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Supporting Others To Realize Their Power to BE

Indomitable - Incapable of being subdued; unconquerable

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Dear Friends of Spirit Gateways® Institute,

I created The Indomitable Fund to celebrate the fortitude, resilience, stamina, determination, endurance, brilliance, and unending strength of character exhibited by people from all walks of life, all cultures, and all nations as they stand for themselves to achieve living in extraordinary courage despite formidable odds of all types and scale.

Most importantly I salute those people who have triumphed over momentous health challenges, abusive relationships and/or familial situations or have defied their social, cultural, racial, religious or economic circumstances to realize the fullness of who they are.

Equally, I recognize the many challenges we each face every day as humans, and those who never triumph over their obstacles or worse, are never given the opportunity to know themselves or realize the fullness of who they are.

Spirit Gateways® Institute is committed, throughout our entire range of courses, trainings, events and mentoring programs, to provide an opening for everyone from all walks of life, all cultures and nationalities, all genders, and all religious and spiritual backgrounds to discover who they truly are and walk through the multifold doors to realize their True Self.


Spirit Gateways® Institute recognizes that course or program fees can sometimes be an impediment to people who have the internal drive yet lack the financial resources to grow as fully and as swiftly as they would like or need.

We created The Indomitable Fund as a tool to help those people who need the financial resources to avail themselves of any Spirit Gateways® Institute offerings by making all of our offerings either free or at significantly reduced pricing because other more financially fortunate individuals and/or companies have chosen to use their monetary abundance, in some small or large way, to fund others less fortunate to partake of Spirit Gateways® Institute offerings.

Do You Need Financial Assistance?

If you are one of those people who desire to be part of the Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment community by taking one of our courses, trainings, group or individual mentoring programs, but lack sufficient financial resources, then please complete our brief application form, and tell us what specific course or program you want to take and why and a brief description of your financial need.

Access the financial aid / scholarship application form, here.

Support For Humanitarian & Aid Organizations

We also created The INDOMITABLE Fund to provide Spirit Gateways® Institute courses and programs to humanitarian, aid, and relief organizations who are contributing and supporting individuals, families, communities, and countries suffering the devastation and upheaval of war, poverty, relocation, health crisis, and climate change.

We understand the emotional, physical, mental, and psychic toll that refugees as well as frontline workers endure when facing insurmountable social, economic, and psychological odds in crisis situations.

Though we are unable to contribute food, medical, or other urgently needed supplies for physical survival, we can contribute courses and trainings that help combat emotional loss, grief, depression, anxiety, and a range of psycho-biological challenges resulting from immediate, short-and long-term trauma.

If you are a humanitarian or aid organization, you can access the application form, here.

Recommend A Humanitrian or Aid Organiztion

If you are affiliated with or know of aid or relief organizations that are on the frontlines of human suffering and/or tragedy through political, social, or ecological strife, contact us. We have special programs available for non-profit, social, and humanitarian organizations.

If you want to recommend a humanitarian or aid organization or have direct contact with an organization, please tell us by submitting the form, here.

How To Make A Financial Contribution To The INDOMITABLE Fund

If you are fortunate to have been blessed with any level of financial abundance and would like to contribute to helping someone less financially fortunate take a Spirit Gateways® Institute course, mentoring intensive, or training, then we appreciatively welcome your financial contribution.  

Your contribution will go into a pool of funds reserved specifically to help us make Spirit Gateways® Institute offerings available to individuals and/or humanitarian or aid organizations.

If you would like to designate all or a portion of your contribution to a specific Spirit Gateways® Institute offering, please designate which course or program on your contribution form. Alternatively, you can leave the designation to our discretion based on the needs expressed by the applicant.

If you would like to contribute funds for more than one specific Spirit Gateways® Institute offering, then we will gratefully allocate your contribution accordingly.

If you want to allocate all or a portion of your contribution to a specific humanitarian project or a specific humanitarian or aid organization, please let us know and we will allocate your contribution accordingly.

If any Spirit Gateways® Institute offering resonates with you in particular and you want to make that program available to a specific group or organization, then please let us know the group or organization and we will follow through to accommodate your wish and contribution and send your confirmation of our donation.

100% Of Your Contribution Is Applied To Course Scholarships

One hundred percent of your contribution goes directly to fund an applicant or a humanitarian organization for the Spirit Gateways® Institute course, training, or program of your designation and/or the applicant’s or the aid organization’s choice. We do not take out any overhead or administrative fee.

Is My Contribution Tax Deductible?

At present, we are not a non-profit organization nor a charitable foundation. As such we are unable to offer a tax donation receipt, so your contribution is not tax deductible.


Upon receiving your contribution, you will receive an email receipt acknowledging your contribution.

At your discretion, you may choose to make your contribution anonymously or your name can be added to our contributor page. You can make this choice on the contribution payment page

Contribution Tiers

We gratefully acknowledge and accept contributions of any amount in the following levels. Contributions are denominated in US dollars, but we accept contributions in any globally accepted currency and will convert at the current rate of exchange.

Payments are accepted on our checkout page via PayPal, credit card or debit card.

If you prefer to pay by Zelle or another form of direct bank transfer, please contact us to make arrangements. At present we do not accept any form of CryptoCurrency as payment.

Programs You Can Support Right Now

At present, the following online video courses and group mentoring tele-sessions are available for your financial support for individuals or humanitarian and/or aid organizations.

Special Programs

Currently, there are two huge societal mental health challenges that we are addressing directly.

Honoring Grief: A Passage To Self-Love

The war and resulting refugee and humanitarian crisis in the Ukraine and neighboring countries no doubt require immediate and direct support for housing, food, medical, and related supplies. It is also commonly recognized that as the immediate physical and economic ravages of this war pass, the resulting emotional and psychological trauma will remain, often for years, unless directly worked with and healed. Trauma affects refugees and relief/aid workers alike and PTSD is acknowledged as persisting for years unless healed.

We are reaching out to a range of NGO and related aid organizations and donating FREE access to the Spirit Gateways® Institute online video course, Honoring Grief: A Passage To Self-Love.

It is our fervent hope and intent that Honoring Grief can be of substantive benefit to both refugees and aid workers.

If you know of or have direct contact with other organizations focused on the Ukraine crisis, let us know so we can reach out to them as well and make the same FREE offer of Honoring Grief: A Passage To Self-Love.

Suicide: Head, Heart, and Soul - Unveiling Self & Social Deceptions

To help counteract the current global epidemic of suicide across all age groups and genders, Spirit Gateways® Institute is offering the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings online video course, Suicide: Head, Heart, and Soul, at no cost, (FREE) to individuals, families, and/or organizations that specifically offer mental health counseling and/or related social services.

Our specific intent is to help those individuals who are contemplating suicide as well as those who have borne the often, inconsolable grief of suicide by a loved one, friend, or colleague.

Suicide: Head, Heart, and Soul is presently in development; we anticipate its release in June 2022.

We are in the process of identifying and reaching out to organizations that deal with suicide and suicide prevention but as yet we have not identified those organizations whom we feel are best suited to offer Suicide: Mind, Heart, and Soul to their constituency.

If you know of or have direct contact with an organization(s) focused on suicide or suicide prevention, let us know so we can reach out to them as well and make the same FREE offer of Suicide: Head, Heart, and Soul.

You can, of course, make a direct contribution to help an individual(s) who is contemplating suicide or the family, loved ones or colleagues of someone who has taken their life.

Momentous & Transformative Times

We live in momentous and highly challenging times that demand positive, life-supporting, and life-affirming transformation.

Your support is gratefully acknowledged and appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your love, consideration, encouragement, and assistance.

From My Heart To Yours.


Iana Lahi
Spirit Gateways Institute

Founder | Creative Director
CEO (Chief Evolutionary Officer)

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