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Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM

The Spirit Gateways® Professional Training & Certification

Master A New Level of BEing That Completes The Circle Of Your Life

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For Women & Men Who Hear The Call To Birth  

A New Wave Of Living & BEing In The World

 From The Heart Of ONEness

Calling all coaches, young visionaries and activists, business & thought leaders,

accelerators, creatives, innovators, teachers and educators, healers, health and wellness professionals, entrepreneurs, changemakers, and women and men who were or are presently employed in corporate, the political, education, and non-profit organizations who want to be trained to diplomatically, radically, brilliantly, and effectively work with influencers, leaders, initiators, entrepreneurs, families, young adults, visionary endeavors, start-up and existing companies, communities, organizations, and doers to implement long-term change and inspired and sustainable solutions for a profoundly and rapidly changing world.

Make The Difference That You Came Here To Make

Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM trains New Paradigm Thinkers and Leaders to BE ONE with INFINITE SOURCE to successfully uplift global consciousness, recalibrate and innovate our global collective into the light through facilitating, transforming, and supporting others to make a radical difference in their life work, relationships, industry, business, creative endeavors, family, community and in the world.


Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM ignites and empowers women and men from around the globe who know they are here to make a difference in the lives of others through their vision, business initiative and desire to serve, uplift, educate, lead, create, r/evolutionize, and enlighten as a global influencer and leader of light for 21st century evolutionary change.

Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM trains you to realize and BE the highest octave of your full potential so that you can embody your True Self and BE the leader, innovator, and global healer that you know deep inside that you can BE.

Impact The World

Thinking, Approaches, Skills & Methods You Will Learn

You are trained in all areas of BEing an awakened human BEing that include-professional training in:

Higher Service

Science of BEing

Physics of ONEness


Whole Brain Thinking

Whole Self Integration

Soul and God ONEness

The Physiology of BEing


New Paradigm Psychology

Alignment In Your True Self

Relationship Communication

Sexual-Spiritual Enlightenment

Feminine-Masculine Alignment

Creative Mastery and Spontaneity

Financial and Business Development

Universal Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Law

Heart-Centered Energetic, Spiritual and Physical Integration

BEing aligned in the infinite center of your whole Self gives you the opportunity to step into the zone of ONEness where you are making an impact in the lives of others because you have walked through your own separations, denials, avoidances, and controls. You have faced your fears and have embraced the light within you that is your barometer of BEing ONE in you.


Spirit Gateways® Heart-Science of ONEness

Living in ONEness initiates BEing fully embodied and integrated in one’s Whole Self.

IGNITUM Supports You To Integrate:

Heart and Soul

Logic and Intuition

Surrender and Service

Inner and Outer ONEness

Inner and Outer Strength

Physicality and Spirituality

Abundance and Prosperity

Invisible and Visible Wholeness

Energy and Spirit Interconnection

Ego-free Leadership and Presence

Inner and Outer Alignment In Source

Clearing The Past To Live Fully In The Present

Awakened Life Force Energy And True Power

Healing Ancestral, Karmic, and Familial Patterns

As an IGNITUM graduate, you have stepped through the barriers of separation within your Self to experience BEing ONE with the Infinite Source within you. A steady and direct connection with your creative brilliance and inspiration flows through the union of your physical and spiritual channels into your life. 


The interdisciplinary areas of training in Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM encompass:

Professional Training & Certification

IGNITUM Professional Training and Certification by the Spirit Gateways® Institute is an integrated and interdisciplinary training to create simultaneous powerful transformation on the physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological, and energetic levels for IGNITUM trainees to step into BEing a Leader of Light and Next Wave Enlightener, the two certifications given through completing year 1 and year 2 of the training.

Graduates learn to fearlessly implement humanitarian-based solutions to:

  • Facilitate breakthrough structures

  • Create business and financial wholeness

  • Help others to realize and BE their True Self

  • Catapult creative and innovative ideas into form

  • Birth their own and inspire others' ideas into action

  • Experience greater well-being, energetic clarity, embodied wholeness, integrated spiritual awakening, and life-force balance

  • Guide and support individuals, companies, organizations, teams, leaders, and change-makers to manifest the divine brilliance that exists within themselves

The following four interdisciplinary areas of training synchronistically work together to help you to step into creating, developing, and implementing your vision, talents, and purpose forward through BEing ONE with YOU.  

  • Leadership & Business

  • Relationship & Sexuality

  • Meditation & Movement

  • Healing & Transformation

These four interdisciplinary areas are the corner stones of your training and become the woven tapestry of your experience of BEing empowered as an integrated leader and enlightener for these times

Take The Call

Initiate True Transformation & Change

2 Years Of Training, 2 Levels Of Certification

IGNITUM is a 2-year program with two levels of certification that gives each participant an integrated holistic training in embodied leadership from a ONEness perspective.

In both, Levels 1 and 2, you receive high-level spiritual training and mentorship in a focused and committed family of men and women from around the globe.

You are supported to go deep and to make the break throughs into the Source of your Self. 

Healing and Self-Realization come together in every step of your training and mentorship.

Professional Group Mentoring Is An integral Component Of IGNITUM.

Group mentoring for all Level 1 and 2 students provides a professional-level interactive and supportive environment for all IGNITUM participants to enter into a collaborative professional community of shared values to make an impact in the lives of others and to grow exponentially in your own unique way.

The Monthly IGNITUM Cafe Is An Essential Component of IGNITUM.

The monthly IGNITUM™ Cafe meet-up is a 60-minute online interactive gathering for the women and men of IGNITUM™ to share their heart and to be seen, heard, and received in an honoring, loving, and sacred way to any concern, issue, or challenge that needs to be “held”.

A Mobile App For The IGNITUM Community 

Your Spirit Gateways® dedicated free mobile app gives you access to the entire Spirit Gateways® video library plus all of the IGNITUM™ video coursework and the IGNITUM™ community.

Optional Listing Of Certified IGNITUM Level 1 & Level 2 Graduates

Individuals who complete IGNITUM™ Level 1 and/or Level 2 may choose to get listed on the Spirit Gateways® website page as a certified IGNITUM™ Level 1 and/or Level 2 graduate.


Curriculum - 2 Years Of Professional Training

Year 1 - Leader Of Light

In Level 1, you experience the gateways into ONEness through training in the art and science of how Infinite Source and YOU are ONE. Learning from a place of ONEness reveals a new matrix of the universal principles of business and leadership, relationship and sexuality, meditation and movement, and healing and transformation.

Participants experience a transformation through becoming ONE with their True Self. 

The power of love weaves a new relationship with your body-mind-spirit-career-higher purpose-soul evolution and Infinite Source through entering the center where money, the body, God, spirit, the world, matter, energy, and light meet to create higher understanding and paves the way to BEing free as a creator, implementer, and leader of light from your whole Self.

Upon completion of Level 1, you are certified as a Leader Of Light

You have realized and embodied your True Self into every area of your life and are aligned for success.

Year 2 - Next Wave Enlightener 

In Level 2, you receive high-level spiritual training and mentorship in a focused and committed group of men and women with Iana to Expand. Evolve. Enlighten™ your unique gifts and learned skills to serve your community, clients, and the world to make the difference that you came here to make.

Trainees learn to facilitate work that has the power to successfully shift others to realize their True Self, and support individuals, organizations and change makers to experience the divine brilliance that exists within themselves, and within all human beings for the purpose of uplifting the world in their unique way.

Level 2 participants learn how to activate, align, and implement their ideas, and projects into action, and how to facilitate their clients into BEing their Whole Self, and into ONEness mastery, authenticity, and presence.  

Upon completion of Level 2, you are certified as a Next Wave Enlightener. 

You are ready to BE who you are in the world and guide, create, coach, inspire, teach, heal, influence, and implement visionary action from the union of love and power for these times.

What's Included In IGNITUM

IGNITUM is based upon the 50+ years of Iana's personal experience and evolution, entering the depths of her own consciousness through inner work, meditation, her formal training in ballet, modern dance, improvisation, and choreography, spiritual-body-mind psychology and in 20+ healing modalities, and through 45+ years as a professional mentor for more than 10,000 individuals from all walks of life as well as facilitating cutting edge men's and women's groups and leadership trainings.

Learning in IGNITUM is an individual and shared experience based upon an integrated curriculum that enables each participant to progress at their own pace yet keep to a milestone-based approach that helps to ensure that each person receives the individual attention they need to optimize their personal evolution and professional training.

The IGNITUM curriculum integrates personal and group training that include:

  • Video On-Demand Classes

  • Live Video Stream Workshops

  • Weekly Group Mentoring with Q & A

  • Monthly IGNITUM™ Cafe (interactive live online group mentoring)

  • Annual On-Location Retreat (In-Person or Livestream)

  • Weekly IGNITUM® Podcasts


Become A Leader Of Light

Go Beyond Separation Into ONEness

IGNITUM Prerequisites

All applicants to IGNITUM™ must have completed the following Spirit Gateways® Institute courses and group mentoring experience prior to engaging in the IGNITUM™ course work.

All of the courses can be taken through the Evolutionary Empowerment Global Village and include the 3 core courses, Signature Programs, Deepenings and Deepenings Mini Courses, and group mentoring.

If you feel that IGNITUM™ is right for you, you may apply for IGNITUM™ after you start taking Spirit Gateways® courses with the understanding that these prerequisites are designed very carefully for you and must be completed before you can start on the IGNITUM™ course work.

Prerequisites For IGNITUM™ 

Completion of the following Spirit Gateways® courses are prerequisite to be accepted in the IGNITUM™ Professional Training and Certification.

Spirit Gateways® Core Courses

  • BE ONE. BE YOU.®

  • The Foundation Course™

  • Evolutionary Empowerment™

Spirit Gateways® Signature Courses

  • BE: The Humanity Blueprint Masterclass


  • LoveToBE the Movement®

  • Passport To Freedom™

Spirit Gateways® Group Mentoring

One year of group mentoring either in Spirit Gateways® MasterHeart MasterMind™ or Spirit Gateways® Life Mastery Inner Circle™ (or both).


Other Spirit Gateways® Courses
That Could Enhance Your Experience

Each and every course in the Spirit Gateways® video library, whether free or paid, offers gems of wisdom that you can use to catapult yourself to where you want to go and transform your life.

Any insight you have about yourself, your his/herstory, or how you ABR’d yourself can be the ‘ah-ha’ moment that you need to take the next steps necessary to create a new you and the life you want and need.

Spirit Gateways® Living From Your Wild Heart™.

Though Living From Your Wild Heart™. is a free offering that you received when you first joined Spirit Gateways®, make no mistake that Living From Your Wild Heart™. is full of insights and practices that are directly relevant to your growth and transformation.

If you are consistent in listening to each week’s wisdom teaching and practicing the meditation and movement exercises, you will most definitely gain great personal value.

If, in addition to listening consciously and applying the wisdom teachings as a form of self-inquiry and you do the meditation and movement practices consistently with the same intention AND you use the accompanying workbook for journaling, identifying milestones reached and tracking your progress, then you will have increased the value you have received from Living From Your Wild Heart™. 100X.

Spirit Gateways® Deepenings and Deepenings Mini-Courses

All of the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings and Deepenings Mini-Courses are designed to deepen your personal healing experience and increase your insights and awareness into specific areas of your life that can enlighten, uplift, and catapult your life journey upwards into full awakening.    

Make steadfast use of the Spirit Gateways® Deepenings and Deepenings Mini Courses when you feel the need to go deeper into specific topics that are relevant to your transformation and evolutionary journey.


Expand. Evolve. Enlighten.

How To Apply For IGNITUM

IGNITUM is open to anyone with an intense desire to expand their own personal evolution and to share their new-found insights and experiences with others in professional and community settings.

IGNITUM requires a level of dedication and devotion to exploring deeply your own inner BEing and integrating your True Self into your higher purpose to BE the voice of action and love to make a difference. 

IGNITUM creates an intimate and powerful community of men and women who are breaking through their mindsets, limitations, and fears, so you must want to go beyond your present Self into the YOU who is waiting to BE born.

IGNITUM is a professional community of shared values that provides an in-depth integrated video-on-demand curriculum with dynamic and focused live group mentoring and Q&A, a live monthly meet-up, IGNITUM™ Cafe, live video streamed workshops, weekly IGNITUM® podcasts, and an annual live on-location retreat.

Not only is your personal evolution at the very heart of IGNITUM so is why and how you intend to apply your training and experience in your world.

There are two steps to apply for IGNITUM Professional Training:

For additional information and to be kept informed of our next opening in the Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM Professional Training please send email to info-at-ianalahi-dot-com and put 'IGNITUM' in the subject line.


Certification & Recertification


Your certification as a Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ practitioner starts upon your successful completion and graduation of Level 1 and/or Level 2.

Your first year of Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ certification is included in your fees for the professional training.

Your initial certification is valid for one calendar year from the date of your graduation and initial certification in either Level 1 – Leader of Light™ or Level 2 – Next Wave Enlightener™.

As a certified Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ practitioner of either or both level 1 or level 2 you have the responsibility of representing and applying the work of Iana Lahi and Spirit Gateways® for your personal professional work and the upliftment and evolution of individuals and humanity.

You are able to use the Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ logo as part of your branding to enhance your professional credibility.

You also have the option to be listed in the global directory of Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ practitioners.

During this first year, you also have the option to participate in the annual IGNITUM™ practitioner on-location retreat and partake of additional IGNTUM™ specific live video trainings that are held on a quarterly basis at modest additional cost.


Recertification of your Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ professional certification is required after your first year upon your graduation anniversary of either level 1 – Leader of Light™ or level 2 – Next Wave Enlightener™.

The annual recertification fee is $99 per year.

Annual recertification gives you:

  • The responsibility of professional status as a graduate of Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™.

  • The responsibility to apply your learnings and experience as a Leader of Light™ and Next Wave Enlightener™.

  • The use of the Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ logo in your marketing collateral and or on your website.

  • Option to be listed in the global directory of Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ practitioners.

  • The option to attend and participate in the annual on-location retreat for IGNITUM™ graduates. Additional fees for on-location IGNITUM™ coursework apply. Each participant is responsible for their own air and/or ground travel to the course location.

  • The option to attend and participate in a quarterly one-day course that provides new insights and techniques developed by Iana Lahi that illuminate and expand your IGNITUM™ professional training. The course fee for these quarterly one-day courses are modest.

We are keeping your recertification in Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM at a reasonable price to help sustain you in expanding your impact and professional practice and give you the opportunity to extend and enhance your participation in the IGNITUM global community.



Why should I take IGNITUM professional training when I have completed (or are in the process of completing) all of the Spirit Gateways® video courses and group mentoring?

IGNITUM™ is specifically focused on bridging individualized human-spiritual development and life work, career, integrative leadership, business, and entrepreneurial endeavors into the world. BEing in community with other motivated professionals to mend gaps, create innovation, and support new systems and approaches to 21st-century local, national, and global issues invigorate and anchor one’s life path. The IGNITUM™ group mentoring work is specific for bridging leadership, business, living fully embodied and in-tune with one’s whole and True Self, so that you are more professionally empowered to BE who you are, create your next steps in your work endeavors free from ego identification, and to successfully apply your purpose into the world.

How does IGNITUM™ differ from other professional training in spiritual psychology, personal development or BodyMind training?

IGNITUM™ teaches from an integrated perspective of how your psyche, intellect, emotions, spirit, body, and soul live in ONEness and through recalibrating your body-mind-soul and Infinite Source connection you experience a profound universal and human interconnected reality. You are trained in a meditation and movement system created by Iana Lahi while simultaneously BEing trained in spiritual-physical awakening and energetic healing, integrated brain and whole body dynamics, and evolutionary business and leadership empowerment that give you a new paradigm experience of stepping through illusion thinking into ONEness thinking.

What am I trained for after I complete IGNITUM™? How can I apply what I have learned and have received certification?

You are trained to step into the world as an initiator, generator, builder, and implementor of high value projects, ideas, initiatives, and vision into motion. After completing your first year of training, you receive certification as a Leader of Light™ and after completing your second year, you receive certification as a Next Wave Enlightener™. As a Leader of Light™, you have entered through the veils of your Self and have individuated into who you truly are. As a Next Wave Enlightener™, you have crossed the bridge to bring others with you and to support and actualize your own endeavors and your clients to make waves with creative and business projects and initiatives that make a difference.

How do I know when I am ready to apply my IGNITUM™ training in a professional environment?

You know you are ready when you feel connected into your body and are able to process your own thoughts, feelings, logic, and intuitions simultaneously through one channel within you that is experienced as infinite intelligence and love. You will BE mentored over the two years of training to know your Self, honor your Self, and to know what you need to step through to BE ready to engage professionally. You will also BE supported to move through your fears whether known or unknown giving you a deep connection to your authentic life force and spiritually driven energies.

What happens if I decide to not pursue IGNITUM for the second level? Do I still get Level 1 certification as a Leader Of Light? If yes, what does this prepare me for?

If you choose to only pursue Level 1, yes, you will absolutely receive certification as a Leader of Light. If you choose, you will be listed on the IGNITUM™ web page as a certified Level 1 Leader of Light™ IGNITUM™ graduate. You are prepared to bring more of You into your life work through a holistic perspective and approach and will feel ignited as you see change happen in the people around you and that you work with. Level 2 Next Wave Enlightener™ trains and prepares those people who want to initiate significant change in their fields of endeavor on a local and global level and want to step up and out in a big way.

What additional training do I receive in Level 2 Next Wave Enlightenerbeyond what I receive in Level 1 Leader Of Light?

In Level 2 Next Wave Enlightener™ you are facilitated through the internal process of realizing and implementing your greater vision and purpose into action within the supportive structure of IGNITUM™. You are given a multi-faceted whole Self approach to going beyond the fears and limitations of growing a business, running a business or organization, developing a new approach or product, expanding your influence, strengthening your skills, understanding the inside dynamics of relationship to your Self, others, and the world—all through becoming deeply connected in your body to your True Self and receiving the support of a community to help you to realize that you are ready to take your next steps into the world implement your higher purpose BEing You.

Is there a time limit on how long I have access to the video course materials of IGNITUM?

You are given full access to the video course materials for the two years that you are enrolled in IGNITUM™ and for your lifetime.

Do I have to apply IGNITUM™ training in a professional setting or can I use it solely for my own transformation and evolution?

You have the complete freedom to make use of IGNITUM™ for your own transformation, healing, and evolution. IGNITUM™’s core structure is designed to give you a direct route to breaking through your karmic patterns through guiding you to awaken, realize, and heal what has shut you down, kept you in denial, created false thinking about your Self, kept you in separation from your own True Self, and more, so that you can experience BEing who you truly are. The transformations that you make in IGNITUM™ will stay with you for the rest of your life and support you to stay on track and on target with your soul’s deepest purpose and desires.

Can I train other people in the Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ curriculum?

IGNITUM™ is designed for men and women who want to grow in their own personal evolution and transformation and apply what they have learned in their professional endeavors, work environments, careers, and projects. Graduates of Level 1 and/or Level 2 are not certified or legally given permission to train other people in the Spirit Gateways® IGNITUM™ curriculum.

Is there any ongoing certification requirement after completing the two-year IGNITUM™ Level 1 and Level 2 certification?

An annual on-location weekend event, either in-person or live-stream, is offered to graduates to uplevel your understanding and experience with BEing a Leader of Light™ and Next Wave Enlightener™. There is always more to learn, give and receive, realize, and implement in this work, and our weekend event gives Level 1 and Level 2 graduates the opportunity to go deeper, connect with others, receive new information and ah-ha’s through BEing with the enlightening IGNITUM™ community.

BEcome An Instrument For Empowerment,
Realization & Wholenss For Yourself & Others

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