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Original Way Teachings

The Art & Science Of Reconnecting To Your True Self 

A Gateway Into Pure Intelligence

The Original Way Teachings are gateways into pure intelligence derived from BEing in a steady and consistent connection with Infinite Source.

Known to all of humanity in different forms before the creation of religions, the Original Way Teachings are the energetic truth, the Divine essence of how people, individually and collectively connect to Infinite Source to evolve humanity to universal design.

The Original Way Teachings hold the essence, power, bliss, and pathway of Love.

The Original Way Teachings awaken, align, and unify the spiritual light and power within your soul, body, heart, and mind into ONEness.

Walk Through The Eye Of The Needle Of Your Consciousness Into ONEness™

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Tangible Specific Steps To Realize Your True Self

Remember, your body is your temple, your vessel, and your container to help you realize that you are a divine BEing in human form.

Your soul is eternal and lives within your body.

Your emotions are the bridge between your body and soul.

Your mind is here to serve your soul and must know who and what it is serving.

Each and every moment of your day is a choice to live in ONEness or in separation from Infinite Source.

Experience the secrets of divine feminine—masculine union that have been encoded in the body of both men and women for thousands of years now ready to BE realized.

The Original Way Teachings provide tangible specific steps to realizing your True Self and living in ONEness.

The Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ is based on the Original Way Teachings™.

Iana Lahi has taught the Original Way Teachings™ for lifetimes. These sacred teachings connect the Whole Self to God by honoring the frequency of life force and living in union with the Divine.

"Suspend DisBelief.

Step Through The Veil.

Find Your True Self."

Iana Lahi

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