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Money Honey Power

Finding The Sweetness Of Your Money Mojo

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In Money Honey Power, the veil between money, prosperity, “currency”, and BEing consciously and vibrantly connected to your True Self is removed.

Money Honey Power guides you to your doorway within, where money, your love for your Self and humanity co-exist.

Through this doorway, you will discover the exquisite realization that money is not separate from you. You will also realize the sweetness received through finding that the Source of your money treasure exists within you. This realization will help you integrate your passion, power, and purpose to support you to live your life fully in ways that are true to you.

You will:

  • Access the source of money and open to its supply.

  • Begin to recognize and clear ancestral money imprints

  • Experience the integration of your sexual, emotional, and money energies.

Money Honey Power Course Contents

Module 1 - The Source Of Money Within You 

   A. Opening To The Source Of Your Supply

   B. Saying Yes To Abundance

   C. Tracking the Ancestral Vines and Roots To Prosperity or Lack 

Module 2 - The Purpose of Your Soul and Money

   A. Manifesting Money Through Loving Your Self

   B. How Do You See Serving Others Through your Money Flow

   C. Connecting With Your Money Maker  

Module 3 - Your Sexual and Creative Center Creates Money

   A. What Can Block Your Sexual Life Forces

   B. How To Free Your Sexual Life Forces

   C. Channeling Your Sexual, Creative, and Money-Making Love


Module 4 - BodyMind Money Empowerment

   A. Healing Money Fear 

   B. Unifying Light and Dark 

   C. Creating Money Abundance

Enter the portal where your abundance, prosperity
& clarity meet Source within you.

Break through outgrown mindsets & patterns
that you have absorbed without realizing it 
& triumph financially & soulfully.

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