Deepenings Mini-Courses

Open To The Ocean Of Wisdom Within You

Deepenings Mini-courses are an easy yet focused way to enter into the Spirit Gateways® BE System experience and the 21st Century Liberation Roadmap.

Each Mini-course is a 60-120 minute online video that opens a doorway and provides unique insights into how to regain your natural birthright of Wholeness.

You can watch any one or more Deepenings Mini-course as a great introductory foundation to Spirit Gateways® programs or enjoy all of them for a more holistic 360-degree Spirit Gateways® experience on life.


Deepenings Mini-courses are $44.44 for 60-minute courses and $88.88 for 120 minute courses.

Real Power False Power

Unblocking Your Full Potential

Real Power False Power guides you to realize how your personality Self can support or sabotage your purpose and mission from manifesting and block your full potential.


Your Real Power waits for you to come home to and once experienced becomes the roadmap of your life.


Experience BEing guided through the karmic, ancestral, and sanskaric inner battles with your personal power and rediscover your relationship with your True Self.

You will:

  • Reconnect to the Source of your True Power.

  • Identify when you or someone else are not in their True Power.

  • Step out of false thinking and discover your personal power alignment.

Real Power False Power Course Contents

Module 1 - Real Power Source Codes

   A. What is Real Power?

   B. How is Your Real Power Created?

   C. How is Your Real Power Blocked and Unblocked?

Module 2 - False Power Source Codes

   A. What is False Power?

   B. How is Your False Power Created?

   C. How Do You Step Out Of False Power?

Module 3 - Steps To Recreating Your Power Alignment

   A. Where Does Your True Power and False Power Exist in You?

   B. How Do You Access Your True Power?

   C. How To Transform False Power Into True Power


Module 4 - Love Births A New Relationship to Power

   A. Acceptance

   B. Alchemy from Fear to Love

   C. Abundance Found Through Living In the Center of Your Whole Power

Super Sex Unveiled

Exposing The Secrets Of Great Sex

Your sexual energies are connected to the Source of life which includes Divine Love, the sacred geometry of your soul, and the matrix of universal energy.


In Super Sex Unveiled you are taught some of the basic core connections to help you raise your frequency up from the mundane aspects of sex into life-enhancing rejuvenation, bliss, and joyous reunion waiting to be experienced between you and your partner or solo.

You will:

  • Awaken your super potent and liberating sexual energies.

  • Initiate your natural sexual vitality and essence.

  • Activate, embody, and sustain your divine sexual power and light.

Super Sex Unveiled Course Contents

Module 1 - Women's Super Sex Wisdom

   A. Know Your Cosmic Emotional Womb

   B. Know The Source of Your True Power

   C. Know How To Move Your Super Sex Currents

Module 2 - Men's Super Sex Wisdom

   A. Know and Receive Your Own Divine Feminine Power 

   B. Know That You Can Initiate Your Male Self Into Wholeness 

   C. Know How To Open to Your Own Heart and Live Through Your
       Own Love and Power 

Module 3 - Your Sexual Energies Unveiled

   A. Know The Power Of Your Navel

   B. Know the Color Of Your Power

   C. Know How To Open To Let Go Into God


Module 4 - Super Sex Practices

   A. Diamonds In the Spine

   B. Earth Meets Heaven

   C. Long Engagement Of Your Light 

Money Honey Power

Finding The Sweetness Of Your Money Mojo

Money Honey Power guides you to the doorway within, where money, your love for your Self, and humanity co-exist.


Through this doorway, you will discover the exquisite realization that money is not separate from you. You will also realize the sweetness received through finding that the Source of your money treasure exists within you. This realization will help you integrate your passion, power, and purpose to support you to live your life fully in ways that are true to you.

You will:

  • Access the source of money and open to its supply.

  • Begin to recognize and clear ancestral money imprints

  • Experience the integration of your sexual, emotional, and money energies.

Money Honey Power Course Contents

Module 1 - The Source Of Money Within You 

   A. Opening To The Source Of Your Supply

   B. Saying Yes To Abundance

   C. Tracking the Ancestral Vines and Roots To Prosperity or Lack 

Module 2 - The Purpose of Your Soul and Money

   A. Manifesting Money Through Loving Your Self

   B. How Do You See Serving Others Through your Money Flow

   C. Connecting With Your Money Maker  

Module 3 - Your Sexual and Creative Center Creates Money

   A. What Can Block Your Sexual Life Forces

   B. How To Free Your Sexual Life Forces

   C. Channeling Your Sexual, Creative, and Money-Making Love


Module 4 - BodyMind Money Empowerment

   A. Healing Money Fear 

   B. Unifying Light and Dark 

   C. Creating Money Abundance 

Born To BE You

Ride The Wave Of Joy

You have heard and read that there is no one like you.


But, how do you tap into and discover the You that was Born To BE You?


Time and time again you have attempted to hold your own, BE true To You, but you slip out and you do not know why.


In Born To BE You, you will discover a practice to help you to stay true to who you are and walk forward each day towards BEing deeply devoted to your happiness, well-being, and destiny path.

You will:

  • Embrace the purpose of your life.

  • Find the connection point into your heart and soul.

  • Move through fear Into loving acceptance of who you are.

Born To BE You Course Contents

Module 1 - Who Are You? 

   A. Why Are You Here?

   B. Saying Yes or No to You

   C. Remembering Who You Are 

Module 2 - Igniting Your Heart

   A. Awakening Your Light

   B. The Struggle To BE YOU

   C. Coming Out Of the Dark  

Module 3 - Finding the Voice Of Your Soul

   A. Directing Your Mind

   B. Finding the Forgotten You

   C. Giving Your Self the Space To BE


Module 4 - Through Fear and Beyond

   A. What You Must Say Yes To 

   B. Dissolving Fear 

   C. BE Connected  

The Light That You Are

Illuminate Your Life

From the beginning of time realizing and BEing the light or leaving our connection to the light has been the human journey.


There are many ways that we separate from the clear light within our soul. To find the light within ourselves we have to embrace, see, know, and receive the light that we are.

The light illuminates and helps us to realize our purpose, passion, and power.

Through the dark exists light, and through the light exists the Infinite Source—God—the One.

Discover The Light That You Are and walk forward into your life and live the life that you came here to live.

Within the nucleus of your BEing dwells a light so bright that it has the ability to shift your awareness, open your heart, help you to remember who you are, heal what ails you and reconnect the fragmentations between your mind, body, psyche and soul.


Awaken and ignite The Light That You Are with down to earth tools and practices. 

You will:

  • Discover and connect to the light within you.

  • Activate your light grid of divine intelligence.

  • Open the door to the inner teacher and activator of joy within you.

The Light That You Are Course Contents

Module 1 - Access Your Light

   A. Calling In Your Light

   B. Saying Yes or No to You

   C. Opening Your Heart To You

Module 2 - Activating Your Inner Guru

   A. Receiving What Is In the Dark

   B. Activating Your Inner Joy and Brilliance

   C. Awakening To You

Module 3 - Activating Your Light Grid

   A. Opening Your Third Eye

   B. Connecting Your Power Centers 

   C. Divine Feminine-Masculine Currents


Module 4 - Realizing You

   A. Seeing Through Illusion 

   B. Breaking Your Bonds With Fear

   C. Letting Go Into Light

GOD Energy Your Energy

Trust Your Divine Intelligence

The key to longevity and living in joy is a by-product of knowing how to tap into your super well-being state of wholeness.


Connecting you into the One Infinite Source within the generator of your unique divine and human energies in your BodyMind, a subtle but powerful shift into the awakened you occurs as your energy reunites with divine intelligence.


Experience this concise and direct teaching to help you to awaken into feeling unified with God Energy Your Energy.

You will:

  • Experience God — The One Infinite Source within you.

  • Learn how to tap into your energetic reservoir for greater strength & clarity.

  • Discover the source of love within you and follow its guidance to achieve your dreams.

God Energy Your Energy Course Contents

Module 1 - Experiencing Abundance in the Body

   A. Generating Passion

   B. Finding Your Heart Amidst Chaos

   C. Stepping Into the Unknown

Module 2 - Longevity Comes From Within

   A. How To Tap In

   B. Listening To What Your Body Needs

   C. Through Fear Into Trust

Module 3 - The Source of Love

   A. Connecting into One Infinite Source

   B. Awakening Your Heart and Lower Belly

   C. Surrender


Module 4 - Contentment Revealed

   A. Following Ease and Grace

   B. Releasing Pain and Resistance

   C. Finding Your Inner Galaxy Within

Where Art & The Divine Unite

Live In The Center Of Your Passion

When you connect into the Infinite Source of life within you a gateway opens into the unlimited universe within you that has the power to dissolve the walls and boundaries between the visible and the invisible, what is felt and ready to be felt, what is heard and not heard, and the space that exists between the sound and light of the divine moving through you waiting to be expressed into creation.

Through the weaving of passion, denied or undealt with emotion, awakened and transformed feelings, and relationship with the divine, your creative power is released into the divine and ignites the art of your life—the art of your soul expanding into a higher octave of expression.

The union of the known and the unknown meet in the center of your BEing, as you create the beauty, power, truth, and love waiting to BE released from within you, Where Art and the Divine Unite.

You will:

  • Learn to recognize the voice of the divine within you.

  • Find the point of connection where infinite Source & creativity meet within you.

  • Breakthrough Into unlimited creative inspiration, vision, and manifestation.

Where Art & The Divine Unite Course Contents

Module 1 - Navigating Shadow and Light