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BE Trainings Introduction

BE: The Humanity Blueprint

The New Source Codes for Humanity

The 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ Initiating Your True Self To Soar

Enter the Divine Octave

Where the Sacred Medicine of Light 

Is Amplified and Activated

To Heal the Wounds of Humanity and 

Recalibrate Our Heart and Soul.

The power of who you are as an integrated man or woman is deeply needed in our world at this time.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint unwinds and clears the old threads of suffering and illusion to reveal a new matrix of living, thinking, and BEing that supports the self-realization of truth and love as the blueprint to live One’s unique, personal, and universal mission.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint provides the roadmap for awakening, clearing, and aligning your body, mind, and soul to naturally discover your soul purpose and imprint, clear your ancestral and karmic patterns, heal your sexuality and heart, create an illuminated connection with your True Self, align your life with the Source Point of your purified power, and realign your destiny path from the union of love and power—the divine pathway of Oneness, liberation, and masculine-feminine recalibration.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint ignites and initiates an expansive and evolutionary approach to leadership, life transformation, healing and health, education, spirituality, and social change.



BE: The Humanity Blueprint serves to evolve and heal our community and global cultural, racial, religious, spiritual, interpersonal, political, business, creative, sexual, educational, evolutionary models, and leadership challenges by teaching how to live in the light of one’s Whole Self.


BE: The Humanity Blueprint Trainings, BE: The Humanity Blueprint Forum and BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass, are based upon the 4-Volume book series, BE: The Humanity Blueprint.


The four volumes are:

  • Volume I: One in Soul

  • Volume II: Whole Body Enlightening

  • Volume III: Divine Masculine-Feminine Integration

  • Volume IV: Union of Love & Power


At this time, Volume I: One in Soul—Unlocking the Power of Your Soul, is available on Amazon.

Discover An Unbreakable Connection With Infinite Source

End Living In Pain and Separation.

Go Through The Glass Ceiling Of Your
Life Challenges and Sorrows.

BE Who You Came Here To BE.

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