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Come Home To You


Are you ready to BE introduced to a radically different approach to living your life BEing fully connected to your amazing heart, radiant soul, and extraordinary bodymind in a whole new way?

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Welcome to the zone of ONEness—an inner space where awakened power, love, freedom, clarity, soul remembrance, and human-divine intelligence meet the Infinite Source within you—where everything is possible.

Here you feel ONE.

Here you discover and come to know at last who YOU are.

Here you embrace BEing YOU with confidence and joy.

Here you realize fearless love.

Here you become ONE.

ONE with Your Light.

ONE with Your True Power.

ONE with Your Whole and True Self.

ONE with Infinite Intelligence.

What Does It Mean To BE ONE?

To BE ONE, you have entered the center, the heart, the Source within you and treasure your relationship with its presence.

To BE ONE. BE YOU.® you have ended the fight, the inner battles within you, the battle between two or more “parts” or “aspects” of your Self because they have merged and transformed through love. 

You feel a steady connection to the Infinite Source within you like a consistent stream, river, ocean wave, wind of spirit, or flame of light.

You end avoiding and denying.

You seek to seek to see beyond your fears and how you separate from higher wisdom and truth.

You begin to live in love, while continuing to “work with” the parts of you that are still bound by fear and separation. 

You “know” when you are tuned because you live in alignment with the power and love of the Infinite Source within you. Each day you create a daily connection with Infinite Source because it never lets you down or leads you astray.

BE ONE. BE YOU.® is an entry point into the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ — designed to move you from despair, hopelessness, anxiety, inner pain and struggle, repression, depression, reluctance, grief, sorrow, fear, lack of self-confidence, suffering, self-doubt, and separation from your True Self into BEing who you truly are, knowing who you are, loving your Self, and showing up in the world BEing who you came here to BE.

The Spirit Gateways® Journey

BE ONE. BE YOU.® is the seed of the Spirit Gateways® journey, the first of three Core Courses of the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™.

BE ONE. BE YOU.® holds the life force power of the seeds of your life that are not quite visible at first but are revealed to you helping you to grow into BEing the roots of your tree through The Foundation Course the second Spirit Gateways® Core Course,

The Foundation Course sets into motion BEing the trunk of your tree in  Evolutionary Empowerment™ the third Spirit Gateways® Core Course.

As you grow into the wisdom and depth of your trunk you grow rings and wings that are given to you in the Spirit Gateways® Signature Courses.

Your expanding branches grow wider in the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings Courses.

And then, the leaves of your tree open in magnificence through the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings Mini Courses.

The BE ONE. BE YOU® Curriculum

BE ONE. BE YOU.® consists of 4 portals that give you powerful and lasting insights, tools, practices, and teachings to help you experience the vibrancy, inner strength, clarity, and aliveness that happens through awakening to who you truly are, and BEing fully expressed in the brilliance and shining love and power of your Whole and True Self while making a difference BEing YOU.

Portal 1 - BEing Here

  • Who Are You? Why Are You Here?

  • Coming Out of Thousands of Years of Confusion, Denial, and Fear

  • Ancestry, Your Story, Karma

  • The Choice to BE YOU

Portal 2 - Awakening Your Soul

  • Why You Open or Shut Down To Your Self

  • Your Body As A Container For Awakening

  • End ABRing Your Self

  • The Inner Space to Exist

Portal 3 - Growing Into Your Whole Self

  • Move Through Pain into Wholeness

  • Healing Everything

  • Love Beyond the Box

  • Mending Your Super Conscious Heart

Portal 4 - Entering ONEness

  • Ending the Battles Within You

  • Letting Go of Control

  • Finding the Freedom Of Your Higher Octave

  • Gateway to ONEness

How You Benefit

When you complete BE ONE. BE YOU.® you will have taken the first step to anchoring the golden wisdom, secret ingredients of joy, and the life expanding and profound experience of moving out of your old paradigm into the pure power and unstoppable love found within your Self.

  • Move through fear and make new choices. Love your Self.

  • See with new eyes to enlighten your life. Go for your Wow moment.

  • Experience greater ease in your life. Find the pathway to set your Self free.

  • Discover how your ancestral story is a gateway to your liberation. Open to you.

  • Begin to end many of the battles within you. Discover the point of clarity within you.

  • Learn to make important shifts for life-challenging breakthroughs. Go for BEing fearless.

  • Create a greater connection to who you truly are. Feel through your body the essence of you.

  • Shift what part of your brain you function from to experience greater fulfillment. Expand into greater freedom.

  • Begin to heal deep-seated wounds, and cycles of living in unresolved hurt, anger, and pain. Find the way through difficulties to move higher.

What You Will Experience

Found within the union of creation (earth-feminine) and the universe (heaven-masculine) in your Self exists the profound and prolific experience of ONEness. As you progress through BE ONE. BE You.® you will experience.

  • A new clarity by seeing, feeling, and thinking at the same time.

  • The physics of ONEness, where infinite intelligence—God and YOU meet and are ONE.​

  • A cathartic renaissance of restoring your human-divine relationship with the Infinite Source and recalibrating the pure power of your True Self.

  • Feeling and knowing your Self BEing ONE in full universal intelligence sourced from the universal and unique personal weaving of pure power and love.

  • Reconstructing your life from moving through and completing cycles of old fear-based and separation stories and choose instead to BE ONE with your True Self so you can live your dreams.

  • Feeling connected to the Infinite Source inside of you and as you consciously connect into your “ONEness zone” inside of your body, your abilities to discern, access, clarify, perceive, innovate, transform, create, implement, empower, and unify increase.

  • Living in “super consciousness”, a dynamic merging of your life force energies, integrated Self, higher truth, realized creative energies, and purified sexual energies anchoring fully your body, mind, soul, and heart center in Infinite Source, so you can BE One. BE YOU®.

When You Complete, You BEgin

When you complete BE ONE. BE YOU.® you will have taken the first step to anchoring the golden wisdom, secret ingredients of joy, and the life expanding and profound experience of moving out of your old paradigm into the pure power and unstoppable love found within your Self.

It is time to return to you.

You are here to make a difference.

To make that difference you must recalibrate your Self into living from the Source within you, and step through the barriers within you that are holding you back from living, BEing, and loving BEing all that you came here to BE.

Welcome to BE ONE. BE YOU.® your first step in your journey of the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™.

When You Complete, You BEgin

Start Here, Start Now

There are two ways that you can experience BE ONE. BE YOU.®

You can purchase BE ONE. BE YOU by itself, the first of the three Spirit Gateways® Core Courses, for only $7.00. 

Yes, that's right, $7.00.

Even though the retail value of BE ONE. BE YOU.® is $297, its true value is priceless.