One-on-One Mentoring With Iana

Experience A Return To Your True Self

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“Beyond what you think is possible.

Inside the dream a key,

Ignite the light within you.

That sets you free to BE.”

I am here to guide the adventure of awakening, realizing, and implementing your infinite light and divine intelligence that exists within you. I mentor people who have a yearning to fulfill their soul destiny and to BE a torch of light and truth in this world. I assist you to put into action your authentic Self and to fulfill your divine blueprint with mastery and grace. 


My mission is to help you to know and love yourself, experience the fulfillment and completion of your Higher Divine Octave in this lifetime, leave behind the patterns and beliefs that you use to block BEing your True Self, and to trust the unique and divine expression of the creative and spiritual power that is your birthright. 


Discover A Permanent Connection to Infinite Source


I walk by your side and assist you in the rediscovery and remembrance of the love within your heart as the foundational essence of transforming your Self, others, and the world to initiate the next wave of spiritual evolution for these times. Your ego, pain, hurt, shame, fear, insecurities, and resistance are transformed into new levels of clarity, vitality, power, love, and Oneness to support you in creating an amazing life. 

Experience Divine Love and Ultimate Freedom


You are given the tools to move you through your challenges that have created stagnation, hurt, pain, the need to be perfect, the need to stay in control, self-criticize, and self-judge. You will transform the “unknown mystery” within you into empowerment, love in action, and heart-inspired mastery in the world. New strength and pure power will arise within you as you walk through the fire of love, and birth the magnificence of your light into your life.

One-on-One Mentoring with Iana lovingly supports you to become an awakened contributor to the world as you step through your veils of duality and illusion into your True Self.


Old paradigms of karmic, ancestral, cultural, and genetic programming that have blocked the realization of your soul's mastery and expression are cleared and restructured, freeing you to experience BEing your True Self.  

Step Into The Ultimate Remembrance Of Who You Are


Men and women who are highly motivated and inspired creative and business innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs, transformational teachers and visionaries, artists and performers, and humanitarian, global and social change agents who have the desire to make a significant shift and greater contribution to the world find working One-on-One with Iana to be the answer to up-leveling the more difficult and challenging aspects of their life.


BE the Light Of Who You Are: 
Fully Impassioned, Ignited & Expressed


Choose from the following Spirit Gateways® One-on-One mentoring programs:



The truth, clarity, and freedom of your soul path is awakened and initiated making it possible for you to experience living in Oneness as your True Self.

Are You Ready To Fulfill Your Heart & Soul's 
 Desires, and Dreams?

One-on-One Mentoring sessions are available as a:


  • Half-Day, One or Two-Day Immersion.

  • Six-Month Immersion.

  • One-Year Deep Dive Immersion.


One-on-One mentoring sessions are conducted online or by phone.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to explore which program is best for you.

Fulfilling Your Destiny Path Is Priceless.

The Truth, Clarity, and Freedom of Your Soul Path Is Awakened and Initiated Making It Possible For You To Experience Living in Oneness As Your True Self.

One-on-One Divine Messenger Sessions 

Your Divine Messenger Session with Iana will help to uplift and propel you forward through the brambles and thorns of your life to achieve your highest purpose, clarity, joy, and passionate love affair with life. Your session will strike a deep resonance within you, as you receive direct guidance and the keys needed to help you to unlock and navigate your heart and soul to new heights.


A Profound Opportunity To Recalibrate Your Life

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Your life is filled with its “holy grail” level of challenges.


It is a journey through the maze of true and false perceptions, life lessons, loss, gain, ancestral, familial, genetic and karmic experiences that have the potential to set you back or launch you upward into a Higher Octave.


Your Divine Messenger Session with Iana gives you the information and guidance to see the deeper meaning, purpose, and opportunity to catch the glimpses, gifts, and messages the universe wants you to have. Make each day a day to BE on track.

Divine Messenger Sessions carry you on wings of light closer to the Infinite life stream of consciousness that will transport your life upward and through the obstacles and challenges on your life journey. Ignite your potential during this present time to realize who you are, and who you can BE for your greatest empowerment and fulfillment.

Step Into Living Your Destiny Path
& Living On Purpose As Your True Self

One-on-One Ignite Your Inner Heart 

Are you ready to ignite the core knowingness, power, and light that exists within you?


In your 7-week one-on-one mentoring package you will step through the veils covering the truth and power of your True Self through 7 themes that will set you free to live from a direct connection with the Infinite Source within you while illuminating the next chapters of your life path. 


Know Your Self.

Love Your Self.

BE Your Self.


Specialty Group Mentoring 

Experience Life Changing Transformation In Community

Receive in-depth mentoring with Iana in a group structure that supports you to break through, realize, and integrate your whole Self while learning with others from around the globe.


Expand.Evolve.Enlighten.™ your life into greater love, pure power, and directed purpose to fulfill your destiny path.

Group Mentoring I - Life Mastery Training 

Realize & Actualize Your True Self