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Spirit Gateways® Publishing

The Divine Octave.®

Iana is the Founder and Chief Evolutionary Officer (CEO) of Spirit Gateways® Publishing and is an internationally published author and poet with her books distributed in the USA and Canada as well as the European Union and Japan. All of her books are available on Amazon

Inside Spirit Gateways® Publishing, you will have the opportunity to immerse in a new humanity blueprint of awakening to reach your full potential by experiencing how to unify your human and divine consciousness.

Through the wounds of your personal suffering and pain, you are guided into finding the truth and light of your True Self.

Through poetry, verse, teachings, meditations, movement empowerments, and clear truth, the keys to your own BEing are given that will bring greater understanding to who you are and who you were born to BE.




Enter the Center Where Spirit and the Body Become One In Love

Our hearts ready for love

Met and rejoiced

Through sadness and unhealed hurt

Our bellies touching through the night

Kisses uniting the eternal existence

Beyond the pain of living

We trusted the journey

Until it brought us into the silence

Of knowing there was no journey

Except to BE in love

Join poet, dancer, spiritual seer, soul initiator, and divine messenger Iana Lahi on a journey into the sacred meeting point where the pain, fears, and lessons of an intimate relationship are transformed to reveal the bliss and connectivity of emotional, spiritual, and physical Oneness.

One In Soul - BE: The Humanity Blueprint, Vol. I

One in Soul guides you to experience permanent reconnection to the Infinite Source within you by revealing how to access the light and power of your soul.


Written for both the beginner and the advanced seeker, One in Soul is the first book in BE: The Humanity Blueprint four-volume series that provides a 21st century roadmap for conscious spiritual evolution, and awakening through BEing One with the light of divine love—your True Self.   


Mahama Iana Lahi has inspired, guided, and initiated men and women in finding their spiritual and divinely human path of enlightenment, healing and Oneness for over 40 years.  


Embark upon a journey that reveals the Source Codes of your soul, which, once ignited and activated, have the power to open the gateways of your mind, heart, and soul—allowing you to BE what you came into this lifetime to BE.

BE: The Humanity Blueprint Introduction

You are invited to step on to your destiny path, awaken into your True Self, and initiate your life forward through a new humanity blueprint.


The purpose of BE: The Humanity Blueprint book series is to return to each individual the ability to access and integrate the truth, light, power, and love that are an innate birthright.


In BE: The Humanity Blueprint Introduction, you will be introduced to the story and the author behind the 4-volume series: BE: The Humanity Blueprint..


You will also be given practical and soul level information to help you to awaken to the role you have come here to fulfill during this lifetime, so you can BE your whole, true, and magnificent Self.


For adventurers, seekers, creators, lovers, teachers, innovators, explorers, realists, dreamers, leaders, generators, healers, and initiators, BE: The Humanity Blueprint book series provides the universal pathway through the old matrix of global history into a new planetary paradigm and personal roadmap of integrated, aligned, and unified Oneness with Infinite Source—a new matrix of living.

One In Soul Imprints

Enter the golden space of the soul where time stands still and the truth within the heart can BE heard.

Step into these

One in Soul Imprints and

find the pearls, rubies, and diamonds

living within your heart.

One in Soul Imprints is a collection of writings from BE: The Humanity Blueprint Volume 1 - One in Soul. Each page stands alone with a message that is eternal and healing that will bring moments of greater insight and inspiration into your day.


With over 200 short messages, One in Soul Imprints is a collection of simplicity and grace that anyone interested in spiritual truth will find inviting and uplifting.

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Drinking Of The Holy Grail

Spiritual teacher, master healer, and author Iana Lahi guides the reader into the true journey of the Holy Grail—its gifts, empowerments, illuminations, and history—and how to align and reconnect his or her own spiritual and healing powers in the context of the Holy Grail. Within this groundbreaking work, Iana shows with extraordinary insight the path of love, Oneness, and self-realization.


Drinking of the Holy Grail offers the principles, techniques, and tools that directly connect us into the Source of life energy that heals and sustains our lives and assists us in living in the center, where spirit meets the body.


Drinking of the Holy Grail reveals the long lost spiritual secrets of divine union. Throughout the last 2,500 years, the original teachings of divine feminine and masculine empowerment have been withheld, lost, or destroyed. As you follow the exercises given to rediscover and reconnect your own divine forces, heart, and soul, you will come to know the power and light of the Holy Grail as your own.

Ignite The Light Within You.
Cross The Bridge Into ONEness

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