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Light Mastery Academy

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Ride the Next Wave of Spiritual Evolution For These Times

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The Light Mastery Academy is a membership hub that provides practical and life-changing teachings with Iana Lahi, that support you on your life journey of awakening, enlightening, and breakthrough.


You have 24/7 access to 30-50 minute video classes in these areas of vitality that are important to living a dynamic and fulfilling life:

  • Parenting & Family

  • Sexuality & Relationship

  • Health & Wellness

  • Spiritual Realization

  • Money & Business

  • Women’s Work

  • Men’s Work


Each category has 6 to 12 topic offerings to uplift, solve, inspire, and recalibrate how you walk your life path. Classes are uploaded throughout the year to add to your light mastery library of support.


For a low monthly subscription, you can immerse your Self into the source point where real transformation originates and grow through everyday life challenges with greater ease, clarity, and confidence.   


Light Mastery Academy programs uniquely fulfill the need to successfully live an integrated life, one that encompasses and acknowledges the importance of evolving through every situation as a learning experience able to raise your awareness, happiness, and fulfillment quotient.

As a Light Mastery Academy member, you will be invited to participate in our members-only global community special live-stream classes and events with Iana.

For additional information and to be kept informed of when we will be offering Spirit Gateways® Light Mastery Academy, please subscribe to our mailing list.

We look forward to having you as a member of Spirit Gateways® Light Mastery Academy.

Know the Truth of Your Original Self.

Discover Freedom, Fearlessness and Self-Acceptance.

Experience A Higher Octave For Living In these Times.

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