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Evolutionary Empowerment

A Breakthrough BodyMind & Soul Spiritual Workout

Transform the Unknown Mystery Within You 
Into Empowered Love in Action & Heart 
Inspired Mastery In the World


Evolutionary Empowerment™ is an 18-module online video course that ignites the pathways within you that lead to living in a super-conscious state of awareness and clarity.

You are guided to concurrently feel, think, perceive, intuit, sense, listen, attune, embrace, embody, surrender, let go, and BE your integrated divine-human presence, consciousness, and expression that you are.

The insights, practices, and teachings offered in the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Core Course give you access to your original state of BEing so that you can experience the process of becoming whole and ONE.

Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment™ is presented in two parts, each with 9 modules of teachings and practices.

The Whole Self Workout™ & The ONEness Workout™

In Part 1—Whole Self Workout™ you simultaneously heal, mend, ignite, align, empower, and actualize the true you, the YOU who came into this lifetime at birth to realize, know and BE your True Self.

The Whole Self Workout™ guides you to authentically embody your inner strengths, true spirit power, truth, and endurance, master focus and clarity from the inside out, and integrate love into action so that you can build the life of your dreams, aspirations, and greatest accomplishments, no matter what.

In Part II—The ONEness Workout™ guides you into the precise connections and understandings needed to move into the Infinite Source within you and become ONE with its sustaining and life-changing truth.

The ONEness Workout™ gives you a deep dive adventure into your energetic, higher light, infinite intelligence, and inner soul design so that you can walk through your invisible and visible veils into the center of illumination and love.

Evolutionary Empowerment™ guides you step-by-step through the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ a comprehensive system of simultaneous soul, physical, emotional, psychological, energetic and spiritual healing that brings you from A-Z through your hero’s journey to unravel, deconstruct, empty, reconstruct, fill, build, and birth your whole Self into a new ALIGNMENT with your inner core Self of light, so that you can break through your karmic, familial, ancestral beliefs and contracts that you have made with your Self and others along the way, and discover the essence and pure power and light of your original and True Self.

A Proven Step-By-Step System To Experience ONEness

Evolutionary Empowerment™ is a tried, true, and proven system that saves you time, energy, and money in regaining your Whole Self and returning to your natural birthright, a state of ONEness.

You will BE guided through the karmic ways unique to you that have blocked YOU from creating your dream relationship, financial and life purpose fulfillment, creative expression, healthy habits, right choices, BEing aligned to who you truly are, authentic presence and voice, leadership gifts, sexual and divine integrated aliveness, life force power, and soul realization. 

The Whole Self Workout™ and The ONEness Workout™ each have 9 modules with 4 classes that provide teachings complemented by meditation and movement practices all of which are holistically designed to give you a multi-faceted experience into becoming Whole and ONE with your True Self.

The Spirit Gateways® BELIGHT MEDITATION® and Spirit Gateways® LoveToBE the Movement® practice for each module are supplemented by milestone questions in your workbook/journal to ignite your self-realizations within each module.

Evolutionary Empowerment™ is the third Core Course offered by the Spirit Gateways® Institute and takes a super deep dive into the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ for personal and planetary enlightenment and transformation.

All subscribers of Tier 2 to the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village membership can participate in the weekly live interactive group mentoring MasterHeart MasterMind™.

All subscribers of Tier 3 to the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village membership can participate in the twice-monthly small group live mentoring Life Mastery Inner Circle™ and the monthly Circle of Love and Power™ as well as the weekly live interactive group mentoring MasterHeart MasterMind™.

Or, we reach a plateau of success but want something more and no matter what we do, we can't break through.

Or, we've achieved our dreams but have a nagging feeling that something is not quite right or something is still missing.

Universal Challenges Faced By All Of Us

We Are All In This Together

Our human story is the same the world over no matter culture, religion, gender, or geography.

Youth and young adults want to create a life that feels genuine, empowered, and prosperous.

Parents want the best for their children.

Grandparents want to see their families and grandchildren thrive.

Adults want to see their hard efforts respected and bring tangible results.

Each of us wants love, health, prosperity, health, a home, safety, acceptance, and peace.

Yet, despite our best efforts, we all suffer in some form.

Whether it is health issues, unresolved or toxic dysfunctional family patterns, personal or work relationship struggles, lack of prosperity and wealth, inability to experience career or professional success, addiction in its many gripping and varied forms, or the various experiences of abuse perpetrated upon us including physical, emotional, mental, sexual, psychological, or intellectual, being an unwanted child and even the ravages of racism or bigotry, class and social inequality and dissension, war or social unrest, suffering is a universal experience of being human.

What is it that keeps us from reaching for our dreams and achieving them?

We see others being successful or having a “perfect” life and it seems so easy or natural.

We ask ourselves, “why don’t I get a break?” ….. “has God forsaken me?”

Often, despite our best efforts at healing, whether through conventional means of therapy or the multiple modalities of BodyMind work or trying newer modalities based on the wide variety of plant medicines to penetrate deeper in our subconscious to bring that which has been hidden to the surface so we can more effectively address our inner gremlins, we are unable to do so – or if we see deeper and address our gremlins and change our life we are not able to maintain and sustain the life we want.

We do our best at addressing our issues from our outer experiences as we are taught and as society tells us, from the outside in, rather than the inside out.

Evolutionary Empowerment Core Course guides you through the universal challenges that all people of all nationalities, skin colors, religions, and cultures face, but from the inside out, from the inner core of your BEing so that the outer expression of you is more readily expressed and fulfilled.

Through applying the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ the problems facing each of us and all of humanity are dealt with to liberate your heart, mind, soul, and body to move through the suffering, pain, challenges, and fears that are our inner teachers to help us move towards BEing ONE with the Infinite Source within ourselves.

Evolutionary Empowerment Ignites Your Quantum 360°
Awareness To Navigate The Challenges In Your Life

Evolutionary Empowerment™ guides you through a time-tested proven holistic sequential step-by-step system into the union of your personal, universal, and Higher Self so that you can successfully move through your root challenges and break through ancestral, karmic, and genetic issues from an awakened soul level.

You are taught how to become ONE with the True You and end how you separate and break from your true power and deeply loving Self all out of fear, and step through the barriers separating you from BEing ONE.

How You Benefit

You benefit from Evolutionary Empowerment™ by BEcoming attuned and connected into your vital life force, pure power and love, and the light of who you TRULY are.

What I have seen occur over the years is the blossoming of a person’s greatest gifts, divine and practical wisdom, the pure initiative to fulfill their deepest heart calling, a shift into living in greater self-confidence, trusting a profound connection with Infinite Source from within, an increase in clarity and discernment, manifesting creatively and financially at a higher octave, end holding themselves back to walking through their fears to BE who they truly are, and BEing radically real with others and themselves to BE the light that they are.

I can assure you that you will have a new relationship with your Self and with life as you enter the meeting point where you, love, Infinite Source, and your soul meet.

Your outer achievements grow because of your inner reconnections, healing, realizations, and breakthroughs happen giving you the opportunity to liberate your Self from engrained beliefs, fears, suffering, confusion, pain, and self-sabotage.

Evolutionary Empowerment™ helps you to experience:

  • Greater peace

  • Life force power

  • Self-actualization

  • Your true purpose

  • Refined discernment

  • Birthing your True Self

  • Your pure soul design

  • Spirit guided integration

  • Higher energy and vitality

  • Less worry, anxiety, and fear

  • Greater light and illumination

  • Ancestral and karmic healing

  • Aligning into your true frequency

  • Living from the center of your Self

  • Your source of creative expression

  • Your authentic presence and voice

  • Greater inner strength and perseverance

  • Divine masculine and feminine integration

  • Emotional and psychological breakthroughs

  • Divine heart, soul, and sexual transformation

  • More love, devotion, fulfillment, and patience

  • Connection to your natural financial abundance

  • Feeling free from illusionary thinking and perceptions

  • Greater confidence to take the steps to fulfill your dreams

  • Clarity and empowerment through BEing ONE with your whole Self

  • Deconstruction what no longer works for you so you can birth your True Self

As you experience the Evolutionary Empowerment Core Course roadmap and take to heart the power of learning how to return to your True Self, you WILL feel different. This feeling may be very subtle or very obvious. 

Your inner shifts can be permanent. This increases your ability to trust your new alignment, interconnectedness, enthusiasm, courage, love, and groundedness. 

Tune in to how you respond to others, your own inner guidance, and the language of your soul emerging naturally and effortlessly.

What Makes Evolutionary Empowerment Unique

Evolutionary Empowerment™ provides you the map and tools to achieve BEing Whole from the inside out to help you to achieve your life goals and experience living from an anchored, aligned, and profound state of ONEness with Infinite Source to fulfill your life calling.

Evolutionary Empowerment™ endows you with three core experiences:

  • Know Your Whole Self

  • Experience ONEness

  • Live From Your True Self

Know Your Whole Self

Your Whole Self is the integrated experience of your authentic feminine and masculine energies, lost and forgotten abandoned, betrayed, and rejected parts of your Self, and the light of your soul BEing reconnected and unified. Experience becoming your Whole Self.

We all have hidden parts of ourselves that when denied or ignored can force us to make unnecessary mistakes in judgment, live in false perceptions, excel in a specific gift but by-pass engrained karmic patterns that support ego identity, etc. 

.When you know your Whole Self you have come through the gateways of separation within you such as separation between your feminine and masculine energies, head and heart, love and power, God and you, and understand how to recognize and face the battles within you with awareness. 

You realize how the life that you live has unlimited potential as you manifest each moment from BEing Whole. 

Experience ONEness

ONEness is a sweet, powerful, all-compassing, inspiring, humbling, uplifting, enlightening, and soothing balm amidst living in a world of chaos and struggle. ONEness is possible for anyone who is ready to take the steps to go beyond fear and control. 

When you move through the invisible veil into ONEness you must first become whole to have this experience and to feel it.

There is a tangible sensation and perception that happens that gives you access to complete freedom, spacious abundance, fearlessness, clarity, infinite love, and unforgettable grace and expansion.  

There is a gateway that opens as you are in a state of surrender and connection with the Infinite Source that is unforgettable.

Live From Your True Self

Your True Self is found through the layers of your thought and feeling bodies in the center of your deepest love and light. It is free from all aberrations and returns to complete itself through union with God, your Infinite Source within you.

So many of us yearn to know love, and many of us yearn to find our creative, financial, and individual power.

What happens when we activate and unify the power of love with the Infinite Source of life energy, creation, God — the light of our soul in our body?

We dissolve fear of the unknown, needing to be in control, releasing judgment, and honoring the voice of our True Self.

It is easy to forget who we are which creates inner pain. It is a joy to return to our True Self and to live in profound connection with the sacred within.

What happens when we activate and unify the power of love with the Infinite Source of life energy, creation, God — the light of our soul in our body?

Evolutionary Empowerment Course Structure

Part I - Whole Self Workout

Modules 1 - 9

We are raised in a global culture of being taught how to “grow up and live our lives” while living in separation from our core Self.

Different aspects of our Self fight for control, attention, and power at the expense of creating internal battles within our body-mind-heart and soul.

The Whole Self Workout gives you the insights, tools, and techniques to return to an integrated, empowered, and dynamic relationship with your Self and all life in order to embark upon your life dreams and goals from BEing Whole.

  • Module 1 - Finding The Power Of Your True Self - Let’s begin to build your individual strengths and identify some of the ways that you bypass or avoid the power and truth of your True Self.

  • Module 2 - Retraining Your Self For Success - Let us embark upon reconstructing our mindset for success through reconnecting our vital focus into breaking through our own gridlock of fear, self-abandonment, betrayal, and rejection and paying attention to what we think we must empower and fulfill to feel “successful” through living through our thoughts, beliefs, and ideals created to meet outside expectations and internal separation.

  • Module 3 - Receiving Your Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies - Your soul is illuminated in the light of the union of your divine masculine and feminine energies. In a time when the social and cultural masculine and feminine has departed from ancient and traditional archetypes, and new roles are BEing explored, the need to receive your divine masculine and feminine energies is more important than ever. 

  • Module 4 - Standing In Your Self - To stand in your Self you must create a new foundation to stand upon that can support you to live and BE the whole and empowered You.

  • Module 5 - How Creation, Your Creativity and Power Meet - Creation is the manifestation of light consciousness throughout the universe and beyond. Creation, creativity, and power meet in your whole Self-awareness.

  • Module 6 - Know Your Ego - Your ego came into existence to protect you after you experienced your first energetic jolt and inner fragmentation, the time that you chose to separate from your True Self. This original trauma creates your ego and calls up to the forefront the ego that came in with you at birth.

  • Module 7 - Aligning Dark and Light - In our earth plane, we are given the opportunity to awaken and move through the 4th dimension of opposites where dark and light, love and hatred, fear and integration reside. To awaken to our True Self and realize who we truly are, we must reunite the oppositions within ourselves.

  • Module 8 - Body and Soul Reunion - Your body is the sanctuary, the temple, the cathedral of your soul. The gift of BEing a human BEing is BEing given the opportunity to evolve as your soul in a physical vessel and realize who you truly are.

  • Module 9 - BEcoming Whole BEing whole shifts your values. Instead of living as a fraction of who you are, or one piece of your universal pie, you are expanding into your whole Self.

A more detailed overview of each module and the four classes in each module of Part I - The Whole Self Workout can be found in Evolutionary Empowerment™ - Detailed Curriculum.

Benefits of Part I - Whole Self Workout 

The  Whole Self Workout focuses on you integrating your BodyMind. Some of the direct benefits you can experience include:

  • Find your true spiritual core.

  • Uplevel your ability to discern.

  • Mend old pain and heartbreak.

  • Discover the power within you.

  • Know who you are on a soul level.

  • Understand what makes you You.

  • Discover Infinite Source within you.

  • Reconnect with your true inner strength.

  • Accelerate grounded personal and spiritual growth.

  • Come through struggles within your Self and with your life.

  • Experience BEing in your body with greater love and energy.

  • Uplevel your boundaries to support your self-esteem and self-worth.

Evolutionary Empowerment Course Structure

Part II - ONEness Workout

Modules 10 - 18

Welcome to the ONEness Workout™ where you are going to feel, experience, intuit, sense, and interpret the communication of the universe within your bodymind and open the door to your soul where your visionary, creative, and ONEness Self exists. 

Here you will interact with the matrix of love and power in a whole new way so you can fulfill your spiritual, material and soul-level purpose.

  • Module 10 - Living In Spirit In your Body - Spirit is the dynamic consciousness that unifies the divine consciousness in your heart-mind, body-soul, life energy-source with God—Infinite Source. In your life you are given the opportunity to split off from Infinite Source as your Source, or to return to Infinite Source as the generator of your whole BEing in action.

  • Module 11 - Losing Yourself To Find Yourself - Your next level of freedom comes from knowing that you must lose your Self to find your Self. The purpose of the work we have done up until now has been to bring you into direct connection with Infinite Source and aligned with your True Self.

  • Module 12 - Making The Invisible VisibleMost of reality happens in the invisible realms. When you look at nature you only see a small percentage of how life is showing up in front of you. The intricate web of life, the interaction of life and how it grows itself, sustains itself and dies is invisible. Your soul is invisible until you learn to see with your inner eyes.

  • Module 13 - Expansion and ContractionThe universe in you and the cosmic universe, expand and contract from a center. The center is creation and when you are ONE with creation you have a place to live and evolve from. When you connect into your nous and your third eye and become ONE in their connection you can enter the center of creation.

  • Module 14 - Finding Your Higher Purpose - To create your life to BE the expression of “who are you” and “why you are here” takes you in the direction of coming home to your Self.

  • Module 15 - BEyond Limitation - When we hold onto fear we develop a relationship with our bodymind that limits our ability to fully connect into the expansion of our unlimited creative power. To live your life beyond the boundaries of fear requires full trust in your connection with Infinite Source.

  • Module 16 - In The Body Enlightenment A very long time ago before separation consciousness entered our collective mindstream, we lived in alignment with Infinite Source within our bodies. We valued BEing physically-emotionally-psychologically whole while feeling connected to universal ONEness. As a collective matrix we have left that wholeness in many ways and on many levels.

  • Module 17 - The Presence Of ONEnessOur inner heart resonates to a sound frequency. Whales and dolphins speak to each other with sound and can be called in by singing their frequency tone. All of creation originates in darkness and is realized through light.. By knowing the sound within your heart, and the light of your BEing your journey into ONEness is expedited and carried on the wings of love.

  • Module 18 - You Are ONE - Undivided in your focus, one in your heart, remembering love, unified in your power, integrated in your feminine and masculine human-divine energies, and sourced into the whole, the love you embody resonates as ONE with creation.

A more detailed overview of each module and the four classes in each module of Part II - ONEness Workout can be found in Evolutionary Empowerment™ - Detailed Curriculum.

Benefits of Part II - ONEness Workout 

The ONEness Workout™ focuses on you integrating the experience of ONEness into YOU on a daily basis. Some of the direct benefits you can experience include:

  • Live beyond fear.

  • Find greater joy, peace, and love.

  • Feel ONE with the divine within you.

  • See the world from a new understanding.

  • Manifest your life from the light that you are.

  • Move through sudden changes with greater ease.

  • Find your higher purpose through self-realization.

  • Move through the ways you have limited your Self.

  • Understand your personal transformational process.

  • Feel integrated in your body, emotions, soul, and spirit.

  • Increase your ability to let go of what needs to be let go of.

  • Find the essence of You and grow your successes through your surrender into You.


Will I be able to move through Evolutionary Empowerment™ at my own rate?

Yes, Evolutionary Empowerment™ is designed to guide you directly into the heart of your Self in increments so you can move into the awaiting you, the you who came into this lifetime to realize who you are, what you are here for and how to walk through your own limitations, fears, and old patterns into greater love and power. You will feel supported to move through Evolutionary Empowerment™ at your own rate. It is suggested that you stay in a dynamic flow and commitment with the course work to feel your progression.

How does the Spirit Gateways® group mentoring MasterHeart MasterMind™ support my experience with the course?

Having direct support and guidance from Iana when you want and need brings home how important your individual, spiritual heart presence, and brilliance is in your life and in the world. Spirit Gateways® MasterHeart MasterMind™ illuminates the topics and pathway of your unique journey through answering questions, holding space as a powerful community together, guides your awakening through old stuck, outgrown, and ego-based perceptions into higher love, awareness, and empowerment. You are held, empowered, nurtured, and guided as you find a deeper and permanent connection to your Self that uplevels your abilities to fulfill your material, relationship, spiritual, creative, and physical goals.

Do both men and women benefit from Evolutionary Empowerment™?

Yes, indeed! All of the Spirit Gateways® Institute programs come from the perspective of awakened and realized masculine-feminine sacred union. Every man and every woman have deep personal issues and engrained patterns to recalibrate and liberate. This is what makes these times amazing. Iana has fostered a profound understanding of how to free your true divinely-human feminine-masculine true Self. You can rest assured that the unique awakening journey for both man and woman is honored in Evolutionary Empowerment™.

How do I know if I am ready for Evolutionary Empowerment™?

There are built in subtle indicators within your thinking-feeling body that can “speak” to you gently or communicate as a cosmic volcanic eruption. Feelings such as dissatisfaction with the intimacy in your relationship, feeling alone, feeling more resistant, struggling with self-doubt or self-judgment, wanting something more but not quite knowing what it is, feeling bored or fed up with how life on planet earth is feeling, experiencing sadness, depression, or anxiety, trauma, lacking enthusiasm for your life, feeling restless, fear, confusion, stuck, or seeking higher understanding, wanting to touch more transcendent joy, to move through feeling empty into feeling deep fulfillment, question why you are here, or want to make a greater impact with your life and with your BEing are all messages from within you telling you that it is time to evolve and embody greater wisdom, your pure power and finding the shining gold of BEing your True Self. Trust you are ready

Discover The Light Within You.
Feel The Cells Of Your Body Come Alive,
Transport Into The Union Of Your Whole Self.
Go Beyond The Pulls Of Fear & Disconnection. Awaken The Song Of Your Soul.
Ignite Your True Life.

What People Are Saying

“I experienced a deeply heart aligning journey that changed how I relate to myself and my life. Iana has constructed a result’s orientated course that will build your self-esteem, give you connection to who you truly are, and give you back you in a natural and empowering way.”

Daniel Ludlow, Pasadena, California

“This is the new roadmap for these times. Do not settle for living your life in fear, disconnection, or half-way. Evolutionary Empowerment will take you through the door.”

Lily Kadovitch, Houston, Texas

“Your ah-ha moments will happen, do not second guess your desire to break free through what is invisible in you that holds you back from being all of you. Iana is giving you the key back to you.”

Evelyn S., Providence, Rhode Island

The Next Step Of Our Spiritual Evolution
Is To See & BE The Light That You Are

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