreement with your soul,

  • or, get clear about what direction you need to take to deal with a health issue,

ONEness Recalibration benefits individuals new to inner work, seasoned, or advanced, serves as an excellent introduction to Iana’s work, or a beneficial and powerful way to reset and expand into your True Self.

ONEness Recalibration™ is a gift from the universe delivering to you how to proceed forward in your life.

How You Benefit From ONEness Recalibration

If you are ready to make a leap in your life, solve a dilemma, fine-tune how you walk your life path, solve certain mysteries and unknowns about your Self, see with new eyes, activate higher creativity and success, find your joy again or regain your equilibrium amidst the storms of your life with greater love, the light within your heart with be kindled with new inspiration.

Walk through the gateway into You.

Some of the benefits that your ONEness Recalibration may give you include:

  • Clear direction

  • Divine guidance

  • Health guidance

  • Spiritual connection

  • Greater self-confidence

  • Integrating heart and mind

  • Career and financial insights

  • Greater compassion and love

  • Trust in your inner knowingness

  • Freedom to follow your highest path

  • Love, sex, and relationship guidance

  • Clarity about your life's pressing issues

  • Deeper connection with your True Self

  • Reconnection to the Source within you

  • Healing the root cause of a psychological issue

Why Now? Why Iana?

Iana masterfully guides you into co-creating your life through creating a new relationship with the Source of You, so you can BE ONE with your wholeness, destiny path, soul purpose, and enlightened power.

You receive Iana’s spiritual, intuitive, energetic, and clairvoyant guidance within a grounded framework of energetic, emotional, and psychological healing, whole Self awakening, deep love, clarity, breakthrough awareness, and connection to the light.

For more than 45 years of spiritual and personal evolutionary coaching, guiding, teaching and healing, Iana has helped more than 10,000 women and men from all walks of life, cultures and backgrounds step through their most challenging life circumstances and spiritual tests and walk their life path with greater clarity and fulfillment. Iana is well established in seeing deeply into the heart of YOU and helping guide you to experience your True Self Learn more about Iana.

Invest In Your True Self
Pay From Your Heart

Give your Self or someone that you love a gift from your heart. 

Iana does not usually do short intuitive and energy clearing sessions like ONEness Recalibration™.

Yet, we live in very compelling times with the experience of duality and separation surrounding us that often causes confusion about many areas of life. A ONEness Recalibration™ session will help you reset YOU so you can begin to remember your True Self and navigate your life with greater clarity and assurance.

I want to make it accessible for you to receive a ONEness Recalibration™ session and to BEgiven insights, healing, and an energetic, spiritual, and physical uplift to have the very best outcomes in your life as possible!

Once you choose your session date and time, you will be texted a Zelle and Venmo address for payment before your ONEness Recalibration.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is ONEness Recalibration different than 4 Pillars Integration to Your True Self?

ONEness Recalibration™ answers your most important questions in a 45-minute reading that includes spiritual guidance from the perspective of ONEness.  4 Pillars Integration To Your True Self facilitates a journey into spiritual-physical wholeness through four 90-minute themed sessions.

How is ONEness Recalibration different than Divine Messenger Sessions?

Oneness Recalibration™ works with a few of your most important present concerns,. Divine Messenger Sessions™ gives a larger scope of your whole life delivering important information that is an overarching perspective.

How can I really know or access my True Self in one 45-minute session?

You are guided into the core essence, wisdom, and presence of who you truly are giving you a direct experience of the true YOU. To deepen your connection with your True Self you are invited to dive into the Spirit Gateways® course work offerings, group or one-on-one mentoring.

What results will I feel / experience from energy clearing?

You will most likely feel lighter, more in touch with your Self, clear, vibrant, optimistic, and connected to love and the miracles of life.

How quickly will I see results?

It is common to feel immediate results during or after receiving energy work that can continue for a few hours, days, or longer.

Joshua Mesnik, Producer, Los Angeles

What People Are Saying

“I began working with Iana 20 years ago and our work together completely catapulted my life onto its perfect track as a professional songwriter and singer. My recent ONEness Recalibration™ session set into motion a new cycle of my life - no small matter - and helped me to break through what has been holding me back from going for the next level of my music career. We covered health, wellness, past and present life patterns, fears, family DNA, sexual and creative embodiment, and energy healing. Iana gave me a meditation perfect for what I need right now. The session was absolutely incredible and life-changing! Our original work together created the foundation to soar in my ONEness Recalibration™."

Tammy D., Singer-Songwriter

“Beyond what I understand is possible, my heart was touched, my soul lifted, and my burdens were released, and I felt myself come out of my own head space that has lately felt down at times into greater joy. My ONEness Recalibration™ session gave me back my spark and the direction for my life and business in a whole new way.”

Paul V., Engineer

“I was recommended to Iana by a good friend. I got more done in one 45-minute session than I get done with my therapist. I have been experiencing tangible sexual intimacy hesitations and fears come up with my boyfriend that I haven’t t known how to deal with. I experienced a natural and powerful breakthrough from my session with Iana that made possible being able to feel sexually connected, unleashed, and sensually free with my boyfriend the next night. I am so grateful.”

Alisha H., Writer

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