Spirit Gateways® Deepenings


Extraordinary Programs For You To Expand. Evolve. Enlighten.® 

During these challenging times of social, global, and personal disruption, Spirit Gateways® offers a radical perspective on personal and collective transformation that will guide you on the adventure of discovering freedom, pure joy, and Oneness via our 21st-century Liberation Roadmap™. 


Here's a sneak preview of upcoming signature programs by Iana and Spirit Gateways® designed to optimize your personal and professional life by living from your True Self.  

Join Iana for a 21st-century awakening experience to the life that you are here to live and receive the tools to make it happen consistently and effectively. 

  • Living From Your Wild Heart. Join Iana in a raucous video adventure composed of 15-20 minutes of Original Way Teachings, BELIGHT MEDITATION®, and LoveToBE The Movement® delivered FREE to your inbox each Saturday morning.

  • Honoring Grief. An online video course to help you find the Power of Love within heartache, suffering, loss, and fear to come closer to your True Self.

  • Your Happy Home Learner. An online video course for parents who need everyday guidance to support their child or children find greater happiness in learning at home, 

  • A Woman's Power. Navigate through your deepest Self and move past obstacles that block you from BEing free in your body, mind, and soul. End the ways that you deny who you are, repress, compromise, shut down, ignore, abandon, reject or betray your power.

  • THE EGO course. You are given a first-hand experience of why, when, and how your Ego was created, and how to successfully navigate its sly tricks, behaviors, and beliefs that prevent you from BEing all that you can. 

  • Awakening Anger.  Offers the tools, insights, and teachings to crack open the power hidden within anger. Once awakened and recalibrated with your life force, transformed anger can fuel your deepest potential for happiness and manifestation.

  • Ignite A New Power. Guides participants in how to BE themselves without layers of fear, projections, and illusion.