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The Light That You Are

Illuminate Your Life

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From the beginning of time realizing and BEing the light or leaving our connection to the light has been the human journey.


There are many ways that we separate from the clear and radiant light within our soul. To find the light within ourselves we must embrace, see, know, and receive the light that we are.

The light illuminates and helps us to realize our purpose, passion, and power.

Through the dark exists light, and through the light exists the Infinite Source—God—the One.

Discover The Light That You Are and walk forward into your life and live the life that you came here to live.

Within the nucleus of your BEing dwells a light so bright that it can shift your awareness, open your heart, help you to remember who you are, heal what ails you, and reconnect the fragmentations between your mind, body, psyche, and soul.


Awaken and ignite The Light That You Are with down to earth tools and practices. 

in The Light That You Are, you will:

  • Discover and connect to the light within you.

  • Activate your light grid of divine intelligence.

  • Open the door to your inner teacher and activator of joy within you.

The Light That You Are Course Contents

Module 1 - Access Your Light

   A. Calling In Your Light

   B. Saying Yes or No to You

   C. Opening Your Heart To You

Module 2 - Activating Your Inner Guru

   A. Receiving What Is In the Dark

   B. Activating Your Inner Joy and Brilliance

   C. Awakening To You

Module 3 - Activating Your Light Grid

   A. Opening Your Third Eye

   B. Connecting Your Power Centers 

   C. Divine Feminine-Masculine Currents


Module 4 - Realizing You

   A. Seeing Through Illusion 

   B. Breaking Your Bonds With Fear

   C. Letting Go Into Light

Welcome To The Light That You Are.
Remember, BE & Live in Greater Harmony,
True Power & Joy By Aligning Your Whole Self
Into The Infinite Source Within You.

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