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Living From Your Wild Heart

Move Beyond Fear into Freedom. Discover Your Wild Heart

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"In Wildness is The Preservation of the World."

Henry David Thoreau

52 Themes Of Living A Passionate Life

Living From Your Wild Heart™ is a FREE 52-week video course series delivered to your inbox every Saturday morning. 

Each week explores a common yet unique theme of living a passionate life from your True Self. 

Each video is composed of three fun, illuminating, and from-the-heart segments, Spirit Gateways® Original Way Teachings™, Spirit Gateways® BELIGHT MEDITATION®, and Spirit Gateways® LoveToBE The Movement®that are designed to support, uplift, and enlighten your everyday life.

All 52 episodes were filmed in beautiful sacred locations in the USA.

BE surprised and illumined each Saturday morning as you receive a different theme each week.

Living From Your Wild Heart™ is an extraordinary introduction to the Spirit Gateways® 21st Century Liberation Roadmap™ for personal and planetary transformation and enlightenment.

Return To Your True Self In 52 Weeks

You can augment your Saturday morning wake-ups by writing or creatively expressing your response to each weekly theme - and by doing so you can focus more deeply on each week's wisdom teaching in relation to your Self and your life and transformation.

If you truly want to optimize the value of your time invested in watching Living From Your Wild Heart™, I encourage you to treat each weekly episode as a weekly installment of a year-long course.

The best way to do this is by taking to heart each Original Way Teaching™,, practicing each BELIGHT MEDITATION® as purposefully and as frequently as you can, and enjoying each LoveToBE the Movement® practice as often as you are able during your week.

Each weekly theme charts a progression of feelings and experience taking you through a series of internal gateways leading you home to your True Self.

To make it easier for you to integrate Living From Your Wild Heart™ into your daily and weekly routine, you will receive a workbook through which you can journal your thoughts and feelings, keep track of your progress, and identify your milestones as you reach and exceed them each week, each month and each quarter and then at the end of the 52-week video series, look back on your year as a monumental step in your personal evolution and wellbeing.

If you consider Living From Your Wild Heart™ as a year-long course and take each lesson to heart by listening consistently each Saturday, doing the meditation and movement practices, and writing in your workbook/journal, you will look back at the conclusion of 52 weeks of practice and read your journal entries you will be amazed and thrilled at your personal progress toward goals you have in your life.

Invest In You To Return To You

The retail value of Living From Your Wild Heart™ is $797 but if you truly take to heart the wisdom teaching and meditation and movement practices, you will find it a priceless addition to your daily and weekly routine.

Invest a little bit of your precious time on Saturday mornings. Pay attention to how you think and feel each day in relation to each week's theme. Live your life by consistently investing in yourself with how you spend your time and energy.

Join the Spirit Gateways® email list and you will be automatically enrolled in Living From Your Wild Heart.

Find Your Freedom & Live It.

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