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Enter Your Divine Octave

Where The Sacred Medicine Of Light 

Is Amplified And Activated To

Recalibrate Your Heart And Soul.

Experience The New Source Codes for Humanity

Spirit Gateways® Signature Courses

Initiate Your True Self To Soar

The power of who you are as an integrated man or woman is deeply needed in the world at this time. 

We live in times where the separations of our body-mind-heart and soul have created extreme internal and external dilemmas that can only change by recalibrating our relationship to the Source of our true humanity within ourselves.

There is a new power that is waiting to BE found and implemented in our global heart-mind set.

The Spirit Gateways® Signature Courses teach how to tap into, access, and realize this new power. We can define it as love, yet when directly experienced, is an infinite power of realized love that exists beyond the confines, restrictions, boxes, judgments, and opinions that are created from limited egoic state of thinking.

All of the Signature Courses provide you with the breakthrough tools, insights, and practices to help you to step out of the limitations and mindsets that are holding you back from BEing fully connected into your greatest potential, happiness, and fulfillment.

The key empowerments needed to release stress, fear, anger, anxiety, self-doubt, and sabotage, and mend and integrate the separations between your body-mind-heart and soul are given in the Spirit Gateways® Signature Courses.

Four Signature Courses To Move You Into ONEness

The Spirit Gateways® Signatures Courses are:

You can walk through the veils into your True Self for real and know who you truly are through experiencing ONEness.

All Spirit Gateways® Signature Courses are created to evolve your life forward and provide the much-needed roadmap to heal our communities and global cultural, racial, religious, spiritual, interpersonal, political, business, creative, sexual, educational, evolutionary models, and leadership challenges by teaching how to BE and live in the light of one’s Whole Self.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass unwinds and clears the old threads of suffering and illusion to reveal a new matrix of living, thinking, and BEing that supports the self-realization of truth and love as the blueprint to live one’s unique, personal, and universal mission.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass provides the steps for creating an illuminated connection with your True Self, align your life with the Source Point of your heart, and realign your destiny path from the union of love and power—the divine pathway of ONEness, liberation, and masculine-feminine recalibration.

Passport To Freedom

Passport To Freedom ignites and initiates an expansive and evolutionary approach to leadership, business, sexuality, spirituality, and stepping in to your highest octave to fulfill your soul calling.

You are given information, tools, and practices to expand your understanding of higher sex, living from your heart of ONEness, a new model of integrated business, being in your body, and movement and meditation to integrate your whole Self and to experience the inner gateways of discovery so that you can experience the natural leader within you.

Along the way, expect to have many AH-HA moments and energetic and emotional breakthroughs to help you ignite and realize who you are and why you are.


BELIGHT MEDITATION® reveals the love, power, bliss, and knowledge within you that leads to BEing, living, and manifesting your life purpose in a state of awakened ONEness.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® awakens and integrates the light of your body-heart-mind and soul into a new matrix and higher octave so you can experience greater vibrancy, health and longevity, financial abundance, relationship harmony and ease, creative expansion, emotional and psychological clarity, and spiritual awakening.

BELIGHT MEDITATION® open the natural pathways and channels in your body so that you can be fully in the flow of your life and feel connected to Infinite Source and your Whole Self.

LoveToBE the Movement®

LoveToBE the Movement® guides your awakening journey into the realization of Infinite Source as the core of your life, love, and power within you. The movements are energetic reconnection that clear the energies in your body to initiate higher states of awareness where union in body, heart, soul, and spirit naturally occur.

You are guided into the Original Way of remembering who you are, why you are here, and how to live aligned and connected to the Infinite Source of BEing within you.

Experience the spiritual connections within you and awaken your pathway into BEing One with your soul, with life, joy, and profound wisdom as you experience union within your Whole Self.

You are guided into the Original Way of remembering who you are, why you are here, and how to live aligned and connected to the Infinite Source of BEing within you.

Discover An Unbreakable Connection

With Infinite Source.

End Living In Pain and Separation.

Go Through The Glass Ceiling Of Your
Life Challenges and Sorrows.

BE Who You Came Here To BE.

BE Trainings Introduction
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