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Universal Messages From Divine Mother

Evolutionary Empowerments For These Times

For millennium, the voice, presence, and love of Divine Mother has permeated the hearts of people from all pre-history peoples, earth-based traditions, religions, and walks of life.

Each time that Divine Mother speaks her messages, they are to help bring humanity closer to their hearts so they can successfully merge with the essence and spirit of their BEing.

Though difficult for some to discern, Divine Mother is alive and well amidst the turmoil and chaos happening on the planet right now.

Her story is one of BEing the precious heart who holds space and time, expansion and release for humanity to come to its Original Self—its God Source— the One who is infinite love manifesting through us all, as its Self.

Love is here for you to help you and to support you through the pain, sadness, sorrow, grief, hurt, anger, and resentment that is our human response to the fear created by living in separation from the One.

The battles within us that must be met and mended are ultimately resolved by listening to and practicing Divine Mother’s guidance.

In every Universal Messages of the Divine Mother you are taken on a different journey of the heart, mind, soul, and body unified in love and in the power of love to guide you through the reoccurring patterns and pitfalls of BEing human.

Come join us as you are embraced and held by her voice.

Drinking From The Holy Grail

Messages From Divine Mother Light Collection # 1

The first Universal Message of Divine Mother by Spirit Gateways® in Drinking From The Holy Grail., a 23-episode audio course. based on Iana's book of the same name, which is now out of print.

Universal Messages Of Divine Mother - Drinking of the Holy Grail offers the principles, techniques, and tools that directly connect us into the source of life energy that heals and sustains our lives and assists us in living in the center, where spirit meets the body. Rediscover and reconnect your own divine forces, heart, and soul, and come to know the power and light of the Holy Grail within you

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