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Real Power False Power

Opening Through Illusion

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Now, more than ever we are BEing called to recognize real power and identify false power. We live in a global collective split created by living in separation in our own BEing which creates seeing illusion as reality. We have forgotten the ability to see through the eyes of our Whole Self and BE beyond the grip of ego trance

Real Power False Power guides you to realize how your personality Self can support or sabotage your purpose and mission from manifesting and block your full potential.


Your Real Power waits for you to come home to YOU and once experienced becomes the roadmap of your life.


Experience BEing guided through the karmic, ancestral, and sanskaric inner battles with your personal power and rediscover your relationship with your True Self.

In Real Power False Power you will:

  • Reconnect to the Source of your True Power.

  • Identify when you or someone else are not in their True Power.

  • Step out of false thinking and discover your personal power alignment.

Real Power False Power Course Contents

Module 1 - Real Power Source Codes

   A. What is Real Power?

   B. How is Your Real Power Created?

   C. How is Your Real Power Blocked and Unblocked?

Module 2 - False Power Source Codes

   A. What is False Power?

   B. How is Your False Power Created?

   C. How Do You Step Out Of False Power?

Module 3 - Steps To Recreating Your Power Alignment

   A. Where Does Your True Power and False Power Exist in You?

   B. How Do You Access Your True Power?

   C. How To Transform False Power Into True Power


Module 4 - Love Births A New Relationship to Power

   A. Acceptance

   B. Alchemy from Fear to Love

   C. Abundance Found Through Living In the Center of Your Whole Power

Give your Self the gift of BEing able to see through
what some may call real or powerful or “together” 
or genuine—but is not.

As you step into your own authentic inner alignment
your inner eyes, awakened wisdom, and trustworthy
“inner ally” reveal themselves to you.

Receive the gift of your own truth detector,
best friend & forgotten buddy.

Learn how to step through the veil from pretending
to true BEing & crack through your own
denials & fears into real power in

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