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One-on-One & Group Mentoring With Iana

A Profound Opportunity To Recalibrate Your Life

Mentoring - Intro

My mission is to help you to know and love yourself, experience the fulfillment and completion of your Higher Divine Octave in this lifetime, leave behind the patterns and beliefs that you use to block BEing your True Self, and to trust the unique and divine expression of the creative and spiritual power that is your birthright so that you can manifest your greatest financial, relationship, career, and soul purpose. 


You are given the tools to move you through your challenges that have created stagnation, hurt, pain, the need to be perfect, the need to stay in control, self-criticize, and self-judge.


You will transform the “unknown mystery” within you into empowerment, love in action, and heart-inspired mastery in the world.


New strength and pure power will arise within you as you walk through the fire of love, and birth the magnificence of your light into your life.

“Beyond what you think is possible.

Inside the dream a key,

Ignite the light within you.

That sets you free to BE.”

ONEness Recalibration - We all go through losing ourselves, projecting our old imprints into our life, going through relationship, career, and financial challenges, wanting to break through into the next level of our potential, find greater fulfillment and success, and to come into our True Self. ONEness Recalibration™ is a 45-minute transformational session via energy clearing and healing, intuitive and clairvoyant empowerments,  whole Self alignment, personal guidance, and recalibrating your greatest gifts with your highest dreams, aspirations, and goals to strengthen your relationship with your Self, others, and life.

4 Pillars Integration To Your True Self - Four 90-minute themed sessions to help you reconnect and integrate with your True Self. You are guided to awaken and remember who you truly are and mend the separations within your Self to find authentic freedom and higher light. The 4 themes are: (1) Rediscovering Your Forgotten Self, (2) Realigning Your Divine Feminine, (3) Realigning Your Divine Masculine, and (4) Reconnecting To Your Higher Self.

Divine Messenger Sessions - A dedicated 90-minute personalized Divine Messenger Session with Iana gives you the information and guidance to see the deeper meaning, purpose, and opportunity to catch the glimpses, gifts, and messages the universe wants you to have. Make each day a day to BE totally focused and on track.

Ignite Your Inner Heart - A 7-week 7-theme tailored mentoring program during which you will step through the veils covering the truth and power of your True Self through 7 distinct themes that will set you free to live from a direct connection with the Infinite Source within you while illuminating the next chapters of your life path.

ONEness Mentoring - Dedicated weekly sessions of 90 minutes offered in 3, 6, and 12-month blocks during which Iana lovingly supports you to become an awakened contributor to the world as you step through your veils of duality and illusion into your True Self. You are given growth assignments and tools to help you on your path as well as a template so that you can chart your progress. There is a special ONEness mentoring program for tweens and teens age 11 to 18.

Business Oracle and Seer - As a born clairaudient, clairsentient, and clairvoyant with naturally insightful and accurate psychic and intuitive capabilities, Iana has provided oracular insight to men and women from all professions and all walks of life seeing deeply and with great foresight to avert business dangers before they arise, unblock potential setbacks, foresee outcomes, reorganize and rebuild business structures, choose the right business endeavors, the right people, and the right product or the right timing thereby optimizing time, money and resources while avoiding potentially huge personal and financial costs.

Business Oracle and Seer clients have included bank chairmen, founders and CEOs of technology, nutraceutical, natural foods, and software companies. as well as philanthropists and humanitarians, fashion designers, architects, attorneys, performance artists and creatives, as well as people going through major life transformations such as marriage dissolution, business breakup, or life-threatening health challenges. All work is confidential and held in the strictest level of privacy without exception.

Please note that Iana's professional services as a Business Oracle and Seer are not personal mentoring. Iana is engaged on a monthly retainer basis with a 3-month minimum and is available to her clients as-needed on-demand. If you are interested in dedicated oracular and intuitive services please schedule a paid 30-minute meeting.

One-On-One Mentoring

Experience A Return To Your True Self

Iana offers several types of one-on-one mentoring sessions.  Each are unique and serve specific purposes to achieve specific results. Each of them offers direct and specific benefits, yet there is a natural integration and synchronicity that yeilds exponential results should you embark on a deeper journey. 

Make Your Shift Into
A New Octave Of Awakened Presence

Group Mentoring

Experience Life Changing Transformation In Community

Receive in-depth mentoring with Iana in a group-community structure that supports you to break through, realize, and integrate your whole Self while learning with others from around the globe.

Group mentroing is an extraordinary opportunity for men and women of all ages, cultures, religious traditions, professions, and stages of personal growth to join the Spirit Gateways® BE Community.

The Spirit Gateways® BE Community understands the challenges and pitfalls of doing deep and profound inner work individually and recognizes the inherent power of community as a safe container to synergistically support and leverage each participant's own personal work.

Each group mentoring participant is actively working on themselves to realize his or her True Self and achieve their goals and aspirations in material time and space.

Each group mentoring experience is a safe space where the confidentiality of each participant is honored and respected. Whatever is discussed in any of the sessions is private and contained within the safety of the group.

Group mentoring with Iana is offered only to Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscribers of the Spirit Gateways® Evolutionary Empowerment Global Village.

MasterHeart MasterMind™ - A weekly live 90-minute online interactive group mentoring experience for all Tier 2 and Tier 3 subscribers focused on core learnings from the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™. Each week Iana talks deeply about one specific topic and opens the room to an interactive Q&A to respond to specific questions from participants that have universal application to the entire group.

Life Mastery Inner Circle™ - A twice monthly live 90-minute online interactive group mentoring experience for all Tier 3 subscribers limited to 25 participants for more intimate interaction and support. Focus is on all topics and experiences in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ and returning to the True Self. The small group allows for a richer and deeper understanding, experience, and support for individual participants.

Circle of Love and Power™ - A once monthly live 90-120 minute online interactive group mentoring experience for all Tier 3 subscribers limited to 25 participants. The Spirit Gateways® Circle of Love and Power™ is focused more deeply on personal experience and breaking through core wounds that cause separation from the inner essence of your True Self and moving from life in duality to life in ONEness.

Expand.Evolve.Enlighten.™ your life into greater love, pure power, and directed purpose to fulfill your destiny path.

Know Your Self.

Love Your Self.

BE Your Self.


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