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LoveToBE the Movement®

Light Initiations Into Ecstatic Divine ReUnion

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LoveToBE the Movement® is the creation of Iana’s passion for movement and dance that begin early in her life as a professionally trained modern and ballet dancer in NYC, and has culminated in almost 50 years of her experience in integrating the spiritual path, meditation, movement, and healing mastery.

LoveToBE the Movement® guides the spiritual journey of realizing the Infinite Source of life, love and power within you.

As a participant, you will travel into the spiritual connections within you, that once ignited, awaken your pathway into BEing One with your soul, with life, joy, and profound wisdom as you experience union within your Whole Self. You are guided into the Original Way of remembering who you are, why you are here, and how to live aligned and connected to the Infinite Source of BEing within you.

LoveToBE the Movement® is an integral element in the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap and is included in your subscription to the Evolutionary Empowerment Global Village membership.

To Lose Oneself Is To Find God

LoveToBE the Movement® initiates living in the freedom, joy and enlightening state of your True Self. The movements reconnect and clear the energies in your body to initiate higher states of awareness where union in body, heart, soul and spirit naturally occur.

Whether you are going through any form of life transition, dealing with health, relationship, financial or career challenges, know that change is inevitable in your life, seek a spiritual shift or just want to be fully connected to who you really are, LoveToBE the Movement® will propel you into a new powerful alignment, higher consciousness, and passionate experience of Oneness with your life dreams, spiritual purpose, and True Self.

Through light activation, initiation, and meditation you will shift and be released from the obstacles preventing you from accessing the full expression and presence of your Whole Self.

The new paradigm divine masculine-feminine Source codes, body-heart-soul light activations, alignments and empowerments needed to become your Whole Self are guided making possible your total spiritual activation, awakening and integration

Some Benefits of LoveToBE the Movement®

Practitioners find that LoveToBE the Movement®:


  • Experience ecstatic and deep bliss, reconnection, and the still point of your BEing, while feeling One with Infinite Source.

  • Restores the masculine and feminine energies of the body, heart, and soul in perfect alignment, mastery, and integrated Oneness.

  • Reunites your divine and human spiritual, energetic, and creative matrix for you to awaken and embody the light energies, consciousness, and infinite love and power within you.

  • Gives you the direct transmissions of light energies and frequencies to help balance, heal, and restore the alignment, connection, and integration of your body, mind, soul, and spirit.

  • Opens the heart through integrating movement, meditation, light transmissions, soul level teachings, and healing to create profound and blissful states of reconnection and remembrance of your True Self in Oneness.

  • Integrates all of your 9 bodies — pranic, subtle, energy, causal, spiritual, physical, emotional, higher mind, and light bodies into divine Oneness which can give you the ability to complete your karma in this lifetime and evolve into full soul birthing. Experience the Life Force Harmonics within you being activated into full health, vitality, elevation, and expansion.


LoveToBE the Movement® Online Video Course

Included In Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village Membership

Change your relationship to your Self and life by experiencing LoveToBE the Movement® through a 12-part online video series that will “realign through the divine” a new way of BEing connected to the Infinite Source of your vitality and health, spiritual power and love, vision and purpose, higher consciousness and sexual-spiritual wholeness.

Spirit Gateways® LoveToBE the Movement® is composed of 12 Life Initiations:

  • Module 1 - Evolutionary Conception and Soul Awakening

  • Module 2 - Departing and Returning to Self

  • Module 3 - Honoring Shame, Ego, and Loss

  • Module 4 - Awakening Creative and Sexual Aliveness

  • Module 5 - Mastering Directional Focus

  • Module 6 - Receiving Earth and Cosmic Support

  • Module 7 - Stepping Through the Veils

  • Module 8 - Awakening from Separation Into Divine Wholeness

  • Module 9 - Releasing the Mind into Nothingness to BE Everything

  • Module 10 - Igniting Divine Masculine-Divine Feminine Union

  • Module 11 - Knowing and BEing Love

  • Module 12 - Celebrating Light


Let’s Move Together

Discover the light within you. Feel the cells of your body come alive. BE transported into the union of your Whole Self. Go beyond the pulls of fear and disconnection. Awaken the song of your soul. Ignite your True life.

What Makes LoveToBE the Movement® Different

LoveToBE the Movement® has been in development for more than 4 decades, beginning with Iana's first professional dance training with the esteemed Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre when she was sixteen years old.

Iana's professional dance training continued at The Boston Conservatory and California Institute For the Arts where she studied with Bella Lewitzky and Mia Slavenska and then with many of the 20th century's dance masters including Martha Graham, Jose Limon, Merce Cunningham, the American Ballet Theater, Barbara Cole, Phyllis Lamhut, Ina Hahn, Al Huang, Margret Jenkins and Emile Conrad D’oud.

Whether you are new to dance and movement or have had any form of professional training, everyone can gain value by connecting their body to Divine Source and gaining infinite connectivity.

The movements themselves open up your body and soul to your true self. Iana’s work opens the heart to remember the soul.”

Bonnie Breece, Holistic Health Practitioner, San Diego, California

"Working with Iana is an exquisite and extraordinary experience. She initiates you into your own spirit power and guides you through the veils that block your direct connection to your greatest gifts and to God Source, itself. Iana leads you home through seemingly insurmountable obstacles to the most beautiful and abundantly alive part of your soul, and expertly instructs you in how to discover and manifest your heart's most shining dreams from this place within yourself.”

Emily Nussdorfer, Director of Moving Creations, Philadelphia, PA

I am exhilarated in my body in a whole new way. Life force and I have become one. I understand sexuality and love from within in a whole new way. A constant ray of light is touching my body and giving me love and is melting away the discomforts and shadows that have previously blocked me from being one in my self. I am in an ocean of bliss that I have found because of what you have helped me find within myself, Iana. This is miraculous work. Thank you.”

Cassandra M., TV Producer and Consultant, New York City

What People Are Saying

"When You Speak, Love With All Your Heart.
When You Dance, Love With All Your Heart.
When You Cry, Love With All Your Heart.
When You Live & When You Die,
Love With All Your Heart.

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