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Self-Realization & Awakening ONEness

When The Cells Of Our Body Vibrate In Light—
Enlightenment, Healing & True Empowerment Are Possible.

Iana works one-on-one with women and men who have a burning need and desire to reach their full potential spiritually, professionally, personally, and financially.


Old paradigms of karmic, ancestral, cultural, and genetic programming are cleared and restructured in your body, mind, and soul freeing you to experience feeling One in your True Self. 


You are guided to move through the ways that you abandon, betray, and reject (ABR) your greatest strengths, wisdom, brilliance, and power.


Iana initiates each individual into your core divine power and light by giving you the insight, tools, and guidance to achieve a direct connection with Infinite Source.

You can:


  • Transform resistance into expansion and expression.

  • Step through the veils of illusion into your original self.

  • Restore balance, light, and infinite love in every aspect of your life.


Iana’s work creates breakthrough spiritual empowerment and alignment into self-realization and freedom, higher sexuality, and emotional and mental clarity, and lovingly guides you into a new matrix of love and power to support you to implement into action your life purpose.


As your soul blueprint is actualized at lightning speed, your financial, career, relationship, health, creative dreams, and life goals are accelerated into a new level of conscious union with the Divine while creating new levels of prosperity, joy, and happiness.

You can:

  • Activate, increase, and intensify your creative power.

  • Experience oneness, empowerment, and peace.

  • Identify your ego Self and transform co-dependence.

Beyond What You Think Is Possible,

Inside The Dream A Key.

Ignite The Light Within You,

That Sets You Free To BE.

Men and women who are highly motivated to BE inspired creative and business innovators, leaders and entrepreneurs, transformational teachers and visionaries, artists and performers, healers, system enlighteners, humanitarian, global, and social change initiators will find working one-on-one with Iana to BE the answer to illuminating and healing the more difficult and challenging aspects of their life while being able to make a dynamic impact in the lives of others and the world.

You will be better prepared to:


  • Establish physical-spiritual alignment and union.

  • Feel free through ancestral, karmic, and genetic clearing and healing.

  • Integrate your Whole Power.


The gateways to your most treasured gifts, talents, hopes, and dreams are unlocked giving you access to the spiritual power that sets you free to accomplish your heart's desires.


If you have “hit the wall”
you are able to make profound

& permanent life-changing shifts.


Our work together will clear, integrate, and align every facet of your Self into your highest vibration of light.

You will be able to more easily:


  • Recalibrate your entrepreneurial, business, and leadership gifts.

  • Resolve past life core patterns keeping you unfulfilled and stuck in the present.

  • Move through the matrix of duality, lack, suffering, and pain.


Self-Realization and Awakening To ONEness initiate the next evolutionary realization of your soul’s unique expression as you integrate your human and divine Self into Oneness.


You are given the opportunity to connect into the truth of who you are, and the tangible experience of feeling and BEing ONE in yourself and with Infinite Source. You will feel released from the obstacles preventing you from experiencing the full expression and presence of your True Self.


You will walk through a doorway that you have been seeking your whole life but did not know even existed. This work gives you the true and long-sought experience of spiritual-physical integration and ONEness. It is the path of finding your Holy Grail.


The Whole You.   

The Total You.   

The Awakened You.

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