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BE One With The Infinite Source Within You

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The BELIGHT MEDITATION® Light Collection was created as a series of standalone meditation practices to give you a deeper dive into the BELIGHT MEDITATION® transformation system so you can experience the process and results for yourself.



All BELIGHT MEDITATION® Light Collections are composed of several related meditation practices grouped together in themes.

In response to the dramatically transformational times we live in right now, we are releasing our first BELIGHT MEDITATION® Light Collection #1 - Creating Harmony & Stability.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® Light Collection #2 - Turning On The Light is designed specifically for teens.


BELIGHT MEDITATION® Light Collection #2 is in development and will be released in 2024.


Check back often and get on the Spirit Gateways® mailing list as we will be adding more BELIGHT MEDITATIONs to the Collections.

You can download the MP3 files and add them to your music or audio player on your laptop or desktop computer, or mobile device for greater convenience.

All BELIGHT MEDITATION® Light Collections are approximately 2 hours of instruction and meditation practices.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® Light Collection #1

Creating Emotional Stability & Harmony