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MasterHeart MasterMind

Life Mastery Training For Evolutionary Empowerment

Experience Profound Awakenings To Live At A
Higher Octave Of Purpose, Creativity, Success, and
Fulfillment In A Global Community Of Love

Spirit Gateways® MasterHeart MasterMind is group/community mentoring experience for Tier 2 and Tier 3 members of the Evolutionary Empowerment Global Village.

MasterHeart MasterMind is  for men and women of all ages, ethnicity, race, cultures, and religious and spiritual backgrounds who are ready to r/evolutionize their relationship to the Source of their BEing, discover a higher octave of BEing, and uplift the world.

As a soul keeper of your dreams, the light within you always guides you.

As you joyfully step through a portal where your thoughts, ideals, and desires are lifted into a universe where direct wisdom, knowledge, and love are the common language, you will feel at home BEing out of your box.

MasterHeart MasterMind is a sacred zone where your commitment to your evolution as a fully conscious BEing on planet Earth is honored by your community of peers, and you learn how to BE your whole Self as Life Meets You, Initiates You, and Embraces You.


But there is still more distance to go inside of you to fully arrive.

We Live In Extreme Times That Require
New Evolutionary Tools, Insights &
Breakthroughs To Walk Through
Fear Into The Light Of Our Soul

You Know There Is A New Way

This new way is not found through drugs, ayahuasca, pot, excessive meditation, religious doctrine, work excessiveness, over-sexing, having an affair, following a spiritual teacher who takes your power and never empowers you, staying co-dependent, living in self-judgment and blame, over-indulging in “experiences”, empowering your ego to help you avoid what you must face in your Self, substituting material possessions to cover-up internal pain, bypassing your inner work, avoiding your inner pain or using another person to fill the hole inside of you, or just accepting “what is” without questioning.

Awakening Into ONEness Is The New Way

What Is MasterHeart MasterMind?

MasterHeart MasterMind is a twice (2X) monthly 90-minute live group online video mentoring experience open to everyone in Tier 2 and Tier 3 of the Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village community.

MasterHeart MasterMind™  is designed to complement your personal evolution, empowerment, and self-realization whether you are just starting or have been on your journey for many years.

Think of MasterHeart MasterMind  as the center point of all Spirit Gateways®, courses, trainings, and programs where you can integrate, synthesize, and synchronize all that you have learned and BE an integral part of a global community that is growing individually and collectively.

MasterHeart MasterMind is for women and men at all levels of their personal and inner development who want to make massive and enduring changes in their life and want a community of like-minded people with whom they can share common life challenges, themes, and exponentially grow together.

Balancing & Integrating
Your Mind & Heart Is
The First Step To Living &
BEing Your True Self

Share Your Heart In A Trusted Global Village Community

MasterHeart MasterMind is an extraordinary opportunity to join a community of peers that understands the challenges and pitfalls of doing deep and profound inner work by themselves and recognize the power of community and are actively working on themselves to realize their True Self and achieve their goals and aspirations in material time and space.

Each 90-minute meet-up is composed of a ~50-minute presentation on a topic that is part of the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ for personal and planetary transformation and enlightenment coupled with a live interactive Q&A for ~40 minutes that directly addresses issues and concerns experienced by community members that demonstrate a universal challenge.

In MasterHeart MasterMind  you will be given support tools and practices to help you on your journey and a template of how you can chart your own progress as you move though this most powerful time of personal and planetary transformation.

Each MasterHeart MasterMind will be recorded and available within 48 hours after each live online video session. Participant privacy is ensured because the recording will only be available to paying subscribers on the Spirit Gateways® membership site.

No topic so long as it pertains to inner growth and self-realization is out of bounds for MasterHeart MasterMind™.

When you ask a question during a live MasterHeart MasterMind™ group mentoring session or submit a question ahead of time, Iana provides a universal soul response and perspective that applies to the awakening of all people at this time. Iana's response is within a framework of ONEness so that each community participant can apply the insights and wisdom to their own unique life circumstance and situation.

You Are Meant To BE Your Own
Greatest Friend & Companion
On Your Life Journey

Are you ready to boldly walk through the patterns and mindsets holding you back from BEing who you came here to BE in this lifetime?


Are you ready to break through and recalibrate your ancestral DNA, karmic, emotional, physical, sanskaric, and spiritual challenges that block you from knowing and BEing your True Self, and making the difference that you came here to make?

In MasterHeart MasterMind you break through core wounds that originate from collective and individual ancestral, familial, karmic experiences, and physical, psychological, and emotional trauma and abuse.


Are you ready to climb the mountain of your life evolutionary path and expand your capacity to discover, see, hear, feel, and BE your greatest truth and True Self in your inner and outer work, relationships, family, financial and love life?

In MasterHeart MasterMind you receive the hidden secrets to your next levels of awakening and self-mastery so you can powerfully connect, influence, nurture, create, trail blaze, elevate, intuit, collaborate, enlighten, stand in your Self, and achieve your dreams.


Are you ready to move though your known and unknown fears and experience who you truly are?

In MasterHeart MasterMind you are supported and held in love as you are guided into greater awakening, realization, embodiment, and clarity to fulfill your life purpose. 


In MasterHeart MasterMind you are BE guided and supported to break through the most difficult challenges that men and women are facing through experiencing the union of BEcoming a stellar human BEing living in a state of spiritual ONEness.

You Know You Are Ready When …

You will know you are ready for MasterHeart MasterMind when you sense an unseen or unheard presence inside of you calling out to you to BE heard.

You will love MasterHeart MasterMind™ if you can identify with any one of these core life challenges:

When You End The Ways That You
Deny & Avoid The Truth Within Your Soul,
A Doorway Flies Open To Welcome You
To A New Playing Field Where The “Magical”
Creation Of Your Dreams & Desires
Become Infinitely Possible

Some Results You Can Expect

In MasterHeart MasterMind™ you can expect to:

  • ·Heal your heart center.

  • Set your Self free to BE you.

  • Redefine and re-structure your life work.

  • Come through old paradigms that keep you stuck.

  • Awaken your spiritual-physical calling for these times.

  • Integrate finer and more subtle realities and states of BEing.

  • Discover and implement a new up-leveling of your life purpose and mission.

  • Understand what may feel or seem difficult in your life through a new lens and discover new ways in which to heal old wounds.

  • BE in the company of other men and women who are working on a range of personal issues such as life path, career, money, higher service, making an impact by integrating their divine and human energies, sexual patterns, family influences, and creativity.

  • Receive the profound gifts of the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ as a guided pathway on your own very personal and very intimate journey of self-realization.

Embark On A Sacred Journey Of Divine Awakening

You are about to embark upon a ground-breaking wisdom teaching that gives you access to your emotional, energetic, spiritual, physical, psychological, and True Self wholeness synergistically.

You are either the servant of love
or a controller from fear.

You are either the cause of your own happiness
or the effect of your own self-sabotage.

You are either the creator of your own awakening
or asleep to your true power.

We are living in an age of intense duality demonstrated by conflict, pain, suffering, and a raging inner and outer battle that keeps us feeling inept at changing who we are and making a difference in the world. Together, we are going to walk through the gateways within us all to mend the splits between love and power and do the work that is crucial for these times.  

You are about to enter a zone where separation ends and ONEness begins.

Walk Through The Gateways Of Your Heart

Experience The ONEness Of Your Tue Self

You Are Invited To Set Your Self Free

Break through the patterns, perceptions, and restrictions that you have taken on and expected to live in. Whether you consciously recognize the expectations or not, they are there, within your psyche hidden in the plain sight of your conscious awareness.

You are naturally of a Higher Octave™.

You are here to make a difference – in yourself, your community, and the world.

Now, you need deeper training.

Create The Financial, Relationship, Sexual, Spiritual,
Well-BEing & Career Transformations That You
Know Are Possible But You Need Guidance,
Input & Support To Get There

How You Will Benefit

Some benefits you will gain by joining the Spirit Gateways® MasterHeart MasterMind™ global community, include:

  • Discover your Creation Point of power and manifestation.

  • BE ONE with your life-giving sexual, financial, and core divine energies.

  • Heal sexual, financial, and relationship imprints and discover living from your Whole Self.

  • Receive direct and specialized mentoring with Iana in a safe space while honoring your heart.

  • Experience healing by living in the center of your heart and soul, and BE free to love, express, succeed, and prosper in a new way.

  • Learn physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic tools and practices to support a new BodyMind-Soul-Spirit relationship and integration.

  • Remove old barriers and obstacles while stepping into new levels of clarity that will propel you forward through your life challenges and soul lessons.

Create Your Life From A New Paradigm Of Spiritual ONEness

Suspend Disbelief About The Possibilities Of Your Life

BE ONE As Your True Self

An Invitation From My Heart To Yours

You are invited to join MasterHeart MasterMind as a subscriber to Tier 2 or Tier 3 of the Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment Global Village Membership a

MasterHeart MasterMind is offered twice (2X) monthly as an ongoing 90-minute interactive group online video mentoring experience in a global community of amazing men and women who feel the call to make extraordinary and sometimes humbling changes within themselves, and balance and integrate their mind and heart so they can initiate powerful changes in their lives, the lives of others and in the world.

The Spirit Gateways® MasterHeart MasterMind™ global community supports you to anchor deep, reach high, and soar FREE.

Welcome to BEing more fully alive and embodied to live a new freedom so you can let go and experience greater love and authentic power experienced through BEing ONE with your True Self.

In-person participation is encouraged because your live presence and contribution is vital to everyone’s collective growth. Additionally, BEing with everyone live means that you will receive the vibrant transmissions of the teachings and the sharing LIVE in real-time.

A replay will be available on the Spirit Gateways® membership site for your convenience to watch within 48 hours of every MasterHeart MasterMind™ meet-up.

Everything discussed within MasterHeart MasterMind™ is private and confidential and stays within the boundaries of each 90-minute session. All participants abide by strict confidentiality in listening to other participants' questions and/or personal stories and respect the privacy of each individual whether they actively participate or prefer to simply listen and take in the wisdom presented in each session on a more silent level.

Initiate your sacred journey by subscribing to the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to ask questions to you on the call?

Yes, absolutely. The purpose of MasterHeart MasterMind™ is to give you the tools and insights to recreate your life in alignment with your True Self, and then become One with your True Self. I want you to be where you are and to feel free to show up being who you are. Wherever you are on your life journey is perfect and any and all questions pertaining to your awakening to who you are and why you are here are all relevant.

What is the main focus of MasterHeart MasterMind™?

I want you to feel love. The love that is within you, in the world and that is being given to you from the universe. In all of the Spirit Gateways® courses, trainings,, mentoring, writings, and events we are going straight to the Source within you to mend and recalibrate your greatest fears, behaviors, and beliefs that keep you from knowing, BEing, and living your life from your most exquisite light.

How frequently do you recommend participating in MasterHeart MasterMind™?

Each and every week you will receive heart-mind ancient and modern wisdom and life activations to accelerate your connection to the core power and spiritual truth that makes you who you are. The more consistently you participate the more consistently results will appear in your life. If you want a quick tune-up,  3 months of consistent participation is great. If you want to make a radical shift in many areas of your life then 6 months of consecutive sessions is best along with watching the the video courses and doing the recommended practices. If you want to break through into a new stratosphere of accomplishment in your love life, soul purpose, and money through BEing ONE in You, then give yourself the gift of 12 months of participation as consecutively as your schedule and life routine allows. Your Tier 2 or Tier 3 membership subscription to Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village are renewable so you can further discover the answers, solutions, and spiritual realizations that your life is meant to give to you.

What People Are Saying

“We are all learning about love in our own ways. Iana helps every person discover the doorway into their True Self while mending the emotional, spiritual, and psychological components of their heart-mind. She is committed to seeing every person succeed in love relationships, their career, and their soul purpose. Working with her in a group is a profound experience because you can sense everyone holding space for you and healing right along with you.

Alex G., Amherst, MA

“If finding your connection to the you that is already enlightened and you feel ready to create life at a new level of happiness as your goal, MasterHeart MasterMind is a powerful way to learn the spiritual-emotional tools needed to give you access to the love that lives in you.”

Rachel W., Portland, OR

“Iana guides a phenomenal group experience that gives you access to furthering your own personal life path and growing in a community of really caring people. I love how she weaves masculine and feminine dynamics and insights into money, life work, and relationship and bringing spiritual breakthroughs into a moment. She has a deep understanding of what it means to be human and how to find it and sustain your connection to your whole self, and the life that you want.”

Joyce A., Santa Fe, NM

Learn How To Create Greater Financial Abundance, Spiritual-Physical Embodiment & Integration, Emotional & Psychological Well-BEing,
Self-Realization, Soul-Directed Clarity

& Divine Feminine-Masculine Break-
throughs In A Supportive Global
Community Committed To
Realizing Life In Higher
Alignment With Your

True Self

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