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Where Art & The Divine Unite

The Journey of Awakened Co-Creation

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When you connect into the Infinite Source of life within you a gateway opens into the unlimited universe within you that has the power to dissolve the walls and boundaries between the visible and the invisible, what is felt and ready to be felt, what is heard and not heard, and the space that exists between the sound and light of the divine moving through you waiting to be expressed into creation.

The union of the known and the unknown meet in the center of your BEing, as you create the beauty, power, truth, and love waiting to BE released from within you, Where Art and the Divine Unite.

Through the weaving of passion, denied or undealt with emotion, awakened and transformed feelings, and relationship with the divine, your creative power is released into the divine and ignites the art of your life—the art of your soul expanding into a higher octave of expression.

In Where Art & The Divine Unite you will:

  • Learn to recognize the voice of the divine within you.

  • Find the point of connection where infinite Source & creativity meet within you.

  • Breakthrough Into unlimited creative inspiration, vision, and manifestation.

Where Art & The Divine Unite Course Contents

Module 1 - Navigating Shadow and Light

   A. Finding Your Power In the Dark

   B. Open Heart Closed Heart

   C. Bringing Your Mind into Your Heart

Module 2 - Unifying Lower Self and Higher Self

   A. Moving Through Separation

   B. Lifting Pain and Emptiness into Joy

   C. Hearing and Seeing Your Higher Self

Module 3 - What Are You Serving

   A. Listening to Ego vs. You

   B. What Needs To BE Said

   C. Integrating Divine Masculine-Feminine


Module 4 - Bringing Vision Into Form

   A. Knowing Your Solar Plexus

   B. Anchoring Your Root Center and Third Eye

   C. Perceiving Through Your Third Eye, Heart, and the Universe

Become Partners With The Divine & Experience
The Spark Of Creation Opening Within You.

Step Into The Meeting Point Where
Art & The Divine Unite
& Let Your Heart BE Filled.

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