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Your Happy Home Learner

Where the Adventure of Learning Becomes A Lifestyle of Joy
& Learning Skills Never Go Out of Style

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Never before have parents had more direct responsibility to ensure that their children get the education and learning skills they need to thrive in today’s highly technical and global economy.

No longer is formal education confined to the classroom. Learning now takes place wherever you are and have an internet connection. Yet, the real process of learning often gets lost with the rush and importance of learning specific topics.

Your Happy Home Learner, a 9-hour online video course was created for parents who need everyday caring guidance to support their child or children find greater joy, achievement, and sense of Self in learning at home,


Your Happy Home Learner provides uplifting, simple, and practical tools, insights, and perspectives to meet today's demands of education at home.


Creative, innovative, and down-to-earth, Your Happy Home Learner is structured in a series of learning modules that cover the emotional, intellectual, intuitive, and logical integration and development that every child and tween need to feel confident and enthusiastic learning at home.


The pressures, anxieties, and fears that many parents feel are addressed while honoring and offering new solutions that support your child or children’s whole Self-development.


Parents will feel supported, heard, and seen as you embark upon a home learning journey of fulfillment. Your Happy Home Learner also provides a twice-monthly idea and support class for parents. As you venture forward to create a home life for learning that brings joy, success, and trust in the natural intelligence and resilience living within your child, you will gain the confidence needed to succeed.

Essential Learning Skills Applied Everywhere

Your Happy Home Learner, a 9-hour online video training, was created with the fundamental principle that if universal learning skills, the power of disciplined focus, and the capacity for refined discernment are developed while a child is maturing, then they will be able to master any topic in any discipline in whatever circumstance they find themselves in.

In Your Happy Home Learner, you will discover deep insights of home education independent of specific topic or curriculum that can help your child thrive in a more disciplined home-learning environment.

Your Happy Home Learner provides the home-learning wisdom that can be applied to any curriculum and any subject matter whether your child is in K-6, middle or high school, or public or private school.

The insights presented in Your Happy Home Learner are universal and are easily applied in cross-cultural learning environments which can occur in pod-based or group learning scenarios.

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