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Activate Your God Grid of Light

The BELIGHT MEDITATION® Signature Program gives you everything that you need to initiate and guide you through all of the BELIGHT MEDITATION® energetic, multidimensional, and light connections to awaken and activate the power, bliss, knowledge, and love within you.

The online video BELIGHT MEDITATION® Signature Program is in development and will be released in late 2022. Please subscribe to our mailing list so you can be kept informed and know when we release a detailed course curriculum and launch date.


BELIGHT MEDITATION® reveals the love, power, bliss, and knowledge within you that leads to BEing, living, and manifesting your life purpose in a state of awakened ONEness.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® bridges and integrates the light of your Bodymind and soul into a unified matrix so you can experience vibrant health and longevity, fearlessness, financial abundance, emotional and psychological clarity, and stabilized spiritual awakening.

Most of us create a mindset to accomplish our life goals and responsibilities from a fragmented Self perspective that prevents experiencing self-growth and accomplishment from a state of integration.

I have found that one highly effective way to become a whole person—defined as a clear, energetic, self-motivated, fearless, and perceptive team player—is to turn on the switch to the realms of the Self that exist beyond limited thinking, constrictions, control, and attachment.

Benefits Of Practicing BELIGHT MEDITATION®

Practitioners of BELIGHT MEDITATION® have found that this practice:


  • Teaches you how to rewire the connections between the BodyMind and infinite intelligence to reset the channels in your physical and mental electromagnetic system that signal new responses beyond stress, ego, and survival reactions.

  • Awakens the pillar of conscious God ONEness within you.

  • Helps you to discard your worn-out everyday coat of surviving and living life in an old matrix into a new matrix of ONEness, light, and grace. 


  • Creates connection, empowerment, and expansion of your full human potential by giving you the tools to awaken the power and light within you.


  • Activates the light that exists within you by igniting and awakening the necessary connections within you to know and live in your True Self.


  • Gives you an authentic direct connection with Infinite Source to uplevel your energetic, psychological, spiritual, and physical wholeness.


  • Integrates and aligns all of the facets of your Whole Self.

 More Value By Practicing BELIGHT MEDITATION®

By practicing BELIGHT MEDITATION® you can also:


  • Open and clear the natural, innate pathways and channels in your body supporting you to BE fully awakened so that you can BE ONE with Infinite Source.


  • Ignite your higher consciousness, attunement, and trust in Infinite Source as your guide.


  • Dissolve false behaviors and habitual patterns that no longer serve your highest potential and goals.


  • Neutralize reactive responses so you can access a wellspring of creative and spiritual power.


  • Discern false perceptions and beliefs from higher truth and integrity to help you manifest your dreams.


  • Connect you to your life force energies within your whole Self to develop heightened focus and truth that leads to ONEness.


  • Realign your whole brain and nervous system to attain and maintain a conscious connection with Infinite Reality.

  • Accelerates your ability to contact the magnificence of your Whole Self. 


BELIGHT MEDITATION® is different from other meditation techniques.


  • It is not a transcending technique.

  • It is not a mental focusing technique.

  • It is not a mindfulness technique.

  • It is not a breath technique.


BELIGHT MEDITATION® integrates your BodyMind & Soul into Infinite Source through a unique and synergistic practice of light, sound, and breath and learning to see from your Higher Self that teaches you how to connect into the core essence of your enlightened human matrix so that you can remember who you are.

You can practice any BELIGHT MEDITATIONS® for as little as 60 seconds throughout your day or for 30 minutes or longer. The more you practice and the more consistent is your practice, the more quickly you will gain results.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® is part of the Original Way Teachings, a divine masculine-divine feminine approach to enlightenment that Iana has pioneered for more than 45 years, through her own direct experiences with God and inner Masters who have moved her through her own fragmentations into ONEness. 

BELIGHT MEDITATION® is the result of these interactions and is Iana's gift back to all who are seeking an authentic connection to the embodied truth and light within themselves. 


All of Iana's teachings have their basis in direct BodyMind experience gleaned from actually practicing BELIGHT MEDITATION®. There are several points of entry so you can discern what works best for you.

are a series of meditations with a specific theme and are an easy and inexpensive entry point to the BELIGHT MEDITATION® practice. The Collections are available as downloadable MP3 files that you can add to your desktop audio player or mobile device.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® is offered as a module in Spirit Gateways® Passport, as a standalone Signature Program, and will also be offered as a  Certified Facilitator Training in the near future as part of Spirit Gateways® Professional Training.

The BELIGHT MEDITATION® Guidebook will be released in 2023.

All of the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings CoursesDeepenings Mini-Courses, and Living From Your Wild Heart 52-week free video series contain the foundations of BELIGHT MEDITATION® as practices within each course.

You can also experience BELIGHT MEDITATION® in Iana's podcast, BE ONE. BE YOU.®.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does BELIGHT MEDITATION® differ from other forms of meditation such as mental focusing, mindfulness, transcendence, or breath techniques?

BELIGHT MEDITATION® gives you a direct connection to your God Grid and the illuminated light of your soul. Past imprints in your subconscious and psyche are healed through mending your heart, awakening your soul in your body, and reconnecting you to the bliss, power, love, and knowledge of your True Self.


How long do I have to do BELIGHT MEDITATION® before I see the results?

You will begin to experience a shift in how you see your Self, your life path, and your relationship with the world and others usually within three weeks if practiced every day. You may also experience instant results also happens or it could take three to six months; it all depends on your dedication to a daily practice.

How long should my practice of BELIGHT MEDITATION® be each day?

It is optimal to give your Self 10 to 30 minutes once or twice a day. In time, you can practice a BELIGHT MEDITATION® for as little as 60 seconds anywhere and anytime and receive enormous benefits.


I do another meditation technique. Will this be in conflict with practicing BELIGHT MEDITATION®?

No, it will only enhance your experiences with your present meditation practice because BELIGHT MEDITATION® connects you into your whole consciousness on a mental, emotional, energetic, physical, and spiritual level simultaneously.

What People Are Saying

“Iana taught me several meditation techniques, each with a different purpose, and all extremely effective and enjoyable. For many years now I’ve been using her techniques to help me heal physically, to cope with the pain associated with chronic illnesses, and to help me heal deep emotional wounds and traumas. I find her techniques immediately soothe and ground me, bring me back to my center, and help me to both discover and resolve the many layers of my past. The only thing better than me using Iana’s techniques are when Iana talks and guides me through them herself with her beautifully comforting voice.”

Eileen Shuchat, The Paleo Potter, Toronto, Canada


I am exhilarated in my body in a whole new way. Life force and I have become one. I understand sexuality and love from within in a whole new way. A constant ray of light is touching my body and giving me love and is melting away the discomforts and shadows that have previously blocked me from being one in my self. I am in an ocean of bliss that I have found because of what you have helped me find within myself, Iana. This is miraculous work. Thank you.”

Cassandra M., TV Producer and Consultant, New York, New York


“The BELIGHT MEDITATION empowerments that I have been practicing have helped me to create a new deep foundational alignment that source me into the higher light of my consciousness enabling me to effortlessly break through the holding patterns that I did not even know were there and had been blocking me from evolving my life forward. Everything in my life is rising up into a new frequency of awakening, joy, and abundance ever since I began these incredible practices. Thank you Iana for these gifts!

Avi R., Architect & Designer, Princeton, NJ

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