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4 Pillars Integration 

Aligning To Your True Self

Spirit Gateways® 4 Pillars Integration Alignment is a transformational 4-session, 4-theme series to reveal, reconnect, and liberate your True Self.

Time proven to create a powerful and fast-track breakthrough, individuals who sense or know that something “must happen” to make a decision or shift their life course, get through a financial, relationship, career or health barrier, have hit the wall, or need to go the next higher octave from within to create a different external scenario, are able to make powerful and sustaining shifts over the 4-session series.

All of us have experienced moments in our lives when we realize that something is not quite right, that we are not living the life we wanted or dreamed of when we were in our childhood or young adulthood.

Whether you came from a "perfect" family, an overtly dysfunctional family or the range in between, you have now recognized that something is not quite right.

Often, you don't know where to start or restart, especially if you have tried the many varieties of self-help techniques, traditional therapy, new age modalities or BodyMind techniques.

The short answer is that in some way, or perhaps many ways, you have abandoned, betrayed, or rejected yourself. I call this ABR and you will notice that this is one of the core themes in all my work and everything presented in all Spirit Gateways® courses and trainings.

The self that is you is your True Self. When you ABR yourself, whether in a big way or perhaps in multiple small ways over the course of years, you lose touch with the essential you - and, the very heart of what makes you YOU.

A great way to start recognizing how and when you ABR'd yourself and rediscover your True Self is with the 4 Pillars Integration. Each of the 4 sessions unlocks the door to 4 vital aspects of you that when reunited create a powerful new alignment with your life path.

What Is The 4 Pillars Integration?

The Spirit Gateways® 4 Pillars Integration To Your True Self is composed of four 90-minute themed sessions that reunite the four key aspects of YOU that have the power to open the door to knowing who you are and experience a full spiritual-physical awakening.

Each 4 Pillars Integration session dives into exploring a specific integrative theme necessary for you to remember who you are to regain your True Self.

Session 1 - Rediscovering Your Forgotten Self

Experience a direct reconnection to the part of you that when embraced and embodied gives you back your Self and helps you to step on to your highest destiny path.

Session 2: Realigning With Your Divine True Feminine

Mend your emotions and life force energies and your relationship to your self-identity by reconnecting to your original power and purpose.

Session 3: Realigning With Your Divine True Masculine

Mend your mind-body-spirit connection and experience your true masculine and reconfigure your life from the inside out.

Session 4: Reconnecting With Your Higher Self

Discover who is guiding your life, reopen the gate, learn how to listen and receive the presence and messages of your Higher Self. Release your old modus operandi of control, fear, worry, and resistance and experience co-creation with the light, divine intelligence, and integrated truth to refocus your life.

Iana approaches all of the 4 Pillar Integration sessions from a 360-degree holistic perspective that embraces all of your feelings, thoughts, experiences, and wisdom as gateways into your whole Self, clarity, wisdom, pure power, and the love that you are.

How You Benefit From 4 Pillars Integration

The benefits that you receive from the 4 Pillars Integration series will be unique to you, yet there are similar universal outcomes that are experienced by all.

Some of these benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Finding joy

  • Resolving fear

  • Coming through grief

  • Healing your heart center 

  • Knowing your life purpose

  • Completing with your past

  • BEing One with you truly are

  • Breaking free of an old story

  • Finding your creative essence

  • Increasing your ability to discern

  • Opening the door to your True Self

  • Discovering the truth within your soul

  • Finding authentic spiritual connection

  • Creating a loving relationship with your Self

  • Breaking through self-sabotaging behavior

  • Realizing the roots of addiction and inner pain

  • Understanding your life in a completely new way

  • And more ...

You may experience one or more of these benefits or you may have an entirely different breakthrough experience that can change the course of your life.

Invest In Your True Self

4 Pillars Integration is a results-focused introduction to working one-on-one with Iana. 

Though there are no shortcuts to gaining results from dedicated inner work, there are core universal themes that once addressed set a foundation for experiencing greater fulfillment in your life and different outcomes that support your ultimate happiness.

4 Pillars Integration Alignment To Your True Self is this foundation.

Your investment in your Self through 4 Pillars Integration is $1400 for four 90-minute one-on-one phone sessions with Iana.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is 4 Pillars Integration different from ONEness Recalibration?

A 4 Pillars Integration series is a focused soul transformation experience that puts the spotlight of awakening directly into 4 distinctive areas that Iana discovered need to be energetically, spiritually, and psychologically completely aligned to give you back the life that is possible for you. Each session is 90 minutes compared to a ONEness Recalibration™ which is 45 minutes. ONEness Recalibration™ is a deep dive into the essence and core of who you are and helps you with a particular situation or need that you have through intuitive/clairvoyant guidance, clearing, healing, and designing a meditation that is unique for your present personal growth and needs.

How Is 4 Pillars Integration different from Divine Messenger Sessions?

The 4 Pillars Integration series is comprised of 6 hours over 4 specific breakthrough sessions, compared to a Divine Messenger Session.™ which is 45 minutes in length and gives you powerful life-changing information to help you walk through your major challenges, discover your greatest gifts and realize what, why, and how you can become ONE with your highest potential and true essence, power, and love.

How Is 4 Pillars Integration different from traditional, new age or BodyMind therapies?

The 4 Pillars Integration series brings you into a profound state of BEing ONE in your Self. You go through the veil of your mind's perceptions and beliefs into the truth of who you truly are through experiencing and BEing in a new alignment with your True Self.

Traditional therapies isolate the body, mind, soul, spirit, and Infinite Source and do not understand the Self from an experience of ONEness. Traditional therapies attempt to fix a problem from the mind and intellect. The intellect tries to explain what the mind thinks is real.

Four Pillars Integration is totally different than most new age techniques which often exclude the healing and integration of all aspects of your Self from ONEness.

BodyMind techniques are a great beginning point but can only go so far and cannot help you through your most important soul-awakening transformation.

Can't I get the same results by using psychedelic, plant medicine, or shamanic practices?

It is not possible to experience complete soul embodiment free of the illusions of the mind using psychedelic, plant medicine, or shamanic practices. The knowledge, techniques, and practices taught by Iana in all Spirit Gateways® courses and trainings guide a different connection in the brain on a cellular level, and from a different plane of awareness.

How soon can I expect results from my 4 Pillars Integration sessions?

Most individuals experience a powerful and life-changing result within and after each of the 4 sessions. For others, the changes happen over a few days.

What People Are Saying

"Iana empowered me to feel more in wonderment of my own creative powers and to call them back so that I have more life-giving and powerful resources for myself. I am now much more in tune with my heart center and life purpose. It's breathtaking the way Iana had me become more in touch with and integrate my feminine and masculine principles that instantaneously helped to clear out family lineage issues and resolve childhood traumas. The work is quick and transformative. What I previously thought were large and insurmountable obstacles are now more readily able to be dealt with. I have emerged."

Dr. Angela Lee Chen, Acupuncturist

“I had a few significant awakenings and breakthroughs in my 4-session Pillar Integration with Iana. I grew up in a family system where the men were asleep and used anger as a way to control. I was able to break through how I had internalized my own insecurities and discovered my true emotional and compassionate voice. I also discovered how fearful I have been to live through my real Self and access the love within me instead of trying to get my wife to give me the love I couldn’t give to myself. I had a profound return to me that has not gone away.”

Keith M. Screenwriter

“All I can say is WOW! My 4-session series with Iana helped me save my marriage. It turned my head around to see my own life, and my perspective from a new place. My husband also did the 4- sessions and he soaked it all up. I loved discovering my authentic feminine self and masculine self and then in my 4th session meeting my Higher Self gave me back my Self and helped me to end empowering my ego. No intellectualizing, just pure reconnection to who I truly am. Thank you, Iana!"

Tanya B., Graphic Designer 

Know The Truth Of Your True Self.

Discover Freedom, Fearlessness & Self-Acceptance.

Experience A Higher Octave For Living In These Times.

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