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A Woman's Power

BEcome The Woman You Know You Can BE

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Experience BEing Free, Whole, & Fully Alive

In Your Body, Mind, & Soul

A Woman's Power Guides You On Your Unique Path
To Realize & Liberate Your True Self

Are you ready to embody and live the next levels of BEing you completely connected and fueled by your highest truths, feminine and masculine sacred integration, and ONEness with the Infinite Source within you?

Together, we dive deep into the rejuvenating and life-giving energies that reside in your body, mind, and psyche to restore your original Self.

In A Woman’s Power, you will BE ONE with the soul messages and pure knowledge that resides within you to reveal your highest purpose, frequency, truth, health, wealth, and spiritual-soul level gifts.

A Woman's Power gives you the opportunity to:

  • Remember Who You Are.

  • Love Your Self and BE Your Self.

  • Self Initiate spiritual-physical-emotional ONEness.

  • Heal and Set Free the Real You that is unlimited power and love.

  • Mend old wounds, heartbreaks, violations, and separations within your heart.

  • Activate into motion greater financial, relationship, sexual, creative, and sexual abundance, and joy.

  • Dissolve illusion, denial, and holding your Self back from BEing all that you can BE.

  • Give Your Self the space to embrace your financial, professional, and personal potential.

  • Break through pain, anger, and fear into greater self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-trust.

  • End the ways that you deny, repress, compromise, shut down, ignore, abandon, betray, or reject (ABR) your power.

  • Clear your ancestral, karmic, and sanskaric patterns - impressions and imprints within your subtle bodies and subconscious. 

  • Transform your core-existence issues that are ready to BE shifted into pure light, exuberant love, and unstoppable power

You Are The Treasure Needed For These Times

Do The Work Crucial For You 
& Our Planet

Together, we will do the work that is crucial on the planet at this time to support you to remember, realize, release, rejuvenate and restore your whole and empowered Authentic Feminine Self.

Through the gateways of your pain, hurt, self-abandonment, betrayal, denial, and judgment, you will glean the original You—and free your Self to make the decisions needed to evolve your life, see clearly, and love your Self the way that you deserve to BE seen, heard, received, and valued.

Our planet is rapidly becoming a network of new thinkers, intuitives, empaths, and innovators, and needs Whole women to guide the way through the confusions, misdirected egos, and false Selves that are battling to maintain false power.

You are needed in this world to BE A Woman of Power to establish a new model and ideal for our faltering world and for generations to come.


A woman’s power is directly connected to universal power.

Once you discover your “medicine” and you integrate it into your body, psyche, and heart, you can and will rise up as a new light leader, way-shower, inspiration, partner, mother, business and creative success, and powerhouse at an entirely new level.

As a Spirit Gateways® Deepenings Course, A Woman's Power is an integral element in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ and is included in your subscription to the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village membership


A Woman's Power Guides You Through Your Most Cherished Creative, Sexual, Life-Giving & Soul Empowering Gateways To Help You To Live

Your Life To Fulfill What You Came Here

To Accomplish On All Levels

Of Your BEing

A Woman's Power
BEcome The Woman You Know You Can BE

You are given the insights and tools to heal and mend your deepest pain, trauma’s, and the ways that you have abandoned, betrayed, and rejected (ABR) your Self, and step through the veil into BEing all of YOU—ONE and WHOLE.

The joy of BEing whole gives you the foundation to up-level your life emotionally, psychologically, spiritually and physically, sexually and financially

To regain your authentic spiritual ONEness means that you have learned how to receive and love your Self, create healthy boundaries, trust your truth, reconnect the lost parts of your Self, and to re-establish a relationship with the You that is your True Self.

The curriculum outline provides an overview of what will be covered in A Woman's Power.  Each module contains three specific lessons for a total of 57 online video lessons

A Woman’s Power unlocks the doors to your inner heart and reveals to you the woman that you were born to BE.

Part I: Your Feminine Power Story

Part I: What Is Your Feminine Power Story

  • Module 1: What Were the Messages That You Were Given About Your Power

  • Module 2: What Have You Believed About Your Power

  • Module 3: How You Have Pushed Down Your Power

  • Module 4: How Have You Given Away Your Power

  • Module 5: What Is Your Role In Your Intimate Relationships

  • Module 6: Fear or Freedom

  • Module 7: Violation, Neglect, and Abuse

  • Module 8: Rising Up When You Have Been Pushed Down

  • Module 9: The Consequences of BEing Powerful

  • Module 10: Listening To Your Power

  • Module 11: Realizing That You Are A Channel For Power

  • Module 12: Directing Your Power Appropriately

  • Module 13: Speaking Your Truth

  • Module 14: Stepping Out Into The World

  • Module 15: Standing Tall


Part II: Integrative Practices To BE ONE

Part II: Integrative Practices To BE ONE in Your Power

  • Practice 1: You Deserve To Exist
    Experience an energetic-spiritual BELIGHT MEDITATION
    ® practice to connect you with your existence Power Point Center.

  • Practice 2: You Are the Power of Love
    Reunite with the center of your BEing—the power of your love.

  • Practice 3: Love Meets Power
    Enter the core channel of love and power within you and find your new source of strength.

  • Practice 4: Creating Your Life Through Integrating Your Feminine-Masculine Power
    Receive and honor your feminine and masculine truth, vitality, and creative connection to Infinite Source.

  • Practice 5: Surrendering Into Your True Power
    Find the breakthrough point into your steady and rooted True Self.

  • Practice 6: BEing Your Power
    Learn how to move, express, and embody your authentic power.

  • Practice 7: Becoming ONE with Infinite Source As Your Power
    Let go into the BEing ONE with your highest Self, light, and God Power


The Purpose Of A Woman’s Power Is To Heal & Set

Free The REAL YOU That Is Unlimited Power & Love

& Is Ready To BE Fully Activated Into Motion

Into Greater Financial, Relationship, Health,

Sexual & Creative Abundance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this woman’s work different than other programs?

You are guided through your psyche, causal (memory), emotional, and psychological bodies, from the perspective of the soul. The spiritual essence of power and love is reactivated within you to help you to reconnect into your True Self. You are guided through the steps into ONEness that is an intimate and life changing process to remember and to BE your heart, soul, and higher mind in union.

Can I benefit from A Woman’s Power even though I have never done any inner work?

Yes, most definitely. A Woman's Power was created to guide you through the most important inner gateways of your heart and soul to help you reclaim who you truly are. Whether beginner, or advanced on your life path, you will gain insights and have direct healing experiences to support you to realize your True Self.

Will I benefit from A Woman’s Power if I have undergone abuse, extreme criticism, judgement and rejection in this life?

Yes, you will be given tools to help you to reconnect the light within you that became dimmed, and will help return to you the hidden and lost power that was taken from you, so you come into your full essence and presence.

Will I realize my life purpose in the course?

By opening into your True Self, yes you will experience why you are here in this lifetime and be guided to heal the separations between your mind, body, soul, and Infinite Source to fully activate and embody the power of your whole Self.

What Women Have Said About Iana & Women's Work

Iana’s healing work is extraordinarily deep and powerful. She is one of the most beautiful medicine women I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Iana, where you go, I shall follow.”

Susan Catherine Collyer, Actress & Writer, Rhode Island

My work with Iana has given me an incredible sense of inner stability. I feel clear, open, and in a whole new space. I feel an incredible sense of peace. I can feel deep emotions and not be swept away by them. I am able to find perfection in imperfection. I am experiencing myself in a new way.  In the past, deep emotions would imbalance me to react in a negative way. From this work, I have a deep foundational peace.”

Barbara Rinaldi, Organizational Development Consultant, McLean, VA

“Iana has the expertise and mastery to guide anyone through their most challenging life experiences and issues to illuminated and enlightened thinking, feeling, and being. Her commitment to world peace, your peace, your heart, and your purpose of being here in this lifetime is immeasurable. Learn from her, just be with her. She is a rare treasure.”

Darmina B., Administrator Director, San Jose, CA

“Iana is a master teacher who understands both the feminine and masculine aspects of the soul and gently and powerfully guides the way into your true power and made accessible for any woman to experience. I was able to move through my biggest fears and the ways that I held myself back while working with Iana. Trust her guidance, she will guide you home into your Self so you can fulfill your greatest life dreams and aspirations.”

Sarah L, Social Worker, Bellevue, Washington

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