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Spirit Gateways® Deepenings

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During these challenging times of social, global, and personal upheaval and disruption, Spirit Gateways® Institute offers a radical perspective on individual and collective transformation that will guide you on the adventure of discovering true freedom, pure joy, infinite love, and ONEness via the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap and the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village

Spirit Gateways® Deepenings Courses explore a wide range of what it means to be human in the 21st century. You may recognize some of these topics as they are often addressed through conventional and/or traditional therapeutic modalities as well as through new age and BodyMind techniques.

The Spirit Gateways® differentiator is that the knowledge, wisdom teachings and practices presented in each Deepenings Course are done through the lens of experiencing and walking through the door of duality into ONEness.

Because the pathway of self-realization and liberating your Self from the experience of duality and separation into ONEness is unique for each of us, we often need an entirely new perspective to change our minds and open our hearts.

All of the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings Courses are designed to do this.

All Deepenings Courses are included in all membership tiers of the Evolutionary Empowerment™ Global Village. 

Several Deepenings Courses are available now with many more in development. Check back often to see what has been released. If there are topics that you want to see explored from the experience of ONEness but they are not in our development queue, please let us know by sending an email with 'New Topic For Deepenings Courses' in the subject line.

  • Your Happy Home Learner. An online video course for parents who need everyday guidance to support their child or children to find greater happiness in learning at home. 

Spirit Gateways® Deepenings Courses Available Now

A Preview Of Upcoming Spirit Gateways® Deepenings Courses

The following brief summaries are a preview of upcoming Deepenings Courses offered by Spirit Gateways® Institute designed to optimize your personal and professional life by living from your True Self.  Subscribe to be notified when each course is available.

A Man's Freedom

A Man’s Freedom guides the biological, spiritual, emotional, causal, and psychological journey of every man to crack open, regain, and live fully connected to his authentic Self through realizing and embodying his original and pure heart. The inner battles between his ego warrior, king, savior, rescuer, victim, fixer, creator, lover, son, mother, father, who and what he serves,  the light and dark within him are awakened, evolved, and supported into Wholeness. 

A Woman’s Power guides you on your individual path to realize and liberate your True Self.


Navigate through your deepest Self and move past obstacles that block you from BEing free in your body, mind, and soul. End the ways that you deny who you are, repress, compromise, shut down, ignore, abandon, reject or betray your power. We dive deep into the rejuvenating and life-giving process that resides in every woman’s body and psyche.


In A Woman’s Power, you will translate the soul messages from deep within you to restore your highest purpose, frequency, truth, health, wealth, and spiritual-soul level gifts. Ancestral, karmic, and sanskaric patterns are tenderly raised up to be cleared, as well as transforming your core-existence issues that are ready to be shifted into pure light and power.

Awakening Anger offers the tools, insights, and teachings to crack open the power hidden within anger. Once awakened and recalibrated with your life force, transformed anger can fuel your deepest potential for happiness and manifestation.

Dying Complete

Dying Complete guides the journey of awakening through life by facing the ways we have separated from our True Self and have created unnatural inner deaths.

You are guided to reconnect every aspect of your Self that once reunited gives you deep knowingness, trust, and love in who you are.

The processes of Self-forgiveness, ONEness with Source and Self, and loving your Self through the places within you that have been empty, abandoned, and denied are restored into wholeness. The joys and sorrows of your life are honored as you learn how to guide someone that you care for and love, or as you prepare for your own passing through Dying Complete on a mind and soul level.

Dying Complete can help you walk into your next lifetime with greater connection to the Source that exists within your heart and soul.

GODSEX Initiations

In GODSEX Initiations the path of love expressed in deep intimacy and whole body sexual aliveness is taught through awakening the life force and higher spiritual currents in the body. You are taught how to illuminate your physical and emotional energies into divine bliss, ecstasy, passion, and connection with God within you and your partner as initiations into higher embodied love. 

Ignite A New Power® For Adults approaches leadership from the center point where the body-mind-soul and spirit meet.

In this dynamic and powerful meeting point of ONEness, a new power is ignited that inspires and births new vision, integrates and implements principles of universal macrocosm and microcosm thinking, and initiates sexual, spiritual, and life force energy clearing to create a new alignment between head, heart, and your soul.

Through experiencing a direct connection to the true Source of divine masculine and feminine power within you, you access your creative genius that has the potential to transform your life and make the difference that you want to make in the world.

Ignite A New Power® For Teens & Young Adults

Ignite a New Power® For Teens & Young Adults supports teens and young adults ages 13-21 to experience and step onto their higher truth and destiny path, connect with why they are here and to envision and manifest the fulfillment of their soul.

Young men and women discover what is most important to them and are supported to make a difference in the world through learning how to see clearly, and to feel and think at the same time by connecting their intellect, emotions, feelings, and intuition.

Ignite A New Power® For Teens & Young Adults guides teens on how to BE themselves without layers of fear, projections, and self-doubt. It then becomes possible to lead, show up, and BE in the world as one’s “True Self” with profound results. 

In The Body Enlightenment

In The Body Enlightenment presents a feminine-masculine breakthrough teaching into wholeness—In the Body Enlightenment guides you from separation into wholeness. Feeling, thinking, BEing, knowing, loving, and awakening are simultaneous as you reframe your relationship to BEing You.

New levels of joy, attunement, ONEness, and connection to life and your whole Self are experienced as you realize in-the-body-enlightenment. 

Light On Narcissism

Narcissism is a psychological state created through separating the mind, heart, emotions, Infinite Source, and the body. Usually created unconsciously, narcissism is an isolating and self-absorbed state of mind that lives off frozen and unrealized trauma.

Light on Narcissism unpacks the energetic, psychological, and most of all emotional walls that surround a narcissist and prevent living in harmony with life, themselves, and others.

If you are in a relationship with someone who uses their narcissism as a way to control, bully, or threaten you, or you have a friend who is being affected by a narcissist, or you want to know how to better deal with a boss, colleague, or co-worker who is a narcissist, Light on Narcissism will support you to come back into your core Self and help you to walk through the challenges that are occurring in your life. 

Mending The Scars Of Sexual Abuse 

The inner torment that encases the heart when sexually abused has the power to shut down the ability to love one Self and another, and to block fulfilling one's life purpose. 

In Mending the Scars of Sexual Abuse you are guided through a healing and loving roadmap to restore your personal, creative, and sexual power. From sorrow and grief, from anger to transformation, the path of your life is embraced in love.

New Millennium Moms

New Millennium Moms gives abundant self-help information, guidance, tools, practices, and wisdom to millennium moms who are overloaded, overwhelmed, and seek solutions to have more energy, more time, more patience, more self-love, more sexual energy, and are juggling to survive.

You will receive inner secrets of self-care, communication tools, diet, meditation, self-healing, and enlightenment tools to catapult your joy and happiness levels upward. 

Out Of The Box: Inner Work, Outer Results

When you hit the wall of your life and you feel that you want to love more, accomplish more, take up more space, BE BIGGER, have more intimacy in your love life, creatively expand, BE seen and heard, come out of the ways that you avoid going for what you ultimately want, feel spiritually and emotionally whole, or financially succeed at a higher level, there is no faster way to create new outer results than to do the inner work to catapult you OUT OF THE BOX.

In Out Of The Box: Inner Work, Outer Results you will be guided through the necessary steps to have the breakthroughs needed to trust, know, reframe, see, guide, and create your life from BEing whole and connected to your True Self.

Releasing The Chains Of Depression

We have all experienced depression at some point in our lives. When we heal the grief, hurt, sorrow, or anger underlying the depression through reconnecting the light within our heart and soul with the life energy that waits to be found in our BodyMind and psyche, a light is turned on to heal depression.

Releasing the Chains of Depression is a whole Self journey into the depths of our creativity, wounds, and heart that gives us back the key to our own power and joy. 

In honor of all people who have taken their life, and to those men and women who are contemplating suicide as a way out of their pain, or for those parents, brothers, sisters, families, and friends who have had their son or daughter, friend or colleague take their life, Suicide: Head, Heart, and Soul is a Spirit Gateways® Deepenings gift to be passed on and shared with all.

Suicide: Head, Heart & Soul [FREE] 

When the ability to transform and heal overwhelm, emotional pain, self-judgment, and fear are stunted and blocked from discerning truth, and the mind overrides the voice of the heart and soul, all that is heard is the part of the mind saying there is no way out except by checking-out.

In a moment of compliance to the ego voice who is saying 'you have failed', and that 'you are helpless' to the ego’s dictates, and unable to “kill” your ego, you kill your body to kill your mind, yet your True Self remains to pick up the sanskaric pieces.

Suicide: Head, Heart & Soul is a FREE course for individuals, families, mental health professionals, and organizations or companies dealing with all facets of suicide.

In THE EGO course, you are given a first-hand experience of why, when, and how your Ego was created, and how to successfully navigate its sly tricks, behaviors, and beliefs that prevent you from BEing all that you can BE.


Join Iana in these 21st Century Liberation Roadmap awakening experiences and find greater freedom and liberation BEing You.

Expand Your Inner BEing
With Clarity, Power & Courage 

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