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Life Mastery Inner Circle

Small Group Mentoring To
Ignite, Realize & Actualize Your True Self

Spirit Gateways® Life Mastery Inner Circle™ small group mentoring is open to Tier 3 subscribers of the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village membership.

Life Mastery Inner Circle™ is a small group of women and men who are on their fast track of inner transformation for outer (material world) results.

Participant goals are similar and may include but are not limited to:

  • Mending heart break

  • Learning through self-love

  • Integrity and commitment

  • Loving with greater balance

  • Coming through a life challenge

  • Making a difference being who you are

  • Actualizing who you truly are into all aspects of your life

  • Opening your inner gateways to discover and BE your True Self

  • Moving through old patterns and imprints that are calling out to be transformed

You are given all of the tools and support to feel connected to the true you and to maintain your empowerment, clarity, and inner compass.

Life Mastery Inner Circle ™ gives you the individual mentoring that will propel you forward from being seen, heard, and received from the heart.

Iana works with and honors your “original blueprint” to support and guide your greatest breakthroughs into your spiritual-emotional-psychological-physical ONEness.

When you enroll in Tier 3 of the Evolutionary Empowerment Global Village you are invited into Life Mastery Inner Circle.

Mastering Your Relationship With
Your Heart & Soul Takes Practice

Deepen Your Self Mastery With The Circle Of Love and Power

Tier 3 subscribers also gain access to The Circle of Love and Power™  an additonal small group mentoring that meets once each month. 

The Circle of Love and Power™ is an interactive space that opens a sacred process time to bring your deepest thoughts and feelings and receive direct support from Iana. 

Access To Tier 2 MasterHeart MasterMind

Tier 3 subscribers can also participate in MasterHeart MasterMind™ a group mentoring experience designed for Tier 2 subscribers of Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village. MasterHeart MasterMind™ meets weekly for 90 minutes and includes a topic and Q&A.

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