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Divine Messenger Sessions With Iana

Unlock Your Soul Blueprint & Live Your True Self

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Reach Your Higher Octave and Fulfill Your Life Purpose

Iana is known for seeing, hearing, and feeling the direct guidance and words of Perfect Masters, Ascended Masters, your Higher Self, and God It Self.

Your One-on-One Divine Messenger Session will give you:

  • Guidance From Your Higher Self.  Guidance from your Higher Self to recognize non-life-affirming health, relationship, career, or money beliefs and behaviors and how to change them.

  • Deeper Insight Into Your Your Soul Blueprint. Information to help you navigate through the DNA, sanskaric, karmic, ancestral, genetic, and soul blueprint challenges and gifts that you are here to unwind.


  • New Tools For Self-Realization. Higher octave tools to support you to step into your True Self.


  • More Discernment To Make Better Life Decisions. Insights from your Higher Self to increase your capacity to make the best decisions for your Self.


  • Deeper Awareness To Release Patterns That Hold You Back. Increased awareness about your spiritual-physical-biological patterns to help you break through long-standing patterns holding you back from BEing successful on your life path.


  • Activation for Empowerment and Liberation. Emotional-psychological-physical-spiritual insights to increase your lifestream energies, abilities to self-heal, liberate your consciousness, and direct your actions to empower you in creating the life that you came here to live.

  • 'Ah-Ha' Moments to help You Fulfill Your Life's Purpose. Insight into your life's purpose help you recognize why you have incarnated and what you are here to do.

  • Greater Internal Stability. Discover your True Self at the center of your BEing and better weather the internal and external storms of life.

  • Direct messages that support your highest spiritual growth and liberation directly from the Source of God, and the spiritual masters who are guiding your destiny path.

Your Greatest Challenges & Difficulties
In This Lifetime Are The Gateways To
Finding & Living In your True Self.

What Will Be Covered In My Divine Messenger Session?

Your Divine Messenger Session will cover three core themes:

  1. Your ancestral and familial lineage and their effect on your life path.

  2. Your overarching soul level lessons and sanskaric patterns for this lifetime and how to master them.

  3. Your karma that you are here to awaken to, embrace, and learn from.


By understanding how these three core themes affect your life you will receive deeper insight into your Soul Blueprint, and how to walk your path of liberation.


Your Soul Blueprint provides the insights to help you encompass all levels of your BEing and allows your Higher Self to emerge. The tools given to you will help you to make the changes that you want to make in your life.

Why Iana?

As a Divine Messenger, Master Healer, spiritual way-shower with exceptional clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient, medical intuitive, and transformational shamanic skills Iana Lahi guides you through your deepest fragmentations into your Heart of Oneness and self-illumination.


Iana initiates you into the light and love within your body by teaching you how to unlock the original love and power within your mind, heart, and soul. 


As a Spiritual Advisor and Profound Seer for over 45 years, Iana guides men and women through the eye of the needle of their consciousness to remember and implement the life blueprint that they came here to live.

Iana has worked one-on-one with 10,000+ people and provides profound wisdom and support for you to reach your highest goals and most cherished dreams.


Whether you have been on your spiritual journey for years or just starting out you will be given the information and tools to help you to step through the gateways that are ready to open for you.


Give your Self or someone that you love the gift of a Divine Messenger session with Iana Lahi.


A Limited Number Of One-on-One Sessions Are Available

Iana has never before offered Divine Messenger Sessions outside of one-on-one mentoring sessions.


Divine Messenger Sessions are a profound opportunity to experience Iana's work outside of individual or group-community mentoring.


At present, Iana is offering Divine Messenger Sessions for a limited period of time. If you are interested, book soon to ensure your session time is available.


The financial exchange for your 90-minute Divine Messenger Session is $555.


Divine Messenger Sessions are available via phone or Zoom.

Reserve your session date and time now.


At checkout, you will schedule your preferred date and time and pay with your credit card. After your date and time have been confirmed, you will receive a confirmation email with a phone number or Zoom link.

What People Are Saying

"Iana is Sedona’s best-kept secret.”

Sarah McLean, Hay House Bestselling Author, Soul-Centered, Sedona, AZ

Iana is a massive star—a galaxy of brilliant light who sees the intricate matrix of your life, and is capable of doing anything and everything that will radically shift your life into amazing grace, alignment, and true happiness.”

Tina Campbell, Healer, Sedona


“Before I met Iana, I didn’t know that a human being could live so alarmingly present and deeply embrace all of life. Iana's abilities to see and know exactly how to give you the breakthrough of your life are incredible.

Travis Brown, Writer, Los Angeles


Iana has a gift for being like a compass that guides you safely into your purpose without being an obstruction. She honors your individual expression of Creator and uses her gifts to truly help you come into your “own”. Iana is a true teacher/master.”

Melanie R., Project Manager, Washington, D.C.


"Iana's work points me back to what truly matters, which has, in turn truly helped me to live a more happy, loving, vital life.”

Therese Russo, NYU Graduate School of Public Service, NYC

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Iana a medium? Is Iana a channel? If so, for who and what?

Iana is a born clairvoyant, clairsentient, and clairaudient. She has refined her gifts to BE a direct messenger from Source. She is known to deliver important messages to her clients that help them to heal, liberate, realize, and transform their fears, beliefs, patterns, and behaviors that when awakened, bring them closer to implementing their original intention and plan for this lifetime. Iana is a direct messenger from the divine infinite source of life, known as God. Iana always brings in the spiritual masters and guides for her clients from the 5th, 6th, 7th planes, and higher. 

Are Divine Messenger Sessions suitable for beginners?

Yes, Divine Messenger Sessions give practical, informative, and insightful tools for everyone on a path of inner growth, whether you call it spirituality, inner release work, evolutionary work, or shadow work, a yogic or religious orientation, have just started out, or have had a spiritual practice for 50 years.

Do you offer individual mentoring?

Yes. One-on-One Mentoring is available to those people who want to dive deeper into themselves and reach specific goals: (1) Self-Realization and Awakening to ONEness, (2) Business and Executive Leadership Self-Mastery

(3) Intimacy and Relationship Transformation (4) Tween and Teen Enlightenings.


Group-community mentoring is available through subscription to the Spirit Gateways® Evolutional Empowerment™ Global Village..

Are Divine Messenger Sessions different than astrology?

Yes, distinctly different. Western and Vedic Astrology are great tools for self-insight and personal growth, yet because the depth of insight is based upon only what the astrologer sees in your chart your astrological reading may not show the full depth and breadth of who you are, what you have to learn and what you came here to do this lifetime. Divine Messenger Sessions can unveil your unique Soul Blueprint through many lifetimes and also reveal your specific biological, karmic, and sanskaric patterns that can help you understand what you are here to accomplish in this specific lifetime.

How fast can I see results?

Results and their timing vary from person to person and are wholly dependent upon each person’s commitment to themselves, taking self-responsibility, willingness to find the truth within themselves, letting go of the resistances and controls used to block their own awakenings, and staying consistent with their deeper inner work. No results are guaranteed though specific tools may be provided to help each person realize what they have come to earth this lifetime to accomplish.


Born an Oracle

with a delicate yet strong

disposition, Iana delivers to you

the way to your innermost heart.

Unlock the door to your

remembrance of your soul.

The universal messages needing to BE

delivered to you are positioned with grace.

Listen to the ring of your inner bell to guide you

out of the fears, worries, and anxieties that have kept you

locked out of your original blueprint preventing you from BEing ONE.

Receive the tools to ride the waves of your life.

Know you are ONE.

Enliven the change that has already

been created to give you back your Self.

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