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Evolutionary Empowerment

A Breakthrough BodyMind & Soul Spiritual Workout

Course Structure & Curriculum


We are raised in a global culture of being taught how to “grow up and live our lives” while living in separation from our core Self.

Part I - Whole Self Workout

Modules 1 - 9

Different aspects of our Self fight for control, attention, and power at the expense of creating internal battles within our body-mind-heart and soul.

The Whole Self Workout™ gives you the insights, tools, and techniques to return to an integrated, empowered, and dynamic relationship with your Self and all life in order to embark upon your life dreams and goals from BEing Whole.


Let’s begin to build your individual strengths and identify some of the ways that you by-pass or avoid the power and truth of your True Self.

1.1 SHOWING UP Spirit speaks through your senses, the core channel within your heart and energy system, and the love within you. You are given free will and free choice to open, stay open, or close. Your connection to the Infinite Source within you guides your success to BEing able to listen and show up with your Self or not. A) Listening To Your Self Your connection to the Infinite Source within you guides your success to BEing able to listen and show up with your Self or not. B) Facing Fear Fear lives within your mind and manifests in your body. Fear is connected to survival yet can be overcome. C) Moving Up To move up means that you are lifting your Self up from the places within you where you are aligned in fear, loss, anger, resentment, grief, and more, into the Source of infinite love, abundance, pure power, and awareness.

1.2. GETTING ON TRACK We are about to embark upon a new alignment that helps you to navigate your life from being connected to the essence, power, and truth of your Whole Self. A) Recognizing Trauma Life is filled in traumatic experiences because our nervous systems are ever evolving through how we respond to the painful, unexpected, and challenging situations and moments. Trauma is passed from generation to generation, yet it can be healed. B) Your Original Split Off From Your True Self At some point, usually early on in our life we leave our True Self at whatever stage of awareness that we are because we do not feel safe BEing who we are in our body, and thus, begin the journey that we know as our human story. C) Fear of BEing You The fear of BEing You is ingrained in your DNA, ancestral, cultural, and religious “inner codes” that when brought to the light shift from fear into high powered pure power.

1.3. MEET YOUR RESISTANCE All of us have resistance to help us survive, experience the unknown, fear of change, protect our heart and feeling centers, jump into a situation prematurely, reveal our shortcomings or vulnerabilities, etc. When you become aware of your resistance you can channel it into breakthrough love, power, compassion, acceptance, and trust in your divine wholeness. A) Creation Of Your Other Self, Your Egoic Persona Your ego takes on the role of keeping you inline, fulfilling the visible and invisible energies around you, so that you can survive emotionally, psychologically, and physically. B) Finding The Power Of You Your true power is the life force energy within you that is vibrant, brilliant, creative, life-giving, and fearless and requires training. Your true power is located within the part of you that has been submerged in the psyche of your bodymind, always found in the base and root centers within your body. C) Why Choose You When you choose you, the You who has been left behind, lost, or forgotten because you have identified with your ego—false Self instead of your True Self—you prosper and grow. There is no way to be held back, fail, or fall off the wagon of your evolutionary empowerment endeavors when you are aligned with the true YOU.

1.4. RESCUE MISSION The greatest love and power within you have been waiting to be rescued from thoughts, projections, and judgments blocking you from emerging and building a life that is truly authentic and prosperous. A)Recovering Your True Self In An Unexpected Place The last place that most people look for the original “seed” of their True Self is in their base and root centers in their body. B)Ending Self-Abandonment, Betrayal, Rejection Engrained within each and every one of us is the pattern of ABRing our Self. From a very young age we choose to abandonment, betray, or reject our core True Self because of what and how we are perceiving ourselves in context of events in our life. C)Love Your Self First The most important ingredient in finding your true power is love. You must choose if you are going to accept or reject your True Self once you find him or her.


Let us embark upon reconstructing our mindset for success through reconnecting our vital focus into breaking through our own gridlock of fear, self-abandonment, betrayal, and rejection and paying attention to what we think we must empower and fulfill to feel “successful” through living through our thoughts, beliefs, and ideals created to meet outside expectations and internal separation.

2.1. WHAT SHOULD I EMPOWER We have the choice each day to empower what brings us closer into our higher truth and full BEing, or to empower the split-off part of our Self that keeps us in our comfort zone, shut down, in fear of breaking out of our own self-imposed box. A)Who Were You Supposed to BE An imprint of who you were supposed to BE, and how you were supposed to BE was at some point in your early life imprinted and projected on to you. When you choose not to fulfill the projections that were placed upon you to fulfill you live for your Self and not for others. B)How Did You Fulfill The Picture And Expectations Put Upon You When you become aware of what you had to fulfill to fit in, make others feel good about themselves, fill expectations, continue familial or ancestral unspoken needs, you break your agreements and contracts to being asleep, self-numbing and various forms of self-sabotage. C)What Did You Create To Meet the External We are human creators. We have within ourselves the power to create negative or positive circumstances. Every choice that you make is an opportunity to learn, grow and recalibrate your Self to walk in your highest truth.

2.2. HOW DO YOU TURN AGAINST AND AWAY FROM YOUR SELF The power of the light that is within you, your original thinking, your unique perceptions about your Self, the universe and the world are often kept at more than arm’s length as you negotiate your interactions and engagement with others and create your life. A)What Did You Turn Away From When you turn away from your Self there is an inner pull that when paid attention to will take you towards your center. You turn against the You that was not supported, loved, held, seen, acknowledged, or received. B)Who Is Waiting For You Turning away from the pain within you, the yearning, the emotional wound of loss, grief, or sorrow from this lifetime or a previous lifetime or the feminine or masculine part of you that is knocking on your inner door to BE acknowledged and responded to. C)Give a Hug and Hold Hands How do you love the You who has been turned away by you? It is very simple. You must open your heart, reach out your hand and take the risk to love.

2.3. SEE THROUGH THE CRACKS Healing is the experience of mending what has fractured, split apart, or separated from the core nucleus of your BEing, your whole Self. The energetic light of Infinite Source will mend the fissures or chasms between your emotional, psychological, physical, and etheric bodies. A) Covering Up What Hurts You are an evolving spark of consciousness who has developed for millions of years through every life form to become a human BEing. Each moment that you love what has hurt and reconnect into the web of light within you, gives you the opportunity to move into the divine. B) Trusting What You See When the light within you ignites your inner eye to see through the veil of the physical gross world of matter you have the choice to trust what you see. C) Recalibrating Fear into Power Fear is experienced in your body when you shut down to the universal Source of love within you and process the moment in your head. It is now your choice to recalibrate fear into power.

2.4 INTEGRATING YOUR POWER WITH INFINITE SOURCE Your true power is activated by reconnecting to what you avoid, deny, or shut off from. It is the opposite of what you may think. A) Discovering Your Energetic Matrix Within you exists a cosmic universal energetic matrix just like the unique one-of-a-kind geometric design of a snowflake. Each snowflake is distinctively different than other snowflake configurations that exist and the same is true of you. B) Getting to Know Your Energetic Codes To get to know your energetic codes you must let go of your resistance and the ways that your mind overrides the wisdom of your soul. By allowing, receiving, and integrating your forgotten and abandoned Self, you WILL connect with your core energetic presence. C) Speaking Your Energetic Presence You are endowed with the gift of your voice and putting into words and other soul-empowered expressions your energetic presence. Your energetic presence is You connected to the Infinite Source of light truth that is found through going through your darkness and BEcoming ONE with the light.


Your soul is illuminated in the light of the union of your divine masculine and feminine energies. In a time when the social and cultural masculine and feminine has departed from ancient and traditional archetypes, and new roles are BEing explored, the need to receive your divine masculine and feminine energies is more important than ever. 

3.1. OPENING YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE THE POWER OF YOUR TRUE FEMININE Whether in a male or female body the power of your feminine has been seen as insignificant, judged, condemned, abused, used, and dishonored over millenniums. Your feminine is the pure, raw creative life force power of creation. It is time for you to reclaim it. A) Awakening Your Feminine Truth Within you is the presence and voice of your feminine truth. She comes with a message, an elemental power that is uniquely you. B) Receiving Her Guidance And Wisdom As you allow and open your feminine energy to move into you, the ways that you have held on to your fear dissipate. BE true to how you engage with her. Choose your connection to her guidance and wisdom. C) Shift Your Understanding And Change Your Life Your inner feminine has a distinctive presence and wants you to open the door to her so you and her can become ONE. Without her, many facets of your life such as finances, right livelihood, love relationship, spiritual development, and health will BE in chaos.

3.2. OPENING YOUR HEART TO RECEIVE THE LOVE OF YOUR TRUE MASCULINE Whether in a male or female body you must find and receive your true masculine to successfully move into alignment with fulfilling your life purpose and mending the gaps in your Self. A) Awakening Your Masculine Light Your pure masculine energies are ignited through receiving your sacred and divine feminine energies. Her spark ignites your true masculine into existence. B) Receiving His Compassion And Clarity Your masculine wants you to receive who he is which is filled in enormous compassion. Through awakening to the challenges of your development up until now you can see with new eyes and receive his clarity. C) Shift Your Understanding And Change Your Life Up until now you have been tied to how your masculine energies were supposed to BE in your familial and ancestral system. By receiving him and getting to know him you can change your own life and possibly that of your family system.

3.3. GOING BEYOND SEPARATION AND DUALITY TO FIND YOUR SELF Collective consciousness on planet earth is presently an expression of individual duality and separation from wholeness. A) Why You Are Here You are here to return to your whole Self and come through the barriers of separation within you that have been created through denial, ABRing Infinite Source, and self-judgment, self-sabotage. and self-hatred. B) Who You Are You are a spark of consciousness derived from the infinite awareness of God in all of its many forms. C) Enter The Center Of Your Heart Within the center of your heart is the spark of your soul, where your divine masculine and feminine meet. When you enter the center of your heart acknowledge how and why your heart originally broke you have the opportunity to return home to you, your true Self.

3.4. THE UNION OF LOVE AND POWER Your masculine is love and your feminine is power. Together, they are activation in action. As you receive the love of your masculine and the power of your feminine you step into You. A) Ending Your Battle By ending your internal battle between your social, cultural, and religious inner masculine and feminine you give your Self the opportunity to BE whole and end the ways that you create health, financial, relationship, spiritual, sexual, and emotional imbalances, dis-ease, and sorrow. B) Receiving Your Light And Truth Blazing, directed, clear, and vibrant the light and truth of the union of your love and power is a laser beam of high energy. C) Moving Through Social And Collective Behaviors Get ready to let go of the ways that you show up living in separation and isolation from your other half—your inner divine masculine or divine feminine. Expect to witness social and collective behaviors in a whole new way.


To stand in your Self you must create a new foundation to stand upon that can support you to live and BE the whole and empowered You.

4.1. HOW TO SUPPORT YOURSELF FROM WITHIN You must have a place to go to within your Self to feel supported, strong, clear, and empowered. To find your inner place that is beyond ego, you must find love and learn how to return to that love over and over again. A)Know And Honor What You Feel When you open the inner door of your psyche and discover what you feel, you are not only opening the door to your soul but opening the door to co-creating with the universe your sacred pathway. B)Your Boundaries Of Sacrifice You must always know what the boundaries are inside of your Self that support you to stand and BE ONE in your Self. Honor what you need to feel aligned in the essence of your heart. C) Receiving The Wisdom Of Your True Self You find your True Self by uncovering your heart and discovering the true You beneath your sorrow, hurt, pain, and grief.

4.2. BRINGING TOGETHER YOUR STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES You can experience rapid spiritual-physical growth through knowing your weaknesses and your strengths and engaging with them from non-judgment and love. A)The Creation Of Your Original Weaknesses Your weaknesses are the places within you that are not consciously connected into Infinite Source. They are parts of you that became stuck through your beliefs about your Self. B)Realizing Your Strengths Your greatest strengths are revealed and created through facing and transforming your weaknesses. The opinions and judgments that you have along with your fears block you from living in your strengths until you reconnect with Infinite Source within you. C)Embracing You The light within your True Self emerges through the parts of you that have hidden in separation consciousness within you. As you emerge through your darkness, the invisible pain of living in separation from Infinite Source dissipates and then disappears.

4.3. WHERE SPIRIT MEETS THE BODY One of the most important teachings of the Original Way Teachings™ of the Spirit Gateways® Institute is the ancient knowingness that the body and spirit develop and grow together as ONE. They are partners in the human journey. Spirit meets you in your body. A)How You Constrict Your Self The voice of your intellect, of your lower Self, and your fear-based Self are trained in everyday global thinking rather than your higher Self, soul voice, and universal empowered presence. B)What Do You Believe About Your Bigger Aura Your auric field is pure energy. Created through the meeting of human and universal energy and spirit—the wisdom source of God—the light of your BEing is created. Your thoughts create your auric field. C)Inviting In Your Wholly Spirit Your connection into spirit can make you whole. By opening into its divine intelligence, you can transform the parts of you that have not yet surrendered into love.

4.4. THE MEETING OF HEAVEN AND EARTH WITHIN YOU The light within the earth, and the light within the universe are extensions of Infinite Source. The human body – YOU – is designed for the earth and the universe to meet within YOU. A)When You Stand On A Fault Line Of Your Ancestry The cracks and the wholeness within our ancestral structure are passed down to us. Shame, humiliation, judgment, hatred, love, denial, arrogance, lust, greed, sorrow, etc., make up the human vocabulary of moving from separation into wholeness. B)You Cannot Stand Tall In A Box To stand tall you must release your box through your efforts of returning into You and interconnecting with the true power, light, love, and divine intelligence that reside within you. C) Standing In The Center Of You Within you exists a center point, the meeting point within you that connects your human awareness with universal and quantum awareness. When you enter the center within you, you find a steadfast strength, clarity, and connection with your Self.


Creation is the manifestation of light consciousness throughout the universe and beyond. Creation, creativity, and power meet in your whole Self-awareness.

5.1. AWAKENING YOUR LIFE FORCE ENERGIES Your life force energies are awakened through experiencing the power of spirit opening in your body. When your life force energies are shut down in your bodymind, you may feel listless, forlorn, confused, angry, depressed, sad, etc. To awaken your life force energies, you need to go within. A)Igniting Your Life Force Energies Your life force energies are ignited through your decision to feel in your body, feel your feelings, know what you are made of, and move through whatever is emotions are blocking your accessibility to them. B)Integrating Your Life Force Energies Your life force energies are integrated through connecting your awareness into your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers, centers of life force energy inside and outside your body. C) Expanding Your Life Force Energies Your life forces naturally expand into the open channels within you. Around your spine exists a hollow tube of light that resonates at a higher frequency and is a conduit for your life force energies to move.

5.2. AWAKENING YOUR CREATIVITY Your creativity is a natural in-dwelling power within you. It is the pure expression of your soul, bodymind, and spirit interconnected. When your inner channels are open and flowing your creativity flows more naturally. A)Accessing Pure Creation Pure creation is found in nature. It is the inner matrix design found in all creation and when listened to and understood can help you to open the window to your interconnectedness and to your soul. B)Shifting With Its Current The flow of creativity, the momentum of its power, carries us on a life current that can shift us and move us into our original True Self. C) Making A Dimensional Shift We make dimensional shifts when we have completed the cycles of a belief system, a perception, role and identity, or perspective. A dimensional shift is an opening and embracing of a new state of consciousness.

5.3. RELEASING RESISTANCE We use resistance as a protection and as a way to stay in control. It is easier to use resistance as a barrier to growth and change than it is to step out of our comfort zones and face fear. A)Getting Out Of The Way When we over identify with the roles that we play, get stuck in our mind, and hold on to our beliefs, the breakthroughs, and results that we want in our life cannot happen. You must first ask your Self the question: What do I need to see and do to get out of my own way? B)Surrendering Control Once you reconnect into Infinite Source within your Self, you discover a power that you can rely upon over and above control. Instead of managing your life through holding it together, you choose instead to open to the dynamic river of life moving you forward. C) Seeing For Real When you align into your whole Self through reconnecting into your 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ matrix, you experience an opening of your inner vision. You begin to see in a new way and realize who you truly are.

5.4. EMBODYING YOUR SOURCE Your body is the container for positive creativity, light, love, and pure power. It can also be the container for negative thoughts, fear, isolation, disconnection, hatred, and pain in many forms. A)Meeting In The Center Inside of the meeting point within you where spirit and your body meet, exists a gateway where the universe of infinite expansion, higher thought, interconnected insights, and whole brain-body-soul are woven. B)Fine Tuning Your fine tuning happens through maintaining your mental and emotional connection through your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers in your body. As you release false perceptions, open your heart, and receive the light of your soul, you open the instrument of infinite love within you. C) Emptiness, Surrender And Expansion You will feel the most advancement and fulfillment on your life adventure through emptying your Self, surrendering your illusions about how you have seen others and the world, and expanding towards the center within your Self.


Your ego came into existence to protect you after you experienced your first energetic jolt and inner fragmentation, the time that you chose to separate from your True Self. This original trauma creates your ego and calls up to the forefront the ego that came in with you at birth.

6.1 THE CREATION OF YOUR EGO You are a biological wonder who is tapped into the divine consciousness of your human form and beyond. You can create anything that supports your highest evolutionary process. A)Where Does Your Ego Come From Your ego Self is created at a moment when you feel feelings that you do not understand or know how to respond to. Usually, the ego Self is propelled into motion in a moment of self-judgment, fear, or feeling inadequate, inept, or seeking approval, recognition, or love. B)How Your Ego Maintains Ongoing Separation Your ego creates ongoing separation by triggering fear inside of you that you choose to become aware of or shut-off from. It takes just a moment of fear and self-doubt to give your ego the permission and power to manage and control your behaviors and your thinking. C)Why Does Your Ego Hold On Your ego needs you to keep it alive because it was created from separation and the pain separation creates. In an original moment of feeling “out of control” with your environment, a situation or person your ego finds the energy it needs to survive.

6.2 RECOGNIZING YOUR EGO There are limitless ways that your ego will hide, be a trickster, reverse truth, and work to keep you from BEing who you are. A)The Patterns Of Your Ego Your ego takes on the DNA patterns of your ancestral lineage on both sides of your family of origin. How fear is passed down to you, sexual beliefs and attitudes, emotional intelligence, values, money, career, and relationship perspectives are kept in check according to your perceived familial norms by your ego. B)Paying Attention To How Your Ego Works Moments of grandiosity, arrogance, pride, numbness, denial, fear, holding back, taking life for granted, using anger to manipulate, drowning in unexpressed emotions are some of the ways that your ego runs your life. C)Giving Your Ego A New Role By giving your ego a new responsibility that would can enhance your inner wellbeing, you give your Self the opportunity to exhale and take back the reins of your life.

6.3. ENDING YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR EGO The most co-dependent relationship that we develop in our lifetime is with our ego. We judge life and our Self through the eyes and ears of your ego. We learn how to criticize others and our Self with the sharpness of our ego. A)Stop Giving Your Power To Your Ego At some point in your life, you made the decision to empower your ego because of its ability to keep you “on track”. When you left your truth, your wholeness, and your direct connection with Infinite Source—God you had to turn to something or someone for guidance on how to live your life. B)Stay With Loving And Honoring Your True Self Pay attention to how and when you leave your Self. You will feel your own personal connection to how you abandon, betray, and reject (ABR) your Self. Make the choice to honor your True Self through loving what hurts inside. C)Letting Go of Self-Sabotage You are programmed through many influences in your life to judge your Self, turn against your Self and to hold your Self guilty and viewed as “bad” all of which can contribute to a variety of ways you sabotage your life.

6.4. DISSOLVING YOUR EGO As you realize the power that you have to either be tied up in the desires and actions that pull you away from your higher path, you can more readily relax down into your body and instead choose to walk a path of inner and out fulfilment that meets your criteria. A)Depending Upon The Light Within Your Heart Within your heart blazes the light of creation. Your light can dissolve any impediment to your conscious awakening. Your light is the light of God. B)Allowing Your False Self To Die When you end feeding your ego Self by giving it your power, thoughts, fears, and emotions you end your battle with who is going to live— your ego or You. C)BEing Centered In Your God Self/True Self Within the center of your BEing, where all of you meets including your ego, exists your God Self—your True Self—the You who reincarnated into this lifetime to awaken and realize why you are here and to complete sanskaric patterns, the impressions, beliefs, attachments, judgments, and perceptions that bind you to untruth.


In our earth plane, we are given the opportunity to awaken and move through the 4th dimension of opposites where dark and light, love and hatred, fear and integration reside. To awaken to our True Self and realize who we truly are, we must reunite the oppositions within ourselves.

7.1. UNDERSTANDING DARK AND LIGHT We are living in a time of extreme dark and light opposites and collectively experiencing shocking outcomes from avoiding and numbing the relationship within ourselves and find ourselves fluctuating between our awakened and sleeping energies. A)Welcoming Fear What we do not understand and accept we reject. What creates fear we deny. What we deny causes us separation from the all-knowing and vast Source of divine love and infinite intelligence that reside within ourselves. When we welcome fear, we end turning away from what binds our pain, shame, guilt, ignorance, and pride and can begin to welcome into ourselves our humanness. B)Welcoming Love When we welcome love, we open the door within ourselves to evolve. BEing human gives us the opportunity to consciously awaken to love. C)Dissolving Separation We are taught to live in separation. Separation from darkness, light, love, and fear. We create our lives to master separation instead of wholeness rather than from the wholeness of your God Self within.

7.2. TRANSFORMING WHAT IS IN THE DARK INTO LIGHT When you watch an eagle fly you witness perfect balance and attunement with the wind and its ability to soar. Every eagle has had to master its evolutionary task of flying, seeing, and soaring. As a human being your evolutionary task is to transform the darkness within you to light. A)Embracing The ABR’s Of Your BEing Within you exist all facets of your most precious Self. They contain your most valuable aspects of who you truly are. We are in a time where we must reconnect the gems within ourselves so that we can become whole. B)Ending Judgment To walk towards liberating your True Self you must end how you judge others and your Self. You must master embracing what hurts and open your heart to the You who has suffered. All hatred begins with judgment. It is too easy to compare, condemn, and destroy our Self, others, and the planet by judging what threatens us, takes us out of our comfort zones, and humbles us to our attitudes, separation thinking and ways that we deny the voice and presence of our True Self. C)Liberating What Is In Darkness The pure brilliance, joy, strength, and divine-human intelligence that seeks full expression through you yearns to BE liberated from the dark cavern of your psyche. Without light you are just a mind wandering and bumping into your fears that are held in your body.

7.3. SURRENDERING DARK INTO LIGHT To BE aligned to your true frequency and vibration instead of to the illusions within your mind you must awaken your heart to the essence of who you are. A)Letting Go of Your Relationship To Fear There is a risk to letting go of fear. Fear is used to block you from BEing directly connected to the Infinite Source of life, love, and true power within you. You must own up to how you keep fear alive inside of you and find out why. B)Coming Out of Hiding You can create a receptive and loving welcome to the parts of your Self that have hid in fear—the dark within you. Your open heart that receives its fuel from the Infinite flow, universal Source of all life pours, fills, sustains, and directs you as you allow it to. C)Moving Through Darkness To Find the Light In the physical-etheric energetic portals in your body, the Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers, when separate from the light are magnets to identical frequencies. For instance, if your mother was emotionally unable to bond with you, you have a more difficult time knowing how creative, brilliant, loveable, worthy, and special you truly are.

7.4 UNIFYING DARK AND LIGHT The pure power within the ancient and sacred darkness within you is the deep void of truth and knowingness. The sacred darkness is the feminine power within you that births and nurtures you, guides you and shelters you. When your sacred darkness is connected to the light within you, your true power is revealed. You end seeking your power on the outside through people, circumstances, materiality, etc. and choose to reconnect completely to your personal receptor within you that gives you unlimited freedom, guidance, and insight. You are walking your ancient and awakened evolutionary path of liberation. A)The Secrets of Dark and Light in All Traditions Our planetary civilizations awareness and expression of unified consciousness ebbs and flows in and away from the center of life—God. The pure dark within you has been used as a storehouse of your spiritual power instead of as an accessible Source of life force energy that can BE transmuted for emotional, spiritual, creative, and physical prosperity, abundance, and self-realization. Within the pure dark within you exists the most brilliant light. Within the light within you exists the Source of creation of itself, the pure dark. B)Embodying Pure Power When you reconnect with the aspect of your spiritual power and presence that has been hidden in the dark recesses in your body, in particular your root center, lower belly, creation point, and navel Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers, you free potent life-giving energies. You allow your Self to become aligned with the whole You instead of an ego guided You. You align your Self with the guidance and love of Infinite Source, and the infinite intelligence of the universe—God. You realize that You and God have always been ONE. Your desire to become whole in your Self to live without fear, without inner and outer battles, and avoidances become more important than playing a false or superficial game to exist. You yearn for interconnectedness with life within you and for a life free of the confines of the old matrix. C) Entering the Heart Of Stillness In the center where light and dark meet, where your heart and inner obstructions, fears, and denials meet resides the heart of silence and stillness. Deep in the woods of your BEing in-between each pounding wave of the surf, and in the sweep of raven wings flying by you exists the zone where spirit meets your senses, perceptions, and love. Here you rediscover that your heart wants to BE known by you and to BE gently held, lovingly embraced, and seen for what and who it is.


Your body is the sanctuary, the temple, the cathedral of your soul. The gift of BEing a human BEing is BEing given the opportunity to evolve as your soul in a physical vessel and realize who you truly are.


For centuries, the union of body and soul has been denied, remained separate and misunderstood. During these times the evolutionary imprint of illumination is more available than even before because we have reached a pivot point of dark and light.


Your awakening through your survival thinking patterns guides you through the gateway of fear and gives you access to the unlimited state of aliveness, potentiality, and love that exist within you.

8.1. BRINGING TOGETHER HEAVEN AND EARTH IN YOUR BODY Life continuously moves through you and in you. Flowing from above you into your body currents of heavenly cosmic life forces meet the powerful waves of creation that flow up from the earth to meet in your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers. The meeting of heaven and earth in your body opens the gateway for your divine masculine and divine feminine to reunite as a starting point for your soul—the enlightened spark of God within you—to emerge. A)Your Soul As Teacher When you enter your body, you come in as a spark of light consciousness. To become whole, you go through different levels of awakening to help you surrender step-by-step to your soul as teacher. When you discover your soul, you are given the choice to let go of navigating your everyday life through your mind as commander and reunite your thinking, feeling and soul awareness. B)Meeting Your Self The first step in meeting your Self is to meet the You who has been hiding in its beliefs that who it is, is not enough, worthy enough, or doesn’t matter and has settled for living beneath the surface of your conscious mind. The second step is to see, hear and receive the presence, truth, feelings, and needs of your hidden or lost Self and to acknowledge his or her divine-human intelligence. The third step is to ask him or her where in your body he/she wants to live and to invite him or her into your body. C) Removing the Barriers Around Your Soul Only love can remove the barriers, the walls, the veils, and stories that you have created around your soul to protect your Self. Light BEing love has the ability and power to penetrate the deepest recesses of your psyche and ignite the brilliance on all levels of who you truly are.

8.2. YES, I HAVE SANSKARAS Sanskaras are imprints of beliefs, perceptions, and impressions that are created in your mind-emotional and physical consciousness. They are responses to past and present events. You find your Self responding to life, people, and circumstances through your sanskaric patterns. The more impacted you were by an event or circumstance, the more you reacted, the more you turned away from the true you, and the less you listened to your higher inner guidance, the greater your fears, the more you judged, and the more you followed your ego Self—the greater your sanskaric burden. A)Recognizing Your Sanskaras The thoughts that go around in your head are sanskaric patterns. From experiencing continuous worry, ongoing anxiety, repetitive anger, unconscious fear, self-judgment, self-doubt, etc., as you pay attention to what simmers inside of you, a light bulb turns on revealing to you the sanskaras that are in your nervous system that block you from having direct access to your soul. B)Neutralizing Your Sanskaras Sanskaric patterns are neutralized through your interaction with Spirit, the movement and flow of divine consciousness from Infinite Source. Your higher perception from love helps to view, accept, and release a pattern that you have been carrying for a long time. Many sanskaric patterns need the polar opposite experience to neutralize them. For instance, if you have used sex as a way to sublimate your emotions or pump up your self-esteem, you would step back from how you use sex and give your Self the space to get to know the fears, responses, traumas, and hurts that are calling out to you to be healed. If you have been using food to by-pass difficult emotions, you would practice healthy ways to create stability and self-nourishing without hurting your body. Polarizing a sanskaric pattern in a positive way neutralizes the effects of being “run” by an imprint that was passed down to you from your family of origin and ancestry and/or through your own life experiences both present and past. C)Dissolving Your Sanskaras Love dissolves your sanskaras. As you open your heart to the pain inside of you, your unspoken discomforts, your longings, your aches, and your angers, you discover that you have the power to hold on to a thought, opinion, judgment, etc., or to take responsibility by developing your ability to respond to your inner Self who has become separate from Infinite Source—God. Your relationship through your heart center to the light of God transforms your sanskaras. Your devotion and dedication to the love within your heart lifts you into a higher state of awareness to transform what holds you back from knowing and BEing your True Self.

8.3. IGNITING THE LIGHT IN YOUR BODY Your body is a highly developed system of energy and light. As a multi-dimensional BEing you are connected to levels of consciousness that are experienced through moving your focus and presence inwardly into your personal matrix. To ignite your body in light requires recognizing that all of life is connected through light, the divine substance that creates the inner web of universal consciousness. Within you exists a perfectly designed geometric design that runs on light. When light has been shut down in your body due to environmental causes, processed foods, chemicals, toxins, sugar, thought-forms, religious dogma’s, political and psychological abuse, misuse of power and control, emotional repression, drugs, alcohol, EMF’s, etc., you attach your Self to thoughts whether true or false to help you to survive and to handle your life challenges. A)Releasing Your Attachments When you live your life believing that you need or must have certain things, a way of life, including excessive materialism, rituals, ceremonies, religious or spiritual beliefs that have taken the place of going inside of your Self to discover and directly awaken your inner matrix—your individual system of existence—you remain attached to fear. All of our attachments are created through fear, and all of us have fear encoded into our cells to work through and transform. Fear is a gateway into love and love is the gateway to self-realization. You must release your attachments to find authentic love which is a new power for these times. B)Unifying Life And The Cosmos In Your Heart There is an undeniable joy that arises when the life currents within your body and soul meet the cosmic and universal flows of creation energies in your heart and you evolve through this life-giving connection. To unify your body, heart, and soul you must let go of control and allow the presence of Infinite Source to move through you. The light within you exists in each portal, your Power Point Centers are generators and transmitters of light frequency. The more you enter the center of your “portals” and unite them, the greater your opportunity to let go and allow the source of true power—love— to move through you and change your life. C)Always Moving Always Still Within the center of you exists both movement and stillness. Through the moving currents and energies of your unique matrix of love is a vast, silent, expansive, and powerful home where you and the universe meet. When you are allow your Self to move through the challenges of your life from the strength and anchored clarity from within your inner still point, you get to experience the orbit of energies within you, your consciousness connected to the Infinite Source within you, and feeling nurtured and supported from the inside out to fulfill your life purpose while feeling unified, whole and surrendered to how Infinite Source—God is guiding you.

8.4. AWAKENING YOUR CENTER OF EXISTENCE The center of all life exists in every living BEing. From within every plant, tree, rock, animal, and human the core and substance of life can BE found. In human form we have all levels of evolutionary development within us creating an intricate system of physical functioning and spiritual gnosis, or knowledge. Imagine moving directly into and through a portal that takes into the center of your existence, where you, the light and God—Infinite Source meet. Your awakening is a natural process that requires learning how to move, let go, expand, contract, and surrender. The formula of life already exists within the natural cycles of life. A)Entering Your Nous – Here is Your Treasure The inner wisdom, humility, and strength needed to walk a spiritually awakened life resides within your upper chest. Centered within your rib cage, your physical and esoteric heart, and your life force currents exists your NOUS, a powerful entry point into the well-spring and holy grail where God, Spirit and you meet. B)Letting Go Into Your Treasure The collective training of relying upon the mind even though it most likely exists in a separate state keeps us clueless to the vast treasure of infinite intelligence that dwells within us. A treasure of pure consciousness is revealed as you walk through the gateway welcoming you into a deep sanctuary where spirit meets your body. To let go into this source you must trust your decision to walk in alignment with love instead of with the voice of your ego. C) Welcoming Your Soul— Integrating With Source BE fed by the wellspring of life and universal energies that are pouring through you. Choose to end shutting the door, and building walls to the love within you and you will find a new relationship with the Source that guides you, initiates you into higher octaves, and brings you love in unexpected ways. Receive the smile, the weeping, the laughter, the pain from within your Self, as you invite your soul to come forth into your body and teach you what you need to know.


BEing whole shifts your values. Instead of living as a fraction of who you are, or one piece of your universal pie, you are expanding into your whole Self.


When You are whole the separation between you and others lessens and then dissolves.


The space between your heart, soul, and body dissolves.


Your obsessiveness about needing to BE someone dissolves and your passion to serve the whole increases. To become whole requires the art of surrender.


You surrender your separations into the wholeness of your True Self and receive back unbridled support, compassion, and guidance from the universal Source of life.


You feel heightened love, intuitive insights, inner trust and knowingness, and connection with the unlimited intelligence within spirit and the universe.

9.1. HEAR YOUR VOICE OF WHOLENESS Find your power first, the love created through BEing whole, and then open to discover your humanness, the surge from within you to touch life and to BE touched by life. Open the vessel within you and fill it with the voice of wisdom, the way spirit moves through your BEing, instead of the voice of your separate Self—your inner tyrant, manipulator, controller, or fearful Self— the you who doesn’t want you to hear the truth that will set you free. A)Surrender To BEing Naked; Get Transparent As you walk through the unknowns of your life and allow your Self to interact with a new wonder and curiosity and let go of trying to fit your image of who you thought you should BE and allow your Self to listen with gratitude and awe, you will find your Self happy to BE naked, transparent and in love with love. B)Stay On Purpose Trust Your Heart During your most difficult times and challenging life moments, stay connected to your heart. Trust your heart to BE the receiver of your soul and stay true to the inner connections you have made to embrace the YOU that has patiently waited for your return. C)Stop Pretending; Bust Your Bubble You are invited to stop trying to BE anything and to step under a waterfall of refreshing vibrant water to clear your perceptions. It’s time to change the lens on your camera so you can see clearly. Better to not know where you are going than to create a bubble to live in that you hope will not pop. Let your bubbles pop as you see from your emerging True Self.

9.2. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS HERE NOW Because you are of the universe and connected to the universal heart-mind that all life, it is only an illusion that you cannot create what you need to fulfill your purpose. Your divine purpose is what you came here to give and to realize. The environment that you were born into, the challenges that you have had are all the ingredients that you need to create a masterpiece life. As you open your inner eyes and see for real, you realize that you must stop putting off what you really want and change your circumstances so you can fulfill your soul purpose. A)Fire Your Ego Go Beyond Fear The only voice in your head that will keep you holding on to fear is the presence of your ego. Your ego’s job is to keep you from realizing who you truly are, because then your ego is no longer needed. The higher you go in your awareness and awakening experience the more your ego will pull you back into old patterns of behaviors and thoughts. You are officially BEing given the permission by the Infinite Source of life God to fire your ego and choose to walk your path of love. B)Stay In Your Body Expand Into Your Physicality Come into your body the awakened consciousness within your body sings. Sometimes it will yell to get your attention, and most of all it will work to get your attention through something in your life not working out as you had hoped for, a physical or psychological illness, the loss of someone special to you, financial endeavors melting down, etc. When you choose to keep your body contracted you keep your mind in control. When you choose to open your body to spirit and to the unseen, unknown and uncontrollable divine consciousness that is pulling you home into its enlightened state you experience BEing everything and nothing all at the same time. C)Trust The Light Within You The light within you will burn through, melt down, dissolve, and transmute everything that no longer serves your greater awakening. You can become attached to something that is giving you a temporary high or an altered state, but the light always becomes dim. When you directly face the light within you and turn towards the light flowing into you, you will feel a permanent connection that enlightens your whole Self. The YOU who needs to direct, over amp a situation to fulfill its emotional roller coaster, take control and feel some sense of existence even if it is false existence feels powerless when you choose the light. Who will you BE if you cannot BE your false Self? When you trust the light within you, expect to become your True Self. The faster that you end playing out your victim, powerless, and false Self, the greater results you will have BEing fully authentic, BEing the expression and presence of your True Self.

9.3 YOUR INFINITE SOURCE IS EVERYWHERE WITHIN YOU As you become less and identified with what you have, what you don’t have, your status in life, your shortcomings, your aches, and pains on all levels of your BEing, you realize that BEing true to you means you are embracing all of your Self and releasing your ways of making things happen, controlling, and holding your Self together through fear and denial. As you let go and surrender into Infinite Source you create greater space inside of your heart and in your absolute BEingness you experience life happening through you. A) The Love Within You Is Your Freedom Love will always set you free because it is unlimited. When you turn to the love that you are building inside of your Self and merge with its light, a flame is ignited that will always illuminate your thoughts, actions, and desires. To BE whole means you have expanded to meet the presence, power, and light of your higher Self, your most expanded version of YOU that is boundless in your body. You experience a safe container or vessel, your Holy Grail, a pure inner space where nothing and everything meet —a sense of BEing empty and full in the same moment that keeps you connected to the love within you. Opposites begin to disappear, and you realize you can experience greater freedom through BEing Whole. B) Only Separation Keeps You A Prisoner Set your Self free by overcoming the battles between your mind and body which keep you in separation from your whole Self. Allow your thinking to reunite with Infinite Source and free your Self from BEing held captive by your fear, intellect, and ego. Enter the light within your cells and release your mind. Find the light within the dark. See with the eyes of wholeness. C) Maintain Your Connection With Infinite Source When you lift your heart up to meet the incoming illuminating power of Infinite Source you enter a creative zone that is uniquely yours. Your connection with Infinite Source is the inspiration for how you approach your life in all its facets. Live each moment connected with the Infinite Source within you and walk through the challenges that appear on your life path. Allow your connection with the light within you to expand you and to permanently shift where you align your focus.

9.4 ALL OF YOU CREATE YOUR WHOLENESS Your whole Self is created through engaging with the essence of your heart and soul expressed through the different aspects of You. Your spiritual power is an alive and vibrant life force energy that co-exists with the entire universe and when tapped into gives you access to full creation and its passionate presence in all life. A)Every Part of YOU Reconnected Makes You Whole As you reclaim your spiritual power that has been hidden in the disguise of fear and BEing abandoned, betrayed, and rejected (ABR’d) you take the steps to becoming whole. Along the way you may BE challenged BEing true to your Self. How you have covered over your True Self ends and you no longer emotionally and psychologically avoid. Your words, actions, and commitments become the expression of your wholeness. Your wholeness can trigger other people. Your presence is now aligned to wholeness instead of separation and you will experience relationships changing. Through BEing whole, you are no longer fulfilling another person’s inner gaps and supporting their separation consciousness. It is in these circumstances that you must BE ONE with the light within you and practice your connection to the light within your whole Self—your new matrix of wholeness. B)Unthink Your Life To become whole means you need to know how-to access your inner strength, clarity, and connection to the bigger version and expression of YOU. To accomplish this, you must open in your awareness beyond the limited circle or box that you have been living in. You must find strength and clarity in your action of stepping through the false mind into your true mind. Acceptance first, connection second, and surrender third. What you identify with will begin to lose its hold. How you relate to your pressing needs shifts. Your wholeness is giving you a new anchor point to make life choices from. You choose to not micro-dose your consciousness to maintain your false reality based upon separation thinking, and you discover a deeper reality that helps you to interpret life and who you are in it from a larger and more expansive freedom. C) Love All Of YOU Again And Again Every day is an opportunity to practice love. Love all of you. Love what hurts and rescue it from BEing abandoned, betrayed, and rejected. Love the YOU who gets angry, who feels inadequate, who reacts to the world, who feels hatred, shame, and fear. Over and over again choose love and allow your lower Self to BE transformed. The more you let go of your identity to who you think you are and who you need to BE to survive and become whole through embracing and realizing your True Self, the sooner you can free your Self from the entanglements of separation thinking and step into your higher expression, presence, and manifestation of who you truly are and make the difference that you came here to make.

Evolutionary Empowerment Course Structure

Part II - ONEness Workout

Modules 10 - 18

Welcome to the ONEness Workout™ where you are going to feel, experience, intuit, sense, and interpret the communication of the universe within your bodymind and open the door to your soul where your visionary, creative, and ONEness Self exists. 

Here you will interact with the matrix of love and power in a whole new way so you can fulfill your spiritual, material and soul-level purpose.


Spirit is the dynamic consciousness that unifies the divine consciousness in your heart-mind, body-soul, life energy-source with God—Infinite Source. In your life you are given the opportunity to split off from Infinite Source as your Source, or to return to Infinite Source as the generator of your whole BEing in action.


To live and BE in Spirit in your body requires viewing your Self from Spirit. You must learn how to see through your inner eyes, bring your mind into your heart, end how you compartmentalize your thoughts, fears, and beliefs, and choose to embody your spiritual power—your True Self.

10.1. DISSOLVING VEILS AND SEEING CLEARLY WITH INNER EYES When you see what is real through your inner eyes you can navigate your life path, your successes, your dreams, your creative power, your career and money choices, and your relationships with greater clarity from your core power. As you come into wholeness you are choosing to end the ways that you separate your mind from your body, your heart from your soul, your emotions from your mind, and how you turn away from the power, the pulse, the love, and the light of Infinite Source to feed your own lower Self, ego, and fears. As you dissolve the veils between you and Infinite Source you begin to see clearly from your inner eyes of ONEness. A)Finding Your Inner Eyes One of the spiritual gifts that you have been given is the ability to see through illusion, see what is real, and trust what you see. Your inner eyes are connected to the infinite intelligence within the universe that is also alive and active in your Bodymind. As you unveil your inner eyes you begin to feel/sense more of the totality of your Self and how life works with and through you. B)The Inner Connections Needed To See Within you is a perfect energetic configuration that gives you the ability to piece the veil. You discover the inner realms that help you to realize that you have the power to see truth and that the interconnectedness of all life lives through you. When you connect specific Power Point Centers you awaken your ability to see through eyes of your soul. Develop the connections that will help you to see what is real and what is illusion. C) Maintaining Your Inner Magnetic Focus Within your body exists a strong electromagnetic charge that maintains your physiological functions. Your inner eyes when focused into one or more Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers builds the electromagnetic energy within you and opens the brain connections between your body and mind enabling you to live in your Whole Self with presence and awareness.

10.2. BRING YOUR MIND INTO YOUR HEART TO SURRENDER INTO YOUR WHOLE SELF Here in the center of your heart exists your Whole Self. As the aspects of your spiritual power that are the emanations and expressions of your soul merge into your heart, they create an unbreakable bond with Infinite Source that will help you clear the residues of your past, ego attachments, doubts, false perceptions, addictions, and beliefs. Come home into your heart center and enter into its cave of love. Travel into its vast space and take the daily journey into releasing your fears and the ways that you avoid BEing ONE with you. Each day take the plunge into the life-giving force of your awareness of BEing ONE and choose to let go of holding on by staying connected into your heart. A)Get to Know Why You Leave Your Heart Center The memories lodged in your body hold the emotional charge of past hurts and pain. To stay with pain and transform it requires inner courage and conscious connection into the inner support from within you. When you discover why you leave your heart you give your Self the opportunity to stay with your wholeness and to self-correct your path. It may be too painful, humiliating, frightening, shaming, etc., to stay in your heart. By leaving your heart you create a way to avoid your emotional energies, and true power. Get to know why you leave and give your Self the chance to come back into your heart so you can integrate who you truly are into your life. B)How Trusting Or Mistrusting Your Heart Led You Astray Develop your commitment each day to checking in with your heart by dropping your mind into heart. As you feel your mind and heart integrate and become ONE you find your Self coming out of your old patterns of mistrusting your relationship with your heart, how spirit moves in you, and you can enter a deeper love relationship with who you truly are. C)Embrace Your Connected Self As you integrate the aspects of your spiritual power that you have left behind, forgotten and ABR’d, you will feel your physicality come alive and emerge through the deep wisdom and insights of your True Self. Love what has hurt, love what you have been afraid of in your Self and in life and embrace the power and the love that is the expression of your masculine and feminine divine energies getting to know each other and discover their ONEness that is waiting for you to embrace.

10.3. END HOW YOU COMPARTMENTALIZE YOUR THOUGHTS, FEARS AND BELIEFS As you end giving your power to your false Self, your ego Self, the one you gave permission to run your life, you will begin to see and feel how much of your life you have given away and will want it back. The way through the maze of confusion, ego dependence, neediness, fear, grief, avoidance, and denial are to allow your mind to connect with the emotional needs, creative expression, and spiritual power of the inner you, the Soul You who embodies the purpose, reason, and presence of WHY you are here in this lifetime. Open your heart to receive the YOU who has been shamed, shunned, judged, and avoided. Receive his or her qualities in your heart so you can anchor who you are in your body. A)Awaken Your Avoidance The more you practice staying inside of your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers the more present you will feel and the more empowered you will BE from the inside out. Each time that you choose to reconnect into the light within your light portals, your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers, the easier it becomes to show up in the moment BEing the whole you. Why you avoid, turn away from your truth Self—the whole you—and by-pass who you truly are can only BE realized by showing up and paying attention to how you engage or run from spirit BEing your anchor, your go-to way shower and guide. B)Refuse To Stay Separate You are lifted higher through BEing One with the Infinite Source within you. You are initiated and empowered through turning towards the center of your power, the core of your love—the essence of your life force, spiritual presence, and heart found through your connection with the Infinite Source in your body. Choose to stay connected into the light within you and refuse to turn away and experience your relationship to your Self, your life work, your family, your health, and your purpose evolve upwards. C)Receive Your Passion, Purpose, and Presence Learning how to receive is an art form. To receive your soul, your creativity, your insights, intuition, pure power, spiritual lessons, inner teacher, and your own heart, create living your life in a full circle. You are growing into BEing in the center where everything begins and ends, lives and dies, and is expressed and unexpressed— where only love remains. As you receive the passion, purpose, and presence of your True Self you find your Self letting go of control, trying to BE someone that you are not, and seeking your sense of Self on the outside. You become happier from within and feel impassioned to live the life that you came here to live.

10.4. BE CONNECTED TO YOUR SPIRITUAL POWER The more space that you create inside of your Self the easier it becomes to BE ONE with the truth of who you are. Your spiritual power is the YOU who is stripped of your attachments to denied fears, what you use to keep your Self feeling safe, superior, okay about your Self, the ways that you ABR your Self, and most of all the YOU who stands spiritually naked facing Infinite Source—God. Your ego is capable of creating a false spiritual Self and can fool you into identifying with its “false power” instead of BEing One with the power of your True Self. Over time you awaken to realize that you have become separate from what is really important, and you will have a feeling of being misaligned. The hidden trap within your soul evolution is to identify with the power that you have. Whether your power is that of a singer, composer, healer, spiritual channel, financier, fashion designer, lawyer, actress or actor, political activist, inventor, visionary, chef, etc., as soon as you identify with your power instead of allowing your power—the power that you are—to BE ONE with the Infinite Source within you, you create karmic chaos that will eventually manifest in a hundred ways. Your true spiritual power stands alone, it is who you are born to BE. How you use it and honor your spiritual power is what builds a sturdy ship to navigate your life forward or BE a broken ship that breaks down over time. A)Inside of Fear and Attachment Your fear is created through separating from your True Self. Your separation in a moment is caused through experiencing trauma, being ABR’d or ABRing your Self, facing a life-threatening experience, feeling unlovable, unworthy, that who you are does not matter, that who you are is not enough, and that your survival is at stake unless you respond in a certain way, etc. You can become attached to your fear because fear can pump you up, keep you engaged with life, keep you addicted to behaviors, beliefs, foods, substances, etc., while ultimately building your false power and keeping you disempowered. When you trust your ego Self more than the true YOU, you are cocooned and shut off from clearly seeing and BEing your True Self. Each time that you embrace your fear from love and transform your fear you allow Spirit to move through you and give you back your life as you deepen with Infinite Source. B)Time to Let Go of Fear Once you can feel where fear lives inside of you, acknowledge your emotional attachments to the energetic connection with your mother and father. Embrace the YOU that has lived in fear, resonates in fear, and hides in fear. Know what you have been most afraid of on a survival level and let go of how you hold on to maintaining your hidden fear. Remember, by holding on to your survival fears, ie: “I can’t BE loved and provided for if I ______ and express the love that I AM and live the truth that is me.” You are destined to get to a place in your evolutionary journey where you decide to release living in the fear that you have been attached to so you can become ONE with your spiritual power. BE aware of how fear holds you back. Then, choose to let go of fear so you can build your relationship with Infinite Source and trust its infinite intelligence and love. C)Refuse To Identify With Your Power As you step into your power and you find your Self making decisions from BEing connected, you begin to see life clearly. As you trust your inner connection with Infinite Source, refuse to identify your Self as BEing a certain way through attaining spiritual consciousness or attaching your Self to who you think you are. The way through the trappings of over-identification with your Self is to keep your attention focused and connected into the light within you and allow it to expand and take up more internal space. Here is the gateway into your true power. Once you identify with your “experiences” spiritually or professionally of BEing “something” you miss the opportunity to BE nothing, yet everything. Your ego will take hold of your spiritual power and use it for itself while keeping you caught in your own spiritual ego. Your liberation comes through BEing in the heart of your Self, where separation and ONEness meet within you. Refuse to identify “who you are” AS the spiritual power within you. Instead stay deeply connected in the love within your heart. Keep surrendering. Stay empty yet fused into the light of Infinite Source within you until nothing can separate you.


Your next level of freedom comes from knowing that you must lose your Self to find your Self. The purpose of the work we have done up until now has been to bring you into direct connection with Infinite Source and aligned with your True Self.


As you receive your spiritual power, the essence of who you are, and honor the soul expressions of your True Self, you must let go of all of the ways that you perceive your Self, others, and the world.


You must BE willing to die into your Self, to let go of how you hold on to who you think you are, the you that you have worked hard to become, and give over what you have come to believe you need and must have to BE YOU.


The inner secret is that once you become whole, you are pulled by the Source within you to let go of the you you have become, so you can become ONE with the larger universal power within you. Your ego begins to lose its hold on you because you have gone beyond defining your Self through combatting your ego’s survival state of fear and separation.

11.1. HOW TO LET GO Here you are, you have worked hard to have your life together, to know your Self, make others happy, BE the best you can BE so you have a feeling of fulfillment and BE seen as BEing reliable, responsible, and competent. You have failed both your Self and others at times. Y You have ABR’d (abandoned, betrayed, and rejected) your Self at times. You have worked hard to get here, and you try hard. When you get on the dance floor, and you try too hard to dance you can’t. You must let go and allow your body to feel the music to really dance. You must forget your Self. You must remember the Infinite Source that is inside of you. The impulse of BEing connected and ONE with Infinite Source will always take you to higher heights. Always. A)How You Hold On You hold on because you do not fully believe that the Infinite Source has your back. You wonder why things fluctuate, change and shift and you may be realizing it is you who comes and goes, ebbs and flows, in and out of the center of your BEing. You hold on from your will, your stubbornness, your resistance, your fear, anxiety, disconnection from your True Self, just to prove to your Self that what you believe about your Self is true. You will hold on to the lies about your Self to sabotage your divine connection, prove you are better than others, less deserving than others, etc., until you choose to let go of what you believe. You hold on by creating a box of limited perceptions, activities, and mind sets. You hold on by denying that you are ONE and must be in control. Feel supported by the power of BEing ONE with the Source within you. Feel it. B)The Secret To Letting Go You must know what you are holding onto to let go. You must understand why you hold on to be able to let go. The secret to letting go is knowing what you are letting go into. If you let go to a person, a belief system or a situation and allow someone else to control you, take your power, manipulate you, trick or fool you, let go into sexual intimacy with a person who is just using you or can’t love because they are too wounded or their heart is shut down, or to a person who presents who they are as BEing more advanced than you, etc., you will be hurt by letting go with them. When you let go into Infinite Source in your heart you learn to surrender your fears. When you let go consciously with discernment and devotion you grow in wisdom and strength. Learn to BE adept with connecting into your Power Point Centers so you can let go into their higher light. Connect your mind into your heart, nous, and solar plexus as a divine alter or temple within you to embrace you as you let go. C) Trust Your Connection with Infinite Source As you establish your connection with Infinite Source through your alignment with the light within you, trust is built. Your connection is sacred and when you communicate directly with Infinite Source from an inner resolve of clarity and pure intention your trust grows with profound results. Go the extra 100 miles by trusting your connection with Infinite Source. BE willing to let go of what you hold on to because it fills a need in you yet takes you off-course from realizing your True Self. Choose To BE fully in your body.

11.2. FINDING YOUR OWN OPEN INNER SPACE We all want to become something or someone special, unique, recognized, remembered. We try hard to fit in, meld in, BE seen, BE heard, BE something. From your earliest childhood memory, you will sense and remember if you had to work extra hard or could relax into BEing YOU based upon how you were BEing responded to and what expectations were projected on to you to make others happy. By leaving your Self you filled your Self with the thought-clutter created by separating from your True Self. Now, you know how to come back to you so you can BE Whole and connected. You know that if you ABR your Self you will empower your ego Self. Now, you are ready to reverse your beliefs about your Self, end how you separate from your infinite consciousness, and recreate your relationship to how your live your life. Open the inner space within you through remembering and embodying your relationship to the wild within you, the presence of Spirit. Instead of identifying with who you think you are, you want to enter the open inner space that gives you access to the YOU who is ONE with Infinite Source—the light that you are. A)How To Create Your Inner Space To create inner space, bring your mind into your heart center and expand your awareness into your heart. See the light growing in your heart as you enter its portal. Make greater space within you to exist in. Give your Self room to move. As you breathe expand the breath into the sides of your body and into your spine in between your shoulder blades. Bring the breath into your heart center, then open the door and walk into the infinite space within you. B)Let The Light Enter Your Inner Space Once your inner space is open and you feel its expansion it is important to fill it with light. Give your Self over to the light as you invite it into your body. Your body is open space and what you fill it in keeps you stuck or held back on your path of awakening or catapults you into feeling and BEing ONE with your higher energies and alignment with Infinite Source. C)The Teachings Of Your Inner Space Honor your inner space. Know it is your sanctuary where you can come to give over your fears, frustrations, disappointments, sorrows, joys, gratitude, and hopes. As you enter your inner space you will be opened and given exactly what you need to know to return home to your Self because the universe is always patiently waiting for you to receive its wisdom, guidance, and insights and give your undivided attention. Write, show up, surrender, and witness opening into your Self. Get to know how your inner space prompts you to shift into a new direction or an ah-ha realization. Create your inner space to BE your home and make it a beautiful place to BE.

11.3. FINDING YOUR BELOVED Stay intimate with the light within you. See it as your lighthouse. Breathe through your thoughts into the essence within you that is found through BEing real with your Self. How do you become real with your Self? You allow the truth beneath your feelings to BE known to you. You become the witness to your Self. The YOU who is listening is your BELOVED, the YOU who loves so deeply that you silently ache to know love and to BE love. You must pay attention to what you fear and stop feeding the fear behaviors that range from avoiding, escaping, by-passing, running, etc., so you can move forward and upward into a higher octave of your BEingness. The light of your existence must BE nourished. Your inner BELOVED will show you how. Let go into your inner love. Let go of how you play small in your life. Let go of how you stay attached to the age of your inner child who found comfort in an activity because life looked too complicated, painful, or threatening. Let go of how you run from the truth of your soul, how you use sex, money, drugs, plant medicine, alcohol, sugar, food, control, and your ego Self to avoid BEing the light that you are—your soul—the spark of God. There is enormous illusion on the physical plane, and you must develop your awareness to not BE blind-sided by it. Some of us find the light and live it as a living prayer, and others hope to find the light at physical death as another form of escape. BE focused, stay true to why you are. Allow your illusions to die because you want to BE ONE with love. A)ONEness Through Openness When you open to the light you inwardly and outwardly move beyond illusion—the design of your mind that keeps you caught in its projections. As you open to the light stay present in your body. Allow the frequency of the light to fill you. Realize that you need to let go of needing things “your way”. and through this realization pay attention to the promptings within you showing you the highest path that the universe has for you. ONEness is an open state in your mind that is beyond the inner conflicts, battles, and oppositions within you. Your steadfast connection into the light will help you to move through and breakthrough your inner battles, self-created separation, and fear into ONEness. B)End the Battle With Love Love will find you amidst your greatest pain and frustrations. Love will find you in your deepest hurt, regrets, sorrow, and loss. Love will BE with you when you are lost. Love will feed you when you let it in. You fight love because you want to prove how competent you are to do things your way and that opening your heart might mean that you will hurt—again. Until you close the door to your ego and open the door to the love within you, you will BE in battle. The raging battles within you fight your True Self to prove that its way is right at all cost to you—your health, financial success, spiritual-physical union, a relationship, your hopes and your dreams. End your resistance to the love that is here within you, for once opened to will blow your mind. Align your actions, life work, and words to the divine love in your heart. Here, in your new alignment you will free your Self to create more love. C) Weep Into Joy Through Fearless Love When you allow love to take you over there isn’t anything higher or greater to take its place. When you allow love to guide you it will help you to live in higher integrity, give you the “right” words to calm another’s torment or pain, open you to feel deeper humility and give you an all-encompassing balm of peace that fills you. Deep joy comes from feeling whole love—a depth of love that seeps through the cracks in your interior foundation within your BEing and dissolves the old sediment so the river of life can flow through you and touch your nervous system, your heart rate, your insecurities, and your fears. Allow your Self to let go into love and feel the joy of BEing fearless in love.

11.4. THE INNER SPACE OF LOVE What do you fear losing by letting go into your heart? As you enter your heart approach it with gentle care and honor. As you enter your heart you will find a tall sturdy gate that will open when you come to it with pure intentions. You must leave your self-serving, self-grandiosity, self-identification, self-saturation, self-deprivation, and self-sabotage before you get to this gate. Follow the love within you and your love will take you through and give you entry into the light. As you walk through the light and through the dualities of your heart—the contrasts and opposites that have kept you in battle, you find a dwelling place of silence. As you move through your thoughts and end using them to define you, you will find silence within the stillness. Here you can hear your heartbeat, feel your inner Self calm down, feel ONE with nothingness. Here you can begin a new life even if you are still apprehensive or afraid. Make your connection with the Infinite Source within you, your priority. Listen, feel, sense, trust and know you are much greater than you know, for you are light, YOU are love. BE with your desire to BE ONE and let go into love without limits. A)Silence Within The Silence Your mind begins to rest into the silence of BEing. By reconnecting the energies of your soul and spirit into your body your ego’s chatter and relentless talk and distractions can subside. To enter silence, you descend into your body, filling the areas within you that have held old emotions with your presence and love. Continue to let go into the open space, the nothingness, the Source of creation within you. BE with the everything and its nothingness. B)Allow the Universe To Enter Receive your Self. BE melted by the presence of the Universe—Infinite Source and how it speaks to you through your inner communication system. Check in with nature, feel how every living thing opens naturally into Creation to exist. Take away the ways that you stimulate your mind and your senses and BE ONE with the universal wisdom and presence that is the Source of your intellect, logic, intuition, life energies, creativity, insights, and spiritual power. C) Empty Your Self Into ONEness You are ready to give everything over into the Universal presence where the everything and nothing meet through the silent, expanded space within you. Allow your Self to empty your Self into the generator of Infinite Source—God and let your Self unravel and unwind. Move the love that you are into Infinite Source. Share freely. Give back and receive. Serve your greater Self. Embrace that you and Infinite Source are ONE. Give voice to your surrender. Give expression to your emptiness. BE ONE with your commitment to release your old Self to live in ONEness with the Infinite Source within you. Let it live through you as YOU.


Most of reality happens in the invisible realms.


When you look at nature you only see a small percentage of how life is showing up in front of you. The intricate web of life, the interaction of life and how it grows itself, sustains itself and dies is invisible.


Your soul is invisible until you learn to see with your inner eyes.


The love within your heart is invisible until you see the results of your love. Your anger is invisible until you make it visible.


Your spiritual faculties, such as the ability to know something before it happens, to trust BEing guided by your steadfastness with Infinite Source, what someone else is thinking, mending a torn and broken heart, serving your higher purpose, channeling in a great piece of music, a painting, a poem, a novel, a plan for a house or a garden, or business solution is the process of making the invisible visible.


The physical realm is only one realm surrounded by invisible realms that you must know how to navigate through to not be side-tracked in your life.


Create, build, and trust your connection with Infinite Source so you can discern what path is best for you, show up in high integrity, and BE true to your heart.

12.1 UNIFY AND INTEGRATE YOUR LIGHT ENERGETICS AND PHYSICAL-EMOTIONAL BODY The light of Infinite Source has the power to deconstruct your old energetic matrix based upon your beliefs, identity, and attachments and reconstruct your whole Self into ONEness. Your physical and emotional body are deeply connected and when honored and integrated create harmony, power, and true strength. When they are separated their separation create over controlling, fear-based manipulative, passive, over-thinking, anxious, obsessive, and disconnected thoughts, actions, and behaviors. To unify and integrate your light energetics you must uplift your emotional body through clearing your self-beliefs, beliefs about others, fears, what you have taken on that is not yours, and awaken your Self, so that you can experience your True Self and true power. The guide within you is love and through trusting the love within you the inner gateways into the invisible are opened awakening you out of your dream that only what you can see with your physical eyes are real. As you reconnect in your soul, your emotional body mends. As your emotional body unifies, your mind can relax its grip and serve your heart. As your heart and mind become One, you begin to live from your True Self. A)What Happens When Your Light Energetics And Physical-Emotional Body Merge Your emotional body is the bridge between your body and your soul. When your emotional body is cleared your body and soul can unify and merge. The energetics of light will clear your emotions so that you can feel the true power and Source of who you are. Tap into your sacred design, the geometry of your universal Self, the YOU who is here to enter the physical plane and transform your thoughts, beliefs, and interpretations of life energies, and allow the light within the invisible to touch your soul. B)Trust The Guide Within You The love within you will guide you through the valleys, forests, rivers, meadows, and seas within you. As you trust the love within you the invisible realms, universal insights, levels of awareness, and realities open to you. You have a higher Self that is always guiding you towards your full potential in this lifetime and in all lifetimes. Your higher Self resonates to the vibration of pure power because it is the eternal expression of the YOU that is ONE with Infinite Source. C)Choose Between Serving The Energetics Of Separation Or ONEness You can spend your entire life responding to the emotional rollercoaster, inner battles, denials, and thoughts created through over identifying with the energetics of separation and not even know it. To cross the bridge inside of your Self of repetitive invisible responses to stress, grief, and fear, you want to turn on the switch of the energetics of ONEness instead. The energetics of separation keep you feeling in control, and the energetics of ONEness open you to the invisible state of BEing integrated and whole. To manifest your life from ONEness you must BE free of proving your self-worth and live in the integration of your True Self.

12.2 TAP INTO THE NATURAL STATE OF UNIVERSAL ONENESS When you sit, walk, run, dance, play, contemplate or think in union with the natural existence of the invisible Source of light you must expand beyond the box that you create for your Self to live in. Whether through dogma, isolation, comparison, judging, projecting, using, abusing, being over-needy, opinionated, fearful, willful, resistant, etc., you maintain a distance to the natural interactive connection of life that is always around you. When you dissolve the walls and the barriers to YOU, the Source of Infinite Presence, BEingness, the love and power that you are can expand into your inner open space where ONEness resides. Make the choice to come closer to your natural energetic and soul design so you can experience growing into life through surrender and selfless love instead of growing away from your natural state of ONEness. A)Become Intimate With ONEness Get to know what the essence of life feels like in your body. Take in the sunshine, a yoga asana, your breath, your intuition, one dance movement, the aromas of using spices in your food preparation, the vibrational increase of using live foods, let your heart shine and move in rhythm with who you are instead of who you think you must BE. Let your Self BE embraced by the invisible design of light that exists within the web of life. B)Enter Nothingness to Find ONEness Through the gateways of seeking results, being attached to outcomes, spiritual phenomena, religious dogma, positive thinking, finding your Self through merging with undealt hidden and invisible emotional wounds, finding power through putting others down, judging your Self, etc., recognize that you need everything in your life to stack up to fit your pictures of reality so you can by-pass surrendering your ego and avoid the invisible death of transformation. When you let go of your pictures and addictions that feed your mind instead of your heart, you can enter pure nothingness and find ONEness with your heart. C)Embody Your Soul Design and Ignite What Is Real Your soul holds an invisible until made visible soul design that seeks to BE released into your psyche—your BodyMind configuration. Within this geometric universal design are codes and keys of your soul. Yes, it is invisible to your physical eyes, but can BE perceived, felt, and seen with the eyes of your inner heart. Everything that you do can BE in union with the codes of your soul. Your codes are built into the matrix of your existence and found through the light attunements that we are practicing together. Your codes are keys that unlock your awareness into your higher frequency, and self-realization, of why you are here and what you came here to fulfill. Make the invisible visible through entering the codes of light within you. These codes are your original blueprint of your purpose from lifetime to lifetime.

12. 3 ENTER STILLNESS WITHIN CREATION There is a deep well-spring of stillness within you. To find it you must go through what your mind thinks is real and find your intimate connection with Infinite Source through trusting what your heart knows as real. Through stillness you will find the spiritual dimension of power that exists in your universal Self, the wholeness of your soul and as the eternal presence and spark of illumination that dwells deep within you. As you enter the stillness within you Infinite Source sculpts away the layers that have covered over your True Self and reveals the beauty and sacred ONEness of who you are. Where spirit meets the body, how your body and soul relate to one another in a tangible way, how dedicated you are to listening, to what depth you are willing to face how you run and why you ABR your Self, and choose instead to prioritize BEing ONE with the light within you and step out of rationalizing, crushing, and manipulating spirit to do things your way instead of its way, takes you out of your inner battles and the ways that you deny the “other life”, the power of divine intelligence that is simultaneously happening at the same time as you try to BE “normal”, spiritual, religious, intelligent, successful, and powerful. The “other life” is where stillness lives. Where Creation exists. Where God and your body interact as your soul teaches your mind to trust what is truly real. A)Finding The Stillness Within You Through the frenzy of your nervous system that is always BEing inundated with external stimuli exists a remarkable entry point into eternal consciousness. It is a still point where life meets the creator and sustains itself through this union. To find the stillness of your infinite Self that does not identify with life or death, “but just is”, requires that you trust your connection with Infinite Source through your mind and body. Let your mind enter the space within you where everything stops, where you can sense the universe breathing itself through YOU. Let your Self be held, breathed into, loved, and cherished. Sit with me as you sit in you and let’s find the entry into your sacred universe together. B)Finding The Spark Of Illumination Within You Through the chatter of your mind and its relentless dictations of its interpretations of life exists your well-spring of infinite life energy, intelligence, and power. It emanates light that is dazzling, healing, inspiring, and awakening. That light emerges from the source of creation within you, and the source of creation emerges from the light because they are ONE. Here where light and dark meet, where Source meets the center of existence within you lives God. Focus into the light in the core column of your body and look for the point that is sparkling and enter its center. C) Finding The Source of Creation Your eternal home is inside of you. What is eternal? It feels and is seen as pure expansion. It is open, deep, infinite. It is where you always live. You leave it to find your way back. Your path is your path unique to you but is filled with all of the universal struggles that are experienced by people all over the world. The source of creation is still. It is the center of all life movement. Seek the stillness and enter it. Let go into the stillness within you. Lift up into its elixir. Allow it to BE the source of your heartbeat, the fire of your digestion, the teacher of your mind, the balm for your emotions and the ignitor of new ideas. Come home to you.

12.4 LET SOURCE AND YOU BECOME ONE You were born to return to you. You are given the great gift of life to realize You. The YOU who is committed to living through your body, heart, and soul. The YOU who is passionate about ending the divisions between thinking and feeling, action and reaction, judgement, and discernment, exploding and imploding, surrender and true power, loss, and gain, blaming and shaming, wounding, and hiding, and separation and union. You must BE willing to let go of how fear and anger, arrogance and deceit, and avoidance and denial are used as a secret language to block awakening to what is real. The ego You will teach you to speak its language instead of the language of your soul only because the soul that you are was not seen, heard, received, honored, supported, or encouraged to BE its full power and potential. Your ego created a world for you to live-in to help you manage your stress and discouragement created by not BEing met. Your soul language is spoken through your heart and will ignite and guide you to walk through the eye of the needle of your consciousness. Move beyond the inner energetic configuration and inner structure that you have created to survive, exist, feel safe within, etc. Release your pain, your fears, and your grief out of your heart into the light of Infinite Source. Inwardly ask to BE guided by the light. Let Infinite Source and You melt into one another. BE blessed in their union. A)The Language of Your Soul Through the invisible realm of your heart exists the language of your soul. For eons of time your soul has been experiencing life in myriad forms. Some of your lives have been as a female, others a male. Some of you are predominately a masculine soul, others predominately a feminine soul. This means you have been learning, growing, and mastering your relationship with life through your masculine side or your feminine side. Your soul is the union of your masculine and feminine and exists through its direct connection to the Infinite Source. The language of your soul is driven through its desire to feel and express ONEness into physicality. Your soul cherishes your receptive heart, your driven heart, and the opportunity to awaken into life. Your soul, who you are just needs to BE given an open door to walk through into your life. B)Move Through The Eye Of The Needle Of Your Consciousness Walking through the eye of the needle of your consciousness requires your mind and body to BE energetically connected. You release your hold to maintain and control your outer world in the moment and move inwards into the space where you no longer need anything except freedom, the kind of freedom that releases you into the pure presence of existence. As you let go and release your Self from the restrictions that your mind holds on you, travel into your heart and move through open, limitless deep space, the kind of space that goes on forever. Move through the eye of the needle of universal consciousness. C) Merge With the Light Within You As you move the portal into open and empty space within you continue moving into your heart until you see gold light. Travel into the gold light within you and breathe into its glow, its illuminating and welcoming presence. Here you will BE given the key to opening the door into the unlimited light and infinite love that will welcome you home into YOU.


The universe in you and the cosmic universe, expand and contract from a center.


The center is creation and when you are ONE with creation you have a place to live and evolve from. When you connect into your nous and your third eye and become ONE in their connection you can enter the center of creation.


Your wisdom grows through returning to your center when you fall out of it. There are many ways that you create your fallout. BE wise and pay attention to what behaviors you become attached to that were first created in a different cycle of your life.

Many of those behaviors were to distract you from inner pain, find a way to BE liked or appreciated, fulfill other people’s expectations to BE loved more, leave the moment to dissipate becoming intimate and vulnerable, etc.


When you are in the center of creation you are present in love and will do what is needed in any moment to create love that another person can relate to and feel loved.


Your ego Self will keep you contracted to block you from expanding into ONEness.


Get to know your ultimate expansion and contraction potential and recognize the power of BEing in the center of your Infinite Source.

13.1. BEing ONE In the Center The universe within you and the macro-universe are always expanding and contracting in the magnetic force of creation. The movement of expansion and contraction creates the polarity of opposites on this plane. To cease BEing the effect of being pulled out of your Self you want to remain connected into the Infinite Source centers within you. You will find your Self at first by waking up to how you manipulate and distract a moment because you are not in your center and your ego has slipped in. When you ONE in the center of your Self your mind and heart are interconnected and you practice BEing present to what is around you and within you. As your capacity grows to living in your center Infinite Source can take you deeper into the light and power within you. A) How To Expand And Contract To expand and contract you want to feel and connect with your pure energy within you that is always in motion. Your energy is always magnetically pulling away from the center within your Self and being pulled back into the center within you. You want to drop down into your heart and allow your life force energies to expand outward in a circle around you, then open to receive them as they move back into your heart center. B) How To Live In Your Center Your center is the meeting point where Infinite Source and your inner bodies meet. To live in your center you are going to bring your focus into the flame, the light, the still point within you and allow your personal and universal energies to meet. C)Unleashing the Power of Expansion and Contraction Let’s dive into the meeting point where your cosmic energies build momentum and connect you into your Infinite Source energies. To unleash your power, you must first reconnect and then let go into the natural flow of creation energies expanding and contracting within you.

13.2. You And The Universe Are Always Engaging Your creative power comes from how the universe, and you are interconnected and engaging in a profound way. You always have the choice to follow exploring living out your sanskaric patterns; the impressions and imprints from past actions and thoughts or to follow the living in the center of where the ebb and flow of expansion and contraction meet. A)Stay Connected To Your Path Grow what is important to you. Create your priorities and stay with them. If you want to change your food diet pay attention to the thought forms and old emotional patterns that you have had and have tied up with food. If you want greater intimacy in your relationship, BE present in your heart to where your partner is at in the moment. B)End Leaving Your Connection With Your Center When you end leaving your Self, a new joy arises within you that sustains your momentum to trust in your connection with Infinite Source. Within the center of BEing, in your body, ONE with your heart, psyche, and soul resides the power of love. C)Honoring Your Relationship With Your Heart Your heart center is the gateway to your soul and when you are aligned in Infinite Source you feel universal wisdom and truth. The process of awakening transforms your known and unknown fears and softens the barriers to the place inside of you where you feel “safe enough” in your body to trust.

13.3. LIVING IN THE CENTER When you live in your center you allow your feelings to meet Infinite Source within your body and are in the expansion and contraction, the opening and receiving of the gift of the moment. You make your decisions of how you are relating to a situation or a moment from one-pointed alignment. A)The ONEness Of Creation Never Changes As you commit to BEing ONE with the Source and center of Creation, you find that your happiness comes from how you engage and show up in the moment from your True Self. B)Understanding Expansion And Contraction Expansion emanates from your heart and is expressed through a conscious and direct way of expressing the love that you are. Contraction is the receiving of what you have discovered through expanding into the light, the center of creation, Infinite Source, and its outpouring love. C)The Frequency Of ONEness Imagine living in the center of your BEing. Can you see the golden light, the bright sun of illumination within you. How do you create your resonance, your frequency with ONEness? You allow your Self to drop down from your mind into your heart.

13.4. NEW ALIGNMENT BOUNDARIES By staying connected into your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers and merging your mind into your heart and your light portals you discover a new alignment in which to live. Instead of monitoring your alignment with externals such as workaholism, plant medicine, alcohol, pills, money, social media, anger, control, avoidance, co-dependency, etc., you live in a new alignment that maintains your connection with the Infinite Source within you. A) Old Boundaries And New Alignment Boundaries Your old boundaries range from shutting down to your inner Self, aligning with your false Self when you feel inwardly confronted by the truth that you must recognize within your Self to grow to your next level, or using anger, mincing words, control, or leaving your Self and allowing anything and everything into your personal space. B)Embodying Your Values Through your new alignment boundaries, you want to honor the way Spirit is showing you how to expand into a moment and pull into your BodyMind the love that is possible to embody. Rather than living out or acting out your old boundaries that originate from leaving your Self and splitting off from your Self and using habits such as workaholism, abuses in the form of substance, food, emotions or mind and others that keep you from feeling, try reframing your boundaries from greater Self-awareness. C)Maintaining Your Universal Connection Through A New Alignment Denial steps in at the oddest moments. Just when you are about to crack open the shell of your psyche, your ego sends a silent alert that beeps danger ahead, do not move forward.


To create your life to BE the expression of “who are you” and “why you are here” takes you in the direction of coming home to your Self.


By taking the steps to integrate the love and power within your Self, you begin to move through the ways that you self-sabotage your Self to block your power and awaken the feeling within you of wanting more love, more joy, and touch the desire to step out of living in a comfort zone.

14.1 COMPLETIONS AND NEW BEGINNINGS You came into this lifetime to complete previous cycles and to activate into your life the next level of awakening that you are here to realize through what you do, how you do “it”, and to bring together the aspects of your Self that need to BE healed, fully integrated, and restored into a higher alignment for your evolutionary empowerment. Each time that you complete a chapter of your life you create an open door to a new beginning and moving your life forward. A)Find Your Higher Purpose In Each Completion In each completion in your life exists a life truth BEing revealed to you. You are given the opportunity to learn something new about your Self and to complete a relationship within your Self to a behavior, habit, a way of thinking, giving, or losing your power, building, or diminishing your soul power, or BEing true to You or not. B)Trust Your Cycles of Completion Trust the ah-ha moments that you have through times of completion. Each completion has been a cycle of expansion and contraction, opening and surrendering, trusting, and mistrusting, tears and joys, and lessons about love. C) Each Completion Is A Death and Rebirth We learn the most through letting go into a renewal of our relationship with Infinite Source. When we let go completely, we go through an inner death that brings us closer into our higher purpose.

14.2. WHAT YOU ARE HERE TO COMPLETE What you are here to complete is very important to BEing able to move forward on your life journey. Your divine path is always waiting for you to walk into with greater commitment to fulfill the calling of your Higher Self who holds the key to revealing and guiding your higher purpose. A)The Purpose Of Completion The purpose of completion is to strengthen you, uplift you, and enlighten you. Completion frees you from past entanglements, beliefs about your Self and accelerates your adventure into ONEness. B)How To Complete Within each completion is the gift of coming full circle in your Self. When you grab the moment to see the freedom that a completion can give to you, life shifts in a dramatic, subtle, gentle, or strong way to hold you and to move you forward. C) Listen And Trust Your Inner Guidance To grow through completion and find your new direction, allow the cycle you have been in to BE honored. Create a sacred experience to acknowledge what the cycle has given to you.

14.3. SUSPENDING DISBELIEF To realize your higher purpose and live as your True Self you must suspend your disbeliefs about what your life path—your spiritual path—is “supposed to look or BE like.” You must go through your own self-created walls to find your heart and come into your body to find your true power, and to find your true love. You must suspend your beliefs about the timing of your life, what you were “meant to BE doing”, what God is, enter through the veils of illusion to experience the truth of who you truly are, and most of all suspend your disbelief that you can exist and survive BEing ONE with the Infinite Source within your Self. A)When You Hit The Wall When you have hit the wall in your Self, know that it is your time for your heart to open and connect deeper into Universal Source for the purpose of your mind to shift its hold and give your soul the chance to emerge evolve to the next level. B)Through Your Distortion Field By holding on to your ego, the you who makes sure that your survival is taken care of and your needs and desires are fulfilled and support its own existence, and not yours, a distortion field is created. When you open into your heart center and touch the blessing within you and surrender into its presence you remove the separation between you and what has created your distortion field and create the possibility of suspending disbelief. C) Beyond What You Think Is Possible Your ego’s function is to prevent you from moving out of what is unreal into what is real. You can only fathom what is possible, what is real when you strengthen your inner core connection into the light that you are and open the gateways to what is beyond the limited energy grid and closed mindedness that you created to accommodate and serve your ego instead of your Higher Self.

14.4. MAKING A DIMENSIONAL SHIFT Seeing your Self from a dimensional perspective gives you the opportunity to expand into the more refined and subtle divine intelligence that lives within you. The earth plane has many trappings in its inner dimensions and the way to enter the higher frequencies is through activating and aligning with the light within you and directly with Infinite Source—God. A)Understanding The Planes Of Existence Each of the “bodies” within you correlate to an inner plane. Within each plane are substrates. Your physical body lives on the physical plane. The physical gross plane holds the consciousness of stones and metals, vegetables, worms and reptiles, fish, birds, animals, the elements, and their environment where the soul collects and creates its sanskaric patterns to eventually realize God—Infinite Source. Your emotional body correlates to an emotional plane. And so it goes through your emotional, mental, and etheric planes. B)How To Evolve Through Consciousness To evolve through your consciousness, you must embody that you are not what you identify with, but you are a free BEing who is connected to the Infinite Source. You must continually choose to surrender your fears and ego to evolve. C)Finding ONEness Everywhere You Go When you stay in the light connection in your body and allow your heart to discern your life actions, weigh cause and effect, stay true to the process of alchemy in your lower Self so that you can drop away your collected dross and layers of human separation and arrogance something incredible happens.


When we hold onto fear we develop a relationship with our bodymind that limits our ability to fully connect into the expansion of our unlimited creative power. To live your life beyond the boundaries of fear requires full trust in your connection with Infinite Source.

15.1. CONSCIOUS SURRENDER When we are conscious, we are in a state of surrender with Infinite Source. Our heart-mind is released into love ,and we see beyond the limitations created by our self-absorbed mind. We no longer identify with a feeling, a reaction or a judgment and surrender our made-up interpretations and beliefs created through BEing separate from Spirit and choose instead to discover the beauty, power, grace, and love within ourselves. A)Tug Of War By recognizing what we fear falling apart within ourselves, failing with, losing, not having, feeling out of control with, denying in ourselves and fighting in ourselves, we give ourselves the chance to break free from our past and to end playing tug of war within our Self. Power struggles are passed from generation to generation, from parent to child…. B)How To Surrender Life’s pain, disappointment, grief and loss, and other forms of suffering all lead to choosing to surrender or to shut down. To surrender you must want something more than the discomfort that you feel in your life. You must want to think more about the whole picture of a situation, think of someone else’s well-being more than your own, and most of all to BE willing to end the battle within you. C) Beyond Fear What is beyond fear? How do you find it? How do you even know there is anything else that exists beyond fear? When looking outwards into the world it has become impossible to not see how much fear continues to BE created and is perpetuated to take the place of love.

15.2. CONSCIOUS ALIGNMENT Your sacred power is discovered through the realignment with the light within you. Your sacred power is an integrated energy within your soul. It’s true purpose is to evolve your life higher and to bring you into conscious connection with its transformational fuel. A)Experience A New Freedom Each gateway that you walk, leap, or jump through in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ gives you access to a new freedom. Once you access your new freedom then it is time to align your whole Self into ONEness. B)Super Conscious Power Here you are at the threshold of your super conscious power. You may ask: Does it actually exist within me? Indeed, it does. The power created through aligning the essence, existence, and presence of every aspect of you ignites your super conscious power. C)I AM Aligned Your root center is connected in the core of the earth. It becomes more clear each time you acknowledge on a body level that your existence is through Infinite Source. Your lower belly, the center of your personal power, sexual power, and creative power, your navel, the center of your will, your solar plexus, the center of your emotional receiver and generator.

15.3. CONSCIOUS DIRECTION When you are aligned to your sacred direction instead of ego direction you give your Self the momentum to soar. BEing aligned to your sacred direction originates from your heart. You know what you do not want, and you turn towards expanding beyond your limitations towards the light of your higher destiny path. A)Conscious And Unconscious Direction Your conscious direction comes from trusting and BEing true to your relationship with Infinite Source and the divine intuitive guidance that you are receiving. Through opening into divine love, a recognizable and tangible feeling is experienced as you feel the presence of the Infinite present within you. B)Choose Your Direction And Let Go Practice aligning into your heart and allow your Self to move into its full expansion. Center your focus into the center of your heart and enter its center. Choose the direction of BEing ONE in your heart and invite in Spirit, the flow of Infinite Source, feel it fill you, and let go.

15.4. CONSCIOUS EMBODIMENT You are the container for your soul and through releasing fear and resistance and receiving the original seed essence of who you are releases your spiritual power into your body. As you embody the infinite intelligence within your soul you can experience moving beyond limitation. A)Emptying Your Self Into Source Give your Self into Source with everything that you do. Let your life become conscious surrender in action. Instead of filling your Self until satiated give all that you are into Infinite Source to allow it to recreate you through its love. B)Know Where You Live Your body is the home for your soul. By releasing your thoughts and agendas into Infinite Source through emptying your Self into Source from the impetus and flow of the love that you are, you discover that you live and reside in pure ONEness with the divine.


A very long time ago before separation consciousness entered our collective mindstream, we lived in alignment with Infinite Source within our bodies. 


We valued BEing physically-emotionally-psychologically whole while feeling connected to universal ONEness.

As a collective matrix we have left that wholeness in many ways and on many levels.

16.1. Welcome To Your Universe You are here to realize that you are ONE. ONE with your soul, your body, and universal mind that exist beyond the battles of duality—oppositional realities playing out in your mind, in your body, your life, on earth and in the universe. You are the master of ceremony, the director and producer of your life. As you follow the guiding light of love in your universe you will enter a portal that welcomes you into pure consciousness where life is created through knowing how to first merge opposites, and then enter the center of their union where only clear existence resides. Here there is abundance, infinite light, and profound love. A) What Is Your Universal Story Look at the challenges and circumstances of your life up until now. Look to see what your struggles have been. From a multi-faceted perspective, they have been the perfect teacher to help you make the radical changes that you have needed to make to evolve. How you live in relationship with your higher values and a close relationship with Source begins to rewrite your life script. Your universal story is based upon your hero’s journey, overcoming the obstacles that you must face and moving through them to find a higher partnership with Infinite Source—all to find ONEness with your divine Self and beyond. B) Surrender Your Need To BE Separate Through the journey of realizing ONEness, you will encounter sudden jolts that awaken you from the denials that you have been in even though you may have thought that you were not in denial. When you turn to Infinite Source as a friend and truly listen you realize that Spirit is gently teaching you. C)End Giving Your Thoughts Power Live through your love and its inspiration to raise your Self and others up. Trust your connection into your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers and practice moving the light you.

16.2. LET YOUR MIND AND YOUR BODY OPEN TOGETHER Beyond keeping your mind and your body separate exists a place more powerful and life-giving than you might know. When you end seeking completion outside of your Self and turn inside instead to find completion you discover that you have always been ONE. A)Keep Your Mind And Body Connected Practice thinking from an integrated body and mind that is connected through your Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers. Here in their union, you train your Self to keep your attention into the love that takes you out of the cycles of solving your life problems from separation. Create wholeness in everything that you do and witness your life opening in a whole new way. B) Become Your Original Seed Spark Of Creation As you become ONE with the love and pure power within you, the gaps within you heal. You close your inner exit doors and feel more confident living as the light that you are. Your original seed spark of creation is your original life impulse, your original creation point, the source of all manifestation, and expression. C) How To Become The Light You become the light through losing your Self into it. You become the light through opening your heart. You become the light by turning to the light for help instead of fear. You become the light through opening your body to receive and embody the light.

16.3. SOURCE YOUR LIGHT AS YOUR GO-TO PLACE Each time that you enter the light within you are making the decision to create and live your life from infinite love and power instead of separation. Your decision to embody the light, BE the light, and to embrace the light as your nourishment, best friend, mentor, teacher, and healer gives you unlimited creative access and helps you to manifest your work in the world. A)How To Make Important Decisions The place to go inside of your body first when making any important decision is into your solar plexus. Enter its golden sun and see the light of the sun reflecting in your golden pond. Bring your mind all the way into your golden pond as you enter and sit in its warmth. Allow your Self to BE fully present as you sit in your golden pond. B) Go The Full Journey Just when you think that you can’t go any further in your life and you feel either too exhausted, weary, or overwhelmed walk towards the gateway that is in front of you and stop thinking, just do. Switch direction as needed to walk towards it. C) BE ONE in the Light The light that you are is God that you are. BE ONE with the light and celebrate BEing true to who you are. There isn’t anything between you and Infinite Source—God except your fear of losing your Self or letting go of control because you have become your ego but do not know that you have.

16.4. TIME TO OPEN INTO YOUR BEYOND Your most powerful beyond is to go beyond doubt, then fear, then self-hatred and then self-sabotage. To open into your beyond means that you have honored your pain and your wounds and have rescued the original seed spark of your presence and whole consciousness that exists within you. A)BE Who You Are Completely Receive the pure original seed spark of who you are. In-the-body enlightenment occurs as you become ONE in your Self. Give your Self the ultimate gift of BEing all that you are to your body and heart center. B) How BEing Whole Supports ONEness You have a silver cord that is an etheric-energetic body cord connecting your soul to God. In utero and at birth it is strengthened or weakened. At death it disconnects from your body. In life it connects your connection between you and the divine to BE whole and gives you connection to the light that you are. C) Trusting BEing ONE Your natural state of consciousness is to BE ONE. You are already One with Infinite Source but have forgotten who you are and must now awaken into the pure remembrance of who you are. As you enlighten your body with light you awaken what has been dormant, sleeping, or waiting to BE seen, heard, or received.


Our inner heart resonates to a sound frequency. Whales and dolphins speak to each other with sound and can be called in by singing their frequency tone. 


All of creation originates in darkness and is realized through light.

By knowing the sound within your heart, and the light of your BEing your journey into ONEness is expedited and carried on the wings of love.

17.1. YOUR SOUND OF ONENESS When you embrace your wholeness, a beautiful sound is created within you that meets the universe. Your sound of ONEness is created by moving through your inner barriers that bind you and hold you captive in illusion A)Your Heart Is Singing Its Song To You The vibration within your heart is the frequency of your soul. Take some time each day to listen and BE with the power of the song within your heart. B)Listen To The Universe Speaking The universe is speaking to you. It is arousing your curiosity, your wonder, your insights, and perceptions to come closer to its callings to you. As you listen to the universe through your heart you realize the all-encompassing love that exists within the presence of its voice. C) The Sound of Your Light Sit with me and bring your focus into your third eye and heart. Then, bring your focus into both Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers at once. Listen to the inner sound created through BEing connected to both Spirit Gateways® Power Point Centers in this moment.

17.2. YOUR LIGHT OF ONENESS You are a profound constellation of light configured over millions of years. Without you the constellation that is YOU would not be evolving the bigger picture of life. A)Follow Your Light Into ONEness Once you connect into the light follow it. Stabilize your Self through following your light. Your ego Self discards the light of your ONEness so you must make a conscious choice to follow it. Allow your Self to awaken without self-judgment. B)Honor Your Light Practice BEing ONE with the light that you are. When you are engaging with someone who does not know or see the light, honor your light. When someone is criticizing you, honor your light. When someone says they love you, but dishonor you, honor your light. C)BE ONE With Your Light Find true stability through BEing ONE with your light. As you grow the roots of your BEing into the Source within you over time, ONEness teaches you that you are always BEing guided.

17.3. RECALIBRATE FEAR INTO LOVE The imprint of fear is engrained into your nervous system. The way to release the imprint is through bringing light into your body, filling your body in light, and reuniting your mind and body into the light. We are working with the pure physiology of how the body and mind function in relationship with your soul and Source. A)Going Beyond Fear Love has no boundaries. It penetrates and pierces through light just like the light of the sun breaks through the openings in between a dense forest to shine its light in the shadows. To go beyond fear you must choose each day from your heart to allow love in, to break through how you hold on, shut down, over analyze, take sides, numb your Self, forget your Self, hate your body, and love instead. B)Loving Your Fear You must love your fear to release your Self from fear. You must understand where it comes from and then make a new choice. You must open the door, sometimes a trap door, sometimes a bolted door, with a sign on it that says No Trespassing and bring a gift to the YOU who has been stuck and blocked from living, the one who is behind the door. C) Becoming Fearless Listen with deep commitment. Listen from your heart. Make sure that your mind and heart are unified, and on speaking terms. Then, trust your connection with their power. Get out of the way.

17.4. INSIDE THE UNIVERSE OF THE INFINITE EVERYTHING AND NOTHING Life is always recreating itself and destroying itself. The breath of God within you breathes life into you and then shifts you into BEing another expression of itself so you can realize the essence of who you truly are. As you listen and feel the presence of creation within you, know that Infinite Source—God is living through you as YOU. A)Living In ONEness Let your Self grow bigger beyond the thoughts in your mind, the fears in your heart, your physical restrictions, and your lingering emotional hesitations about letting go into the Source of creation. Remember you are a co-creator with the Source. B)BEing Held In The Universe You are held in the embrace of love. The more that you realize how loveable you are, how incredibly precious you are the more the universe can hold you. Together, Infinite Source and You have set into motion the foundational work of meeting the love that you are and stepping through the veil of illusion that separates you from ONEness. C)Your Voice, Your Power, Your Clarity In ONEness It is your time to walk through the gateway of full trust with Infinite Source. Your clarity and connection has prepared you. You are connected to into the Source within you and from here it is up to you to keep the light turned on inside of you.


Undivided in your focus, one in your heart, remembering love, unified in your power, integrated in your feminine and masculine human-divine energies, and sourced into the whole, the love you embody resonates as ONE with creation.

18.1. ALLOW YOUR LIFE FORCE ENERGIES AND UNIVERSAL SOURCE ENERGIES TO BE ONE You are ONE in your Body through your universal connection. Know you are expanding as you meet the divine stillness and movement of the ONE. Welcome BEing ONE with your frequency as whole heartedly as BEing ONE with the light of the sun. A)The Source Of YOU Dive deeper into the Source of YOU each day. Plumb the depths of your heart and continue to go through what has been a source of pain into the source of truth. There is a core sanskaric pattern, an over-arching pattern that you have repeated for lifetimes that prevents you from stepping through the veils of your perceptions and inner stories. B)Your Body, Your Soul, Your Efforts Your body calls out: Take care of me. Stop leaving me. Stop fearing me. Receive the ocean of my passion, the fire of my love, the strength of my winds, the rising of my earth. Let me liquify your yearnings and give you fulfillment through your efforts to BE ONE with me again. C) The Union Of YOU Free from the battles between your feelings and thoughts, body and soul, mind and God, and earth and heaven that have come back together within you as one dear friend who opens the door to the sanctuary within you giving you back the key to union entrusting you with its wisdom, its presence and freedom, showing you divine love once again.

18.2. UNIFY LOGIC, INTUITION, WISDOM, LOVE AND POWER In everything that you do, make it beautiful. Open the window and allow the light to shine in. Awaken to the wisdom that is calling you again. Pull back the curtains and look at the moon of your intuition, guidance, and inspiration. Beckon your logic when your intuition wants a best friend. A)Crack The Code To ONEness As you bring into your heart and make room in your body the aspects of your spiritual power that were left behind and were forgotten about, your body becomes the container for all of you to come together. The tart and the sweet, the robust and the over-ripe, the firm and the juicy aspects of your spiritual power are received in love until separation no longer exists within you. B)You Are ONE When you walk under a star lit night the twinkling brilliance of the stars mirror their essence back to you and you feel ONE with their light. When you walk through the woods at night the surrounding darkness mirrors back to you nothing but your own thoughts. C) Bring It All Together To Lead The Way Can you hear the music of all of you playing and BEing together? Have you let go of your resistance to YOU? Are you done pushing away YOU?

18.3. WALK THROUGH THE DOOR The door has opened. Love has brought you here. The light that you are here illuminates your way. A)Through The Door Of Global Doubt And Fear All around you is global unrest, economic, political, and social uncertainty that is pulling at the foundation of your BEing. Millions of people are holding on to the thoughts, projections, false perceptions, and misunderstandings of truth. How to find truth and understand divine law instead of relying upon human interpretation has been challenging humanity and tearing humanity apart for millenniums. B)Realize You Are Not Alone But ONE It becomes all too easy in life to isolate in your mind head, in your home, and in your own world. The mind, when allowed, fabricates its own interpretations and stories that take over and take up space within your mind, your heart, your heart—your BEing. C)Resonate YOU In the Universe Fulfill your purpose by living in your frequency of love. Bring it forth. Let it speak, write, create, come forth in everything that you do.

18.4. ONE WITH THE CIRCLE OF LIFE Your life has many cycles, and cycles within cycles. Each cycle teaches you something. You awaken, you grow, you realize, you integrate, you let go, you unify, you discover a new strength, you become wiser, you let go some more, you empty what has completed, you become transparent, you take off more veils, you turn to love, see the light, become the light, behold the light and suddenly realize the gift of BEing ONE with the light of Infinite Source within you. A) Call Life In. Let Your Soul Out. During these times, what you are aligned to determines how you make decisions, the outcomes that are created and the impact that you have. B) Coming Home To ONEness You are naturally returning to the home within you called ONEness. Deep, sweet, strong, gentle, powerful, anchoring, and uplifting the center of creation exists within and without. Go beyond your fears. Go through your limitations and welcome in the Infinite Source of light. C) In All Ways BE ONE. BE YOU.® Life initiates you by showing you that you are made up of its sacred substance, its aliveness, and its transformational consciousness. Everything is always changing. The only reality that stays consistent is your connection to Infinite Source. Sometimes the waves are calm and other times the waves are turbulent. How you approach the water and interact with its currents are crucial for coming home to YOU. Immerse your Self all the way into love until you merge into the ONEness that is YOU. BE ONE. BE YOU.®

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